Being Pregnant while doing Medifast

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So good morning ladies. I know that my motivation for losing weight was to have another baby, but unexpectedly I took a test this morning after alot of nausea and I'm pregnant. I have mixed emotions... I'm of course so excited, but I'm also sad for my weight loss success thus far. My cycle was completely messed up this past month, so I'm not quite sure how or when, but I'm going to make a Dr.'s appt today. I don't know how to transition out or when to transition out!!..

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Congratulations! I am so happy for your blessing!.

As far as the diet, I noticed you posted on the other board, but I'm sure they will tell you that Medifast is inappropriate for pregnant women. You simply need more calories and more nutrients to support the baby. If you are overweight your OB will probably tell you to limit your gain to about 15 lbs, so if you stay active and eat healthy you should be fine.

We'll see you back in a year! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby!..

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Congrats to you!!! Medifast will always be here, but the baby won't! Enjoy this joyous time in your life!!!!.



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That is fantastic news for you and your family! Congratulations! May you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!.

I would suggest that you call the 1-800 number and ask for nutritional services. They are often a couple of days behind answering the message boards. That way you can get accurate information as soon as possible...

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Congratulations!!! What a wonderful, joyous time for you and your dh. As Music_gal said, Medifast will always be here! That baby is what's most important now so be sure to get your folic acid!! Big hugs!!!..

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Congratulations! How exciting for you! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy, and enjoy that time!!!..

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Congrats! That's awesome! (i'm trying to lose weight so I can have babies too, and I keep dreaming that I accidently get pregnant before I've lost the weight!) lol..

I'd say you transition out NOW, today! Add more calories in right away! Try not to get them from fat, starchy or unhealthy foods. Get them from veggies, proteins and healthy fats. Good luck and please keep us updated!..

Comment #6

Congrats! Best wishes to you on a happy healthy pregnancy and baby!..

Comment #7

Congratulations. Medifast will be here after the arrival of the baby.


Comment #8

Your picture I'm sure was taken before.......but it sure looks like you're glowing to me! Congrats!..

Comment #9

Awwwww! how awesome congrats to you - enjoy your blessed bundle!!!..

Comment #10

Have a wonderful pregnancy! You can concentrate on losing weight after you enjoy having that sweet little one! Congratulations!..

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Congrats!! 20 years ago I did Medifast through a bariatric doc...he kept warning me over and over that programs like this increase fertility and to be especially careful if I didn't want to get preggers...

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How wonderful! It makes me want to have another baby, tooBest wishes for a safe and healthy 9 months!..

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Thank you all for your support, it means alot. I am going to concentrate hard on eating a healthy/sensible diet to maintain my current weight with minimal weight gain... I know I can do it. I gained 90lbs with my first pregnancy and topped the scale at 256... So I am going to keep it controlled this time and try not to go above 215... we will see.

I went to the Dr. this morning for blood work to see if they can get an idea how far along I actually am. I have no idea!.

I also will be monitored pretty closely due to miscarriage last Thanksgiving 2009. I will keep ya'll posted...

Comment #14

Congratulations!!! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. So happy for you!!..

Comment #15

Congratulations and now you know where to go to get off the baby weight. I wish you all the best!..

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Your post sure made me smile because it could have been written by me. I started round 2 of Medifast right after Christmas last year and was doing really well. Then in February it seemed like I wasn't losing much and to my surprise and delight, found out I was pregnant. I stopped Medifast immediately and started eating 3 healthy meals with 2 healthy snacks..

My daughter arrived on October 20th and I started back on Medifast after Thankgiving. So far, I'm down 13 pounds. So yes, Medifast will still be here after your baby comes..

I wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy. Congratulations!.


Comment #17

Well I'm back to report that I got my 3 blood draw today and the results weren't good. They say I'm going to miscarry any day now.. I'm so sad. This is my 2nd miscarriage in the past year and I am devastated. I'm going to start back up on medifast tomorrow and at least give myself something to focus my attention on and try to grieve my loss. thanks for all your well wishes and support and we are going to continue to actually try now...

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Please count on my thoughts and prayers.

I am sorry for your loss...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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