Banana Split Cake Recipe for Medifast

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I just made my "banana split cake" for DH.. and he is IN LOVE. He wants to know if he can have it for ALL five meals! I said, YEP you sure can!.

I modified it a little tonight and cooked up more CAKE LIKE...

1 package of banana shake.

1/4 tsp baking powder.

1 splash s/f chocolate davinci syrup.

Enough water to make cookie dough consistency (about 3tblspns).

Put in glass dish sprayed with olive oil spray (i have cup size baking dishes).

Cook in microwave for 2 minutes. Don't reduce power but make sure your dish is tall enough that when it first starts rising it won't topple out..

VERY cakey!.

I topped with waldenfarms chocolate and 1 tspn cool whip light (less carbs than cool whip FREE)..

I like using the shakes because they are only 90 calories..

DO NOT USE PUDDING for THIS doesn't work!..

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Your question was: Banana Split Cake Recipe for Medifast.

Yummy!!! Sounds great...I will have to try that one tomorrow. Thanks for sharing! Where do you get these wonderful ideas???..

Comment #1

Will it be good if I cook it and then place in bag for later in the day or next day?..

Comment #2

Mkrn. Yes. Let it cool and put it in a ziplock! Then you can drizzle your waldenfarms chocolate on it later... or anything else you would like. I bet carmel would be ohhh so yummy and I have seen 0 carb of that too!..

Comment #3

Modifed the recipe - thanks for it..

Used chocolate shake - splash of torani sugar free black cherry syrup and followed same recipe - don't have walden farms anything - so I poured a tablespoon of the cherry syrup over the top of the cake and let it soak in - it was like a gooey chocolate cherry brownie.

Thanks for sharing...

Comment #4

I'm going to have to try this. Thanks for posting...

Comment #5

Thank you for the idea. I love the banana shakes...I love them all, actually. But I can't wait to try this. Maybe tonight!.


Comment #6

Bump so I can find it easier for tomorrow!..

Comment #7

I made your great receipe for banana split cake but substituted a few things - strawberry shake mix , tiny splash of SF strawberry syrup (and all original ingredients) and topped/spread with 1 Tspn Walden Farms strawberry jam and 1 TBsp of double whipped reduced fat lite Strawberry cream cheese (Einstein Brothers Brand @ Albertsons), It was like a Strawberry Shortcake Dream Come True. Thanks for your great receipe of cake and Congratulations on your weight loss goal success !! missya805..

Comment #8

Yummy!! I love banana cake so I cannot wait to try this. I am thinking about adding a dollop of WF strawberry jelly to the top along w/ some WF choc. dip...kind of a banana split flavor.....

Comment #9

I'll bet this would be delish using any of the shakes! I personally love the flavors of orange and chocolate together so I ay try it with an orange shake and drizzle some WF chocolate syrup over it!..

Comment #10

Ugg. What did I do wrong?? I used a pkg of banana shake, 1/4 tsp of baking powder and 3 TBS of water, put it in the micro...After only 1 minute I had what looked like a burned cow patty! Did I miss something? Is 2 minutes the correct time? Help! It sounds so good...

Comment #11

I just tried this for lunch! I have been on Medifast for approximately a week now - this is the best lunch I have had! I cannot believe that I just ate this on a diet! It was fantastic. I used.

1 banana creme shake.

1/4 tsp baking powder.

1 egg white.

2 tbsps water.

It was perfect, I even sprinkled a little cinnamon on top, very similar to a banana bread! I loved it! Thank you so much!.

I will be trying the chips later on today with my COB ( I just can't stomach it the way it is - I don't even like normal COB soup)..


Comment #12

SOO Glad that you got the egg white! When I originally made the recipe I didn't use it... I have revised most of the recipes to include whites which hold it together better!..

Comment #13

Mmm I made this for desert last nite. I was way under on my 'fats' so I added in a few toasted, chopped walnuts and a dash of cinnamon. talk about HEAVEN!..

Comment #14


Do you have any more recipes like for the shakes?..

Comment #15

Thank you for this recipe! I played with it a bit and I think I found TRUE LOVE!.

I woke up today - knowing I was doing an all-shake weekend - and decided I had a few calories/carbs to play with so I opted for a sweet treat to start my day. Here's what I used:.

1 choc shake.

2 Tbsp egg beaters.

Tsp mint extract.

4 drops capella double chocolate.

2 Tbsp water.

Baking powder.

Combine and put in small custard dish (I think that's what it's called?) sprayed with Pam - microwave for 1 minute, 30 seconds. Top with 3 Tbsp FF Reddi while still warm!!.

It worked out to be 120 calories and 16.5 but well worth it for the chocolate mint taste that I've missed! And since I'm doing an all-shake day today, I have no guilt ! I'll still be right around 800 calories and 80 carbs. WOOHOOOOOOOOOO! Medifast ROCKS!..

Comment #16

Thanks for this wonderful recipe! I ate two Banana Split Cakes today! Gosh I can't believe how good they are!..

Comment #17

Can't wait to try this. It looks good! Thanks for sharing..

Comment #18

I'm wondering if I did this right (my first edible shake cake)...I followed the original recipe and it was only about 1/4 inch high when it was done cooking. It seemed pretty tiny, but it was tasty. Is that how it's supposed to turn out?..

Comment #19

Height can be determined by the age of your baking powder. Fresh usually makes things a little fluffier, but yes, these don't get that big except when they blow up during cooking...

Comment #20

You're quite the little chef, aren't you? Now I'll have to order more banana shakes...


Comment #21

Yummy!!! Sounds great...I will have to try that one tomorrow. Thanks for sharing! Where do you get these wonderful ideas???..

Comment #22

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