Best weight loss program - Medifast or MediFast?

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First of all Best weight loss program - Medifast or MediFast? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question I got... Is there anyone here that had Bariatric Surgery and it didn't work for you? I had Lap band on June 15th 2010 and NOTHING,.

Doctor said afterwards that they are finding it doesn't work for a lot of people. So now I am trying MF. I sure pray that it works. If surgery doesn't work then I think you have pretty much hit bottom. If Medifast doesn't work I think I will just give up and be fat..

I think I will do great if I can just really understand what to eat. I'm not a veg. person. I know I am going get sick of green beans...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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I'm not sure if you discovered this thread or not, but it is helpful to read over when you are new:..

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I had a lap-band placed in Jan 2007. I lost 30 pounds on the liquid diet, but gained that back over a year and never lost another pound with the band. I wound up having the band removed in February 2009 when I had a band slip and major obstruction while 7 months pregnant. It was a nightmare to say the least..

Anyway, fastforward to the present and I've successfully lost 93 pounds on MediFast. Weight loss is about 5% physical change and 95% mental. I'm not convinced that my band ever would have "worked" for me. My weight loss has not been a matter of changing the size of my stomach. It's been a journey of discovering why I eat when I'm not hungry and figuring out how to work through these eating issues..

Feel free to PM me if you need anything. :-) Best of luck!..

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That's interesting what you said Amy...5% physical and 95% mental. I started Medifast in mid January and am getting there but it really is like a mind game for me and I have realized I just have to win it! Thanks for sharing your experience...

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Well, time to develop your vegetable palate. I liken it to learning how to like coffee or beer or wine or things like that. If you eat them, you'll eventually like them. Figure out different ways to prepare the same vegetable without a lot of additives to see what you like best...

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Try roasting new veggies with olive oil and seasonings,,just count seasonings as you condiments. You will be opening a whole new taste experience, and I am sure you will find you like more veggies than you think you do!..

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I never had it - but was on the verge of it for a while - felt it was my only hope - but was so scared to do it - even went as far as to make consultation appointments then would cancel. So glad I did. I had one person on here tell me that I lost more weight in my first month (26.8lbs) then she did after having surgery. Medifast - works - My thought was if I have the surgery I am going to have to drasticaly change my life - so why not just change my life without the surgery!! The first 100lbs come off in 7 months - then I got a little side tracked - but am back on track now!..

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Better learn to like veggies..

Have you tried asparagus? Do you like salad at all? Zucchini is good grilled and same with squash...

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I can say from someone who had the full gastric bypass (not just the band) that it working is entirely up to you. Granted for people who have what I do there is a 2 year "window" where you will lose the weight and keep it off. Once that 2 years is up you can out eat the surgery. It is that simple. If you don't change whats in your head the surgery will only help temporarily..

When I had GB I was 370 lbs. I lost 135 lbs. in 1 year and got down to 235. I maintained that weight for the 2nd year but then got pregnant had 2 kids. and flash forward 7 years later I was back to 315 lbs. The only reason I never gained it all back was because after surgery I stopped drinking soda and to this day never drink it diet or otherwise..

At the end of 09 I finally decided that there was no "magic" pill or surgery that would ever "cure" me. I realized that if I did not do something to change me my future would be 400+. That was no future for me. In the beginning of 2010 I started counting calories, using Calorie King and hungry-girl recipes. I lost 65 lbs in 9 months doing this. I then went on maintenance and maintained the WL from September to February..

In March I joined Medifast mostly because I am ready to lose faster and get to goal so that I can go to transition and maintenance. I did alot of head work last year and feel that I made real changes to allow me now to stick with MF. In the past I had tried it and lasted 4 days. Now I am on month 2 and down 15lbs from maintenance. I am really excited and feel that I will reach my goal on this program..

Bottom line is anything you do works wether it be WW, MF, Surgery, etc... but it's up to you how lasting it will be.....

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Wow, I once looked into having the lapband years ago and thought that was my last hope...well fast forward years later Im on Medifast and have lost 100 plus pounds already!..

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. So far since I started Medifast last week, I have lost 11lbs. I am so happy with that. Shouldn't I be able to click on a members name and go to their page or does this board not work like that? If so mine isn't working...

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Keep on the plan and you will have lots to smile about ! If you click on a member's name on a post you should get 3 options: view my page; or send private message, or find more posts...

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I did not have the surgery, although I seriously contemplated it. I felt like I was really out of options. I know that I am changing with MF, but the change that I saw with lap band or surgery scared me. I know two people who have been unsuccessful with surgery - one had lap band surgery and one had gastric bypass. Ultimately, I realized that if I was going to be successful, I needed to change mentally. And, that is what I am doing.

You can be successful, but this process is about change, both physical and mental...

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I thought the band was my only hope too. Once I found Medifast I realized the band would be so expensive. It helped me wrap my head around the cost of Medifast foods. I'm so happy I did. I've been fiddling around lately and have not lost any weight over the past few months.... but not gained either.

Good luck!..

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That doesn't happen for me. I don't even get the little hand. But I do get the little hand on other things...

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A friend did the gastric bypass and has been successful getting and keeping the weight off but at what cost? She has to be very, very careful what she eats and has to exercise hard an hour a day...

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Never mind, I figured it out. I'm a little slow...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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