Best SF syrups to add to Medifast Pkts?

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OK... We know we all have opinions here and as we can see by all the posts we all are willing to share them with each other.

I need your help! I have not gotten into the SF Torani or Davinci or any other brand of syrups yet. I need help, as I do not have a ton of $$ to buy big bottles just to throw down the drain. I understand everyone has different tastes so I wanna throw it out to all of you first for your "taste-bud" opinions as to recommendations..

I am looking for not only the best FLAVORS-but The flavors you seem to use most, which BRAND you find to be the best tasting, best value, best web-place to buy them..

I can only use Splenda so if there are any syrups that are made with Aspartame or NutraSweet please do not list them..

I appreciate all of you and your time to help me try these at a minimal monetary out-"pouring"..

Group Hug!.

Sharon =..

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I don't know which include aspartame and which include Splenda, that might be the deal breaker for you. As for brands, I ahve used Walden Farms and Davinci. I prefer the flavor of DaVinci and the choices. I purchased my Davinci on (not sure about the spelling there but you get the idea!) They had flat rate shipping which made it less than anywhere else. I did find the Davinci in about 5 flavors at SuperWalmart in the coffee aisle. And the Walden Farms products I found at two local stores in the organic foods aisle and in the diabetic foods aisle..

As for which flavors. DaVinci: I love the toasted marshmallow in my cocoa. And the caramel is great in chocolate or vanilla. And in several recipes. My hubby loves the cinnamon. I also like the red fruit flavors, i.e.

And vanilla is great in several of the shake recipes. Walden Farms: Pancake syrup is good and I like the consistency of there chocolate syrup the best. Good luck and happy hunting!..

Comment #1

I do not know if you can eat anything containing Sorbitol, but if you can, Maple Grove Farms makes a SF Maple Flavored syrup with splenda as well. It is a fine substitue for maple syrup. I use it sparingly, in my Maple/Brown Sugar oatmeal. I can find it at Publix or Albertsons..

Hope this helps...

Comment #2

Just my opinion-but I think some of the DaVinci syrups taste the same. I just got Irish Creme-thinking of how I miss Baileys and Coffee...yum. It tastes like the vanilla to me. So that was a disappointment. The Vanilla and Irish Creme just give a sweet taste to me not an actual flavor. Maybe I got old ones or a bad batch.

I did not get French Vanilla just regular. I do love the Caramel though and the Toasted Marshmallow is also great...

Comment #3

I think that as far as the Davinci, maybe you could get the Spice Blend as that kind of works in everything from cookies, to pancakes, oatmeal, etc. Or the Caramel, which I love and others seem to use a lot. Also Cookie Dough and Toasted Marshmallow. These are great and a lifesaver on MF. Enjoy!..

Comment #4

The VERY BEST Davinci SF syrup is Toasted Marshmellow. It is AWESOME!!! And I am like Pam...I buy mine at [color="blue"]...the shipping seems to be cheaper than other sites.[/COLOR..

Comment #5

I bought tons of sf surups and extracts and all sorts of things before I moved to CA about a week and a half ago. Turned out I had to leave them all behind last minute since I way overestimated how much could fit in my car. When I got here I got a caramel and chocolate Torani syrup from Smart n Final around the corner. $3.99 a bottle with no shipping and so far these two have worked for me. The only other thing I add to Medifast meals are boullion cubes to soups and crystal lite as a sub for water in the vanilla and strawberry shakes sometimes. Very yum in the strawberry shakes. I'm going to try this for a while as I don't want to go drop a bunch more money since I feel guilty about wasting so much before...

Comment #6

Has anyone tried the German Chocolate Cake one? That sounds so good to me right now!..

Comment #7

Glad someone posted this question.... I wish they'd make smaller bottles so we can try different flavors without wasting alot of money..I bought the egg nog thinking it would be great and I HATED it...... I am going to buy the peanut butter and the marshmellow....


Comment #8


I can't really tell a difference between brands personally, but I've tried DaVinci, Torani, and Pasono..and I really kinda went wayyyyyy overboard when I went to DaVinci's website cuz of all the cool flavors they I have about 20 kinds now.

My favs are: toasted marshmellow: in anything chocolate.

Kahlua coffee: in cappucino drinks.

Caramel: in banana pudding, dulce de leche drink, cookies.

Cookie dough: in cookies.

Good luck and have fun experimenting!!..

Comment #9

I am with Farmcat...I have over 20 of the Davinci flavors. Orange in the orange shakes, Strawberry in the strawberry shakes, Banana in the banana shakes and pudding, etc. And yes I have the German Chocolate, which is great. I also love the Eggnog, Butterscotch and Amaretto in the vanilla shakes. I do however love Pumpkin Pie flavor in ANYTHING and the only place I have found that has Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie syrup is Anyone who wants some more exotic flavors should try them out.

All kinds of syrups and extracts, etc...

