Best Workout plan during Medifast?

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I have always been a fairly active person. I do musical theatre, and some shows I've been in have been very dance heavy. Also, all throughout college I worked out 3-5 times a week. I was still bigger but I was very toned and in shape. Since I graduated in June I've slipped a little and not been so diligent - then Medifast told me I couldn't really work out at first, so I didn't. But yesterday I decided it was time to start back up..



Holy crap! I'm NOT kidding!.

It's called Kettleworx - it's a kettleball + DVD at-home program. The set comes with 3 manditory DVDs (cardio, core, resistance), 4 optional DVDs (arms and shoulders, chest and back, hips and butt, legs and thighs), and two extra DVDs for fun (fast fat burn, fast abs). The 3 manditory DVDs you have to do once a week, and the optional ones are there for the other 4 days when you can get them in. Each DVD is 30 minutes..

So yesterday I started with "cardio" and when you turn on the DVD it asks you what week you are on (it's a 6-week program) so I chose "1" ... I DON'T EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT WHAT WEEK 6 IS LIKE! There are three 10-minute reps of the same series of workouts. I got through the first rep and was ready to die. Then when I realized the second rep was EXACTLY the same - I had to quit..


And today - after only doing MAYBE 12 minutes of the DVD - my butt and legs hurt SO freaking bad! No joke..

I've decided I'm going to lose another 10 pounds before I try that torchure again - BUT - I will try it again - because if 12 minutes did this to me, holy crap - that's a DAMN good work out!..

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LOL, Sam. I do CrossFit, which is very hardcore. I've been doing it since September and it still kicks my butt. We use kettleballs sometimes. The workouts vary every day so you keep your muscles from getting complacent. I love stuff like this!..

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I LOVE CROSSFIT!!!! I started 2 summers ago and did it for about 6 moths then I broke my leg (doing something else) and had to stop. Now it's a $$$ thing. I can crossfit or I can MF. Crossfit may be a "reward" for goal..

Sam...I have been doing Jillian Michaels' "Shred It With Weights." OMG, sometimes I can barely lift my arms the next day...and my core is screaming..."Why do you hate me so much!?!" Kettlebells ROCK!..

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It's CRAZY because my Kettleball is only 5 pounds! When I ordered it I was like "this is going to be too light" because I use 15 pound free weights at the gym for toning my arms..

Thank GOD I didn't get cocky and order the 10 pounder. I would have keeled over!..

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I have seen the infomercial and thought about ordering husband does P90X and Insanity, so I thought about trying those too. He is not on Medifast but lost a ton of weight from those DVD's..

I am going to check out the kettleball again. Thanks!..

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I started using a kettlebell last year and it ROCKS! I have a 10lb kettlebell and DVD from Go Fit. You get cardio and strength training in one shot. As soon as I'm able, I plan on starting back up. I live in a really rainy environment and I don't have a gym membership, so the kettlebell is my best option. The results are amazing if you stick with it. I like to keep track of calories burned during exercise, but I don't know how to log this type of workout in MyPlan.....

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I was cocky and ordered the 10#! The first few weeks I could only make it about 12 minutes through the 20 minute work out.....but so worth it now! (and I was making "sweat angels" on the floor after those 12 minutes. I can make it through the whole thing now...still just level one. That Jillian Michaels is one tough b*$%#! (but I adore her!)..

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I've seen the commercials, and it kind of reminds me of CrossFit (which I loved!), but at home! But it also scares me a bit...I would be mortified to have my co-workers on the ambulance have to come scrape me off my floor! The P90X may be one of my rewards once in ONEDERLAND!..

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I have heard about this P90 X... How does it work when we combine with Medifast?? is it just cardio DVDs?..

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That sounds awesome! does this come with kettlebells? Because I already have a 10 and 15lber I originally got for the new shred with weights <3 me some Jillian. have you done jillian and is this harder or easier than hers? wondering if I need to get a 5 lber now!..

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Its all about Muscle confusion,one day is cardio the other strength then you add 15 min abs every couple days, yoga and stretching .It is tough but you feel so good after.I stopped when I started Medifast but have slowly gotten back into it.U do burn alot of calories so I do only acouple days a week. Mia..

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I haven't done Jillian's but I'm familiar with her training meathod and I would venture to say that this is pretty damn close. This guy gives you NO time to breathe. It's like "Ok, that one's done, great job! *.5 seconds for a screen change* OK! Let's get back at it!".

It's like MY GOD GUY! I NEED AIR!.

I'm hoping I can get the endurance to stick it out because I've heard great things about the results with KB workouts!..

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EMTGirl ~ I found out thru my soon to be SIL that you can get Crossfit workouts of the day online at their website. I looked at one and was intimidated...but it will be something I'll go back to eventually..

My cousin does P90X but I hadn't heard much about Kettleworx...I'll have to check into these!.

Great post!!..

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I used to do slim in 6. That was great. It's a 6 week program then I guess you would be ready to move on to P90X.

My other suggections...C25K. I love it and I NEVER thought I would like running. But I do.

And last, Zumba! My friend swears by it and since you like to dance.....

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I've seen the daily work out posted online too, but (whining here) it's just not the same as having the two buff guys (2 former Marines @ my crossfit) tell me how awesome I am and tailoring the workout to my level yet challenging me. AND, it just not the same if you don't get to see your name up there on the accountablity wall, and......

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I know, EMT, right? There's something about being in the CrossFit environment. Very, very motivating! They cheer for you, too. I remember the first time my group clapped for me. It was so cool..

I'll have to post some pictures on my page of me doing CrossFit...

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Oh, and I get to work out with some hotties, too!..

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