Best food processor for Medifast diet?

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I think I might be adding a food processor to my Christmas list this year. I've never had one before. Are they worth it? What brand/model would you recommend?..

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I have a nice food processor and never use it. I think mostly because I don't like things sitting on my cabinet and getting it in/out of the cupboard plus I hate cleaning it (lots of parts)! I have a Magic Bullet and use it every day! Not just for Medifast but for all kinds of things I cook for my husband (sauces, veggies, cheese, etc.). I have definitely got my moneys worth out of it ($59)...

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I actually just bought a Magic Bullet from ebay. Paid about $60 including shipping for the 21 piece set, not the 17 piece, which I think everyone is buying at Target, etc. for the $59. I don't think it will replace my food processor because of the capacity. When I make the mashed cauliflower for instance, I make a lot of it at one time. Magic Bullet is too small.

Yes lots of parts but really big and also when we all go back to our real lives it is a must for cooking and baking...

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I love my food processor - I have a KitchenAid (totally committed to KitchenAid products). I have a small 3-cup mini-processor and now a large 12-cup processor. It totally rocks for making cole slaw or shredding cabbage to cook on the stove! I use it a lot and can't figure out how I got by without one! Enjoy!..

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Mine was my requested Christmas gift a few years ago from my husband. One of the few times that it was ok for him to give me an appliance as a gift. It is a Cuisinart, not too many parts - container, blade, lid - & I love it! I use it to grate cheese, slice cucumbers, celery & carrots, chop nuts & numerous other things...

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I'm currently looking to buy a food processor. I might wait until after the holidays and try to snag one on sale. It's not on my christmas list because I refuse to allow my bf to begin to think that appliances make acceptable christmas giftsYou know men, give 'em an inch they take a mile! One year a food processor, the next a vaccum !!! The one exception is that I did tell him it's "okay" (hint hint ) to get me a very nice cappucino machine for christmas this year!..

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Thanks for all the advice everyone. My husband and I usually make out Christmas lists for each other so we know that most of what we buy, we actually want. He never buys me appliances unless it's on the list. Some years we don't even make out a list; we buy a joint gift and call it our Christmas..

I had to laugh about the vacuum cleaner, lydiaa. Two years ago I had a Dyson on my list just as a joke. Oh I would have loved to have it, but it was too expensive really. He had a race car on his as a joke, (which he didn't get) but did get a Petty Driving Experience instead. But I did get a Dyson and oh man, it was totally worth it. Guess I was a good girl that year. That was a Christmas of surprises and a memory we created for each other...

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I love mine I have a very nice one Cuisinart..

With all the attachments. My hubby bought it so I could make homemade salsa faster instead of cutting up all the ingreadients. I use it all the time for much more then slasa..

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Oh, defrag, what a great story! Now there's a guy who could give a girl a vaccum without getting in trouble! He sounds like a great guy!..

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