Best bowl for cooking Medifast foods?

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Ok ya'll - I have found the BEST "bowl" for cooking Medifast meals in the microwave - it's the small Micro Cooker from Pampered Chef. For the last few weeks, I have been using regular bowls, plastic bowls, mixing bowls, ramekins, etc etc to cook things like the soup bread, shake cakes and oatmeal bread and the biggest complaint I have had is the clean up - so tired of scrubbing oatmeal residue off of my bowls, but now I don't have to! I was getting ready to make my oatmeal bread this morning and was unloading the dishwasher to get out my ramekin and saw the micro cooker first and thought, "I wonder if this would work" and OMG - it was PERFECT. My oatmeal bread came out perfectly round, evenly cooked and thick. And the pot is deep enough that I didn't have to worry about it bubbling over into the microwave. Best of all, the micro cooker is totally non-stick, so the bread popped right out and there was no sticky residue! Yay! I just wiped it out and used it again later for soup bread and then again tonight for a shake cake with the same results!.

I have used Pampered Chef products for years and love them, so why I didn't think of this before I don't know! The Micro Cooker is $7.50 and can be ordered online from

Seriously, if you hate scrubbing those bowls like I do, you HAVE to get one!..

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Your question was: Best bowl for cooking Medifast foods?.

Thanks for the tip! I have had the micro cooker for years, both the small one and the large. They are great for steaming vegetables too...

Comment #1

Is it the black, plastic pot w/ the holes on the cover? If it is..yay I have one! I never thought to use it for Medifast stuff! Good one!..

Comment #2

That's the one!.

FYI - I didn't use the cover and it was still fine!..

Comment #3

Do you know if this works well for eggs? I typically microwave my eggs and I enjoy them but like you said there is some scrubbing to do afterwards that I would like to not do.

I might just have to buy one and try it out...

Comment #4

I don't eat the eggs, but I'm sure it would work just as well for those!..

Comment #5

Thank you for idea about micro cooker, I have one of those and I too am tired of cleaning micro wave from boil overs...

Comment #6

Thanks for the tip! I just bought one off of Ebay. I think it will work a lot better..

Comment #7

Thanks for the tip! I bought one and think it is great!..

Comment #8

I got one too - finally succeeded with a shake cake - it came out completely diffrent from others I've made (wider and thinner) but it was actually good. Thanks Elayna...

Comment #9

ElaynaIt sounds like you have many recipes. Would you be willing to share a few? I'm new to Medifast (one week and down 5.7 lbs) and would love to be more creative. Thanks!..

Comment #10

My perfect shake cake bowl is by Corning Ware. It's old but I found it here:

They come out the perfect size with no need for coating the bowl so it doesn't stick. It just pops out. Works well in the microwave...

Comment #11

Here is the link to the micro cooker on Pampered Chef - I am going to order one!.


Comment #12

I just ordered mine.

Can't wait to try it!..

Comment #13

Thanks for the reminder, I have a couple of these, just love those pampered chef products, pricey, but good.


Comment #14

I got this in the mail the other day, along with the bigger one, of course you know one is never enough. It is great no more SCRUBBING !!!!!!.

Thanks so much for the tip....

Comment #15

I am so excited!.

My long awaited Pampered Chef micro cooker is here!.

I used it this morning.. and I am in love!.

I was surprised at how much fluffier it got.. that was amazing!.

But the absolute best part besides the size of the cakes.... is that it is SO EASY to clean up! I cannot tell you how much scrubbing I normally have to do on my bowls.. there are some.. that I think it is permanently engrained in... This one.. basically rinsed right out!.

I highly recommend it! Thanks for sharing!.


Comment #16

I'm buying one today..

Thanks. Love love love tips like this..


Comment #17

Thanks, I just ordered one of each size.. appreciate it..

Comment #18

Thanks for bumping this. I have both sizes of the micro cooker and never thought about using it! I DO love Pampered Chef and have almost all of their products!..

Comment #19

Do you have the item number I'd love to order one or two. I'm so tired of my soup ending up all over the microwave!..

Comment #20

It's item number 2776 and it's $8 - here's a link to it on the Pampered Chef website:

Comment #21

Darn! I just sold mine at my garage sale a couple of weeks ago! Good idea!..

Comment #22

Oh thank you. I too am sick of scrubbing the cement oatmeal residue and I also love pampered chef stuff. Sounds like an excuse for a party... except the food demos would be severly restricted : o..

Comment #23

Thanks for the tip! I have had the micro cooker for years, both the small one and the large. They are great for steaming vegetables too...

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