Comment #10

I tried to make the most for my money too, so I got the small bottles at walmart ($3.28). I got caramel and hazelnut and they're good in everything, especially chai latte, cocoa, vanilla shake... I also got a sf raspberry torani from Cost Plus (World Market) for 2.99 but it is much smaller than the 'small' davinci. I tried it in the peach tea but didn't really taste it.

If you want an alternative to sweetner, try liquid stevia. It's natural and comes in flavors. My mom poured me a diet coke and added some vanilla stevia, it was better than diet vanilla coke from the store. YUM. Just a suggestion...

Comment #11

The DaVanci only has Splenda in it. I just received some DaVanci syrups, Carmel is my verrry favorite...I use it with many things. Toffee is good and the Kauhla and Irish Cream too. Chocolate is good as well. I bought three and got one free - fyi. It took about a week though, to get my order...not very fast.

Also, did not care of the peanut butter...does not really taste like peanut butter, you might as well use your 1 T. peanut butter you can have for your snack...

Comment #12

I love carmel and vanilla. Vanilla goes in anything to me.


Comment #13

I also love the DaVinci "B-52", which is coffee, irish cream and orange flavored....

I have another site everyone may want to check out:. (yes, that's Netrition with an "e").

They sell DaVinci syrups for $7.49/bottle, which is .50 less than the DaVinci site, and they carry all the flavors, except for 1 or 2. They also carry the complete Walden Farms line alongs with 1,000's of other products...but they have a flat shipping rate of $4.95 for your entire order, which is great considering how heavy those bottles are. Anf if you spend $200 (I know it's a lot) they start taking off 5%. But hey, it's something if you plan on buying a lot!.

They also carry the FLAVORED SPLENDA with comes in Vanilla, Mocha and Hazelnut for $3.99/box. I have yet to see it on the grocery shelves.


Comment #14

I just bought the Terani Raspberry yesterday. I am having problems finding the syrups. BUt I had it this morning in my dutch chocolate shake.....let me just say yum! It was so good. I know when I have a craving I will definitly be having one of those shakes...

Comment #15

Awesome! I was wondering how to get some different flavors. My Walmart only carries Hazelnut and Vanilla. They're good, but I need variety! THANKS..

Comment #16

I like the Caramel, Toasted Marshmallow, Raspberry, and Blueberry.

Caramel: In anything chocolate, also in vanilla shakes.

Toasted Marshmallow: In anything chocolate.

Raspberry: In vanilla and strawberry shakes, and in chocolate pudding.

Blueberry: In strawberry and vanilla shakes, and in Blueberry Oatmeal. is where I bought mine - flat rate shipping and quick delivery...

Comment #17

Hey Sue, thanks for the tip and the link...I had read something ( I think by you) earlier about those coffee creamers too, I've wanted to try them but couldnt find them, so I"ll be checking out this site...

Comment #18

Hey Gina:.

Good memorythat was me!.

I hope you're having a good week so far....


Comment #19

Where I live I'm only able to get 3 varieties at Walmart,,,Davinci Vanilla is so-so except it does make orange shakes taste more like creamsicles. Kahlua flavor was good,especially in swiss mocha or my coffee, but caramel is awesome on oatmeal/muffins/pancakes and sometimes in shakes. And it is only $3.29 at Wallyworld.Can't wait until I get to civilization next week to go to a real supermarket and stock up....Boston and NH....PriceChopper and Hannaford here I come....:..

Comment #20

The SUGAR FREE DAVINCI syrups are made with Splenda! So far I like the Pineapple, Egg Nog, Peach, Peanut Butter and Gingerbread flavors! YUMMMMM! Have lots of fun experimenting! From what you are all saying; I think I'll get the toasted marshmallow flavor too!..

Comment #21

Just ordered the Almond Roca (my favorite candy) yesterday...Torani...I'll let you guys know if it's better than the Almond when it gets here.


Comment #22

The Da Vinci sugar free syrups are made with splenda. I love the chocolate, vanilla, caramel & raspberry. I'm not as crazy about the root beer, but use it in the vanilla shake once in a while to make a root beer float. I get mine at TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Home Goods...

Comment #23

Torani with splenda for me. My favorites are Almond Roca, English Toffee and Caramel.

All pretty much work with everything but the fruit flavored drinks...

Comment #24

Gee, I love going to investigate new sites online for delicious new flavors that we can use! Thanks for posting them! ~ Medifast friend, Martha.

Losing weight has never been this good to me!..

Comment #25

We do SF Torani (blue label) syrups at our house..

We have peach, french vanilla, almond, almond roca, black cherry, raspberry, vanilla, caramel, butter toffee, and white chocolate. Yes, it's a lot to store, but not as much as all the junk food I used to eat!.

My favorites are the caramel and vanillas (to make the Dulce de Leche drink); fruit flavors to add to the strawberry packets, fruit drinks, and iced teas; and the almond roca just because it's so yummy!..

Comment #26

We use the Davinci mostly..

The german chocolate was absolutely the best tasting syrup ever! It made our shakes and pudding taste extremely chocolate!! The raspberry is awesome, as is the amaretto..the amaretto made my choc pudding taste like a choc covered raspberry. I also found a vanilla macadamia, I think by torani, and that makes the pudding taste nutty and yummy.

