Best 'Vitamin Shoppe brand' foundation?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Best 'Vitamin Shoppe brand' foundation?.

My main question is: What is everyone using for their salad dressings? I'm having trouble finding something that falls on the totally "Free" side of things and I cannot eat dry lettuce twice a day...

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Your question was: Best 'Vitamin Shoppe brand' foundation?.

You should go to Walden farms, they have calorie free dressings!..

Comment #1

I used regular ole kraft creamy french and wishbone creamy caesar & italian..

They're not "free" but I usually skip my fat to make up for the reduced fat dressings.....

Comment #2

There are also many delicious vinagrettes on the market that are fat free even if they don't say so on the front of the bottle check the nutrition label. I like Litehouse Huckleberry...

Comment #3

I am loving Ken's Steakhouse Lite Accents Italian Vinaigrette. It is 1 cal per spray and 1 g fat per 10 sprays. Im not really a fan of other FF italian dressings but this tastes pretty good...

Comment #4

I love the Wishbone "Asian Silk" Spritzer Sprays. They come in a variety of flavors also...

Comment #5

I like rice wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar (not vinaigrette). Also the Walden Farms (0 cal, FF and SF)...

Comment #6

For my lunch salad, I sometimes add Morning Star "chicken" strips for my protein and top it with FF sour cream and salsa...

Comment #7

I love Maple Grove Farms ff and sf raspberry vinaigrette. It is the only salad dressing I have bought in the last 18 months. I buy a bottle of sf and a bottle of ff and mix them together. It brings the calorie count down to 17 for 2 TBL...

Comment #8

I don't use FF dressings. My new favorite is Good Seasons Light Greek Vinaigrette. I use it sparingly...

Comment #9

There are lots of different FF dressings, but they each appeal to different tastes. Maple Grove Farms (my favorite) seems to appeal to those who like a dressing that is less sweet. Shop around.

For awhile, I also used a recipe from the Jane Brody cookbook that counted as my dairy/protein ... cottage cheese mixed with buttermilk. I added dill and loved it. Now that it's so cold, though, I'm eating fewer salads and saving my dairy/protein for a no-sugar, no-caffeine chai tea latte before bed. So, I use the Maple Farms Balsalmic Vinagriette (I can't spell, but you get the idea!..

Comment #10

I have found Kraft Roasted Pepper Parmesan and while it is not labeled as fat free is has incredibly good counts.

1 TBSP =.

18 Cal.

1 g Fat.

2 g Carb.

It taste great..

Comment #11

Hi there, I think it all depends in the market you live in. I live in Vegas and found Kraft fat freee zesty italian, I just add some fresh garlic, balsamic and some hot sauce. Very good. Also, maybe look it up on the food network.. Goodk luck..

Comment #12

The "health nut" in me has been sold on Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar and also Barlean's organic flax seed oil (especially their new lemon flavor!) It may not have big appeal at 1st, but the combo is a nutritional powerhouse! I add 1 tsp of the flax seed oil and the apple cider vinegar freely..

I buy these as my local health food store...

Comment #13

I use a lemon and mrs. dash. I like the taste. But some people don't love lemon's as much as I do ....

I've also purchased some Walden Farms dressing...some people like them. Too chemically for me...

Comment #14

IMHO, most FF dressings are yucky and have simple sugars in them that I want to avoid. Not to mention, they are loaded with sodium..

I just use some mustard on my salad greens. Salt, yes, but not as much as in a salad dressing..

I might try that organic apple cider and organic flax seed oil though.....

Comment #15

You should go to Walden farms, they have calorie free dressings!..

Comment #16

My favorite salad dressing is Kraft Free Catalina. It's very good...

Comment #17

I am a ranch die hard!.

I use the hidden valley ranch dip packet mixed with 1 container of ff sour cream. Use this as a dip for veggies. Thin with vinegar for salad dressing (I use balsamic) I add salsa to it sometimes.

Now I get my great ranch flavor and thickness without all the calories!..

Comment #18

Okay, so this was really confusing me yesterday, I spent an hour combined between three grocery stores trying to figure out where I would find low salt salad dressing (which is what my book said to look for). When I called today, they said there is no low salt salad dressing... So, I bought the little spritz thingies because they had the lowest sodium. Tho I would really prefer something a bit more messy like the Italian/Cesar mix that is labeled as fat free. Is that okay??..

Comment #19

Well, great question about dressings! I've gotta say every FF dressing sold in a grocery store that I have tasted has been not only gross, but fairly loaded with sugar! Blech!.

I buy the Good Seasonings Italian packages. You can even buy them where it comes with a cruet to shake it up and store the dressing in. Basically, I mix one packet in the cruet with balsamic dressing and water. Its great just like that, but you may also drizzle a tsp of olive oil over you salad first and then use the dressing with it..

The spritzer dressings are your best option if youre looking to buy one off the shelf, I guess...

Comment #20

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