Medifast recipe for Beef stroganoff Idea?

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I thought that if someone has (and likes) the shirataki noodles that they could make a reasonable facismile of beef stroganoff.

Cook and thinly slice beef (London Broil, eye of round etc).

Saute mushrooms, garlic salt and pepper (maybe a little paprika) in fat free beef broth until the mushrooms are about done then melt in a wedge (per serving) of Laughing CowLight cheese). You might have to add a little more broth to get it to a saucy consistency. Toss it all together with some noodles and I'll bet it would be pretty tasty! The Laughing Cow Light comes in the Swiss flavor as well as Garlic and Herb and French Onion (which I bet would ber REALLY good with this). I don't have any noodles or beef at the moment but if anyone wants to try this let me know how it turns out, please...

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Yummm! That sounds delicious. I may have to run out tomorrow and get more shiritaki noodles, mushrooms and london broil and try this. What a great idea...

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I bought mushrooms yesterday and sauteed them as my green. As they were cooking I thought about adding the Laughing Cow cheese on top for more flavor. I served it up with my pork tenderloin but then I tasted it and realized it was STROGANOFF!!! Out came the ground beef instead of the pork and I had a wonderful L&G. I came online to post the recipe and here it was already!! Hey, great minds think alike!! In a non stick pan I added:.

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil.

1 Tablespoon of minced garlic..

1.5 cups fresh whole Crimini Mushrooms (also called Italian Brown Mushrooms).

3 Spritz of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray.

Sauted for about 4 minutes with the lid on. The mushrooms 'sweat' and add juice to the bottom of the pan. Added 1 wedge of Laughing Cow Lite French Onion cheese, covered the pan and let cook for several more minutes. I wanted to lick the pan the juice was so good!! When I decided to add the beef, I just used the same pan to brown the extra lean ground beef. I added the mushrooms back in and stirred to blend everything together. I sprinkled on some salt and a few grinds of pepper..

This tasted SOOO good! Diet? What diet??.

(I can't wait to try this over shiritake noodles... I ordered some several days ago and they aren't here yet.)..

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Where can you purchase shiritaki noodles and what are they exacty? how do they fit int the lean?..

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Yum! I LOVE stroganoff - thank you for the inspirational recipes!..

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Mimijo, I found out about them reading these boards and ordered some from This was copied and pasted from their site:.

Konjac foods - Shirataki noodles .....

* are naturally water soluble fiber with no fat, sugar, starch, or protein..

* contain zero net carbohydrates and zero calories..

* are wheat and gluten free..

* pure Vegetable.

* can be stored in the room temperature for about one year. Don't need refrigeration.

* JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard) Cetified Organic.

* are translucent and gelatinous, with no flavor of their own - they easily absorb the dominant flavors of any soup or dish..

* are instant and come in a variety of styles and shapes - you can simply toss salsa with Konjac instant pasta for a quick meal..

Others here have tried them and seem to really like them. I'm going to be eating pasta this weekend!!..

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