I did not care for vanilla or french didnt add any taste for me. The irish cream was ok, but not great. Hazelnut is great(target brand) and carmel adds a nice sweetness.

I have found my syrups at TJ MAxx and Marshalls. I think I am going to place an order online though, cause going there every weekend to find these things is making me nutso! (ok, I was halfway there before, but this just makes it worse,haha)..

Good luck all....


Comment #27

Just last night I found the muffin recipe and today I found the SF syrups in a little produce market. They were the Walden Farms brand. Then I went to Home Goods last night and found the DaVinci syrups but I have no place to put those big bottles. After reading all of the comments on this thread,I wish that I at least would have bought the Caramel. Oh well,maybe they will be there tomorrow..

I used blueberry this morning in my vanilla shake and it sure made the vanilla easier to drink.It is not my favorite..

Thanks for the ideas...

Comment #28

Whenever I see the caramel I get three as the local Wallyworld runs out of these syrups as soon as they get them!.

But, we can only get caramel, vanilla and hazelnut. Out of those three caramel is the best..

I did just get in an order from and received raspberry, german chocolate cake (OMG! Just had some and it is FANTASTIC!),.

Praline, and cookie dough..

After reading this I think I need to reorder and get the toasted marshmallow, butter toffee,.

White chocolate and Almond Roca!.

Can not wait to try all of these in my muffins, cappucinos, puddings and shakes!..

Comment #29

So I finally got my Davinci syrups delivered, I had some Torani's that I had been using. I was so looking forward to these yummy flavors. But- I am disapointed in the peanut butter. That was the one I was really rooting for! I did use the gingerbread flavor with some vanilla and Pampered Chef Cinnamon Plus to make muffins and they are tasty! Still have the Cookie Dough and Toasted Marshmallow to try, my fingers are crossed..


P.s.- The Torani brand are on sale at Smart & Final right now for $3.69, I went there and stocked up on a few, caramel and such, plus Almond Roca flavor that I have to try...

Comment #30

I wasn't aware Davinci sold SF syrups in small bottles. Does anyone know where I can buy the smaller Davanci syrups online? Our local Walmart only carried 2 flavors a few years ago and now that don't carry any flavored syrups at all...

Comment #31

I found a few of the smaller ones at but they only carry the smaller bottles in a few basic flavors. (Chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, almond.) Not sure if DaVinci simply doesn't make many of them or whether the store just doesn't carry them...

Comment #32

I buy all of my syrups at TJ Maxx and Cost Plus. They have a lower price and no shipping charges. TJ Maxx carries about 10-15 of the most common Davinci ($5.99 big bottle) and Artisan (4.99 big bottle) brand syrups. Sometimes they have some on clearance at $3.99. Cost Plus carries Torani syrups at $5.99 (I think) and they also have small size bottles for some flavors that are something like $2. I take the small bottles with me when I travel.

My favorite staples are coconut and carmel. I tend to use those the most regardless of what is in my cabinet..

Funny story, I keep all of my syrups in an upper cabinet above our pantry. You can see the cabinet through our kitchen window from the street. I told my husband that if anyone is peeping through our window, they'll think I'm really 'hitting the bottle' because the syrups all look like bottles of whiskey, scotch, etc...

Comment #33

I've used Carbsmart and love their service! [/quote].

Thanks, BT2006, I'll give them a try!..

Comment #34

I have had German Chocolate when I did Low Carb from & (Davinci) & yes I liked it ALOT. Caramel is good, I have not tried toasted marshmellow.

I always keep vanilla on hand because they sell it cheaper at Walmart on the coffee aisle...

Comment #35

I get DaVinci at Wal-Mart, but am also thinking of trying some from They do groceries now, and often have specials where shipping is free when you buy 25.00 worth. If you do a search for sugar free syrup you will get lots of matches. The other day when I checked, the didn't have DaVinci, but today they do, altho it is marked unavailable. I am thinking perhaps it is a new product for them, so try checking back...

Comment #36

The only brand I've tried is Davinci..

I've gone through the Egg Nog pretty quick, I must say. I've tried it in vanilla shakes (quite good), banana pudding (VERY GOOD), and Chai Lattes (adds a nice smoothness and creaminess)..

Used the chocolate in chocolate shakes to enhance the flavor...not worthwhile, IMO..

Banana is good for turning a vanilla shake into a banana shake. I've also used it in some baking. It's okay, not great..

Peanut butter is good for baking..

Green apple is usable, but just not worth the money..

Rasberry is very nice to add to hot cocoa..

If I were to pick two of them to buy again, it'd be egg nog and rasberry. Egg nog being my top choice...

Comment #37

I have several Davinci SF syrups. The two I use the most are the Carmel and Kahlua. Kahlua SF syrup added to a chocolate shake is my fav. I drink the diabetic shakes now because they are less sweet to begin with and I always add some type of SF flavoring...

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