Banana bread for Medifast

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Have made a couple of versions and this came out really good:.

4 Maple oatmeal.

4 banana shakes.

1 tbs baking powder.

2 tsp vanilla.

1 C water.

1/2 C egg beaters.

1/2 C DaVinci Caramel syrup.

Some cinnamon.

I mix all the dry ingredients together then add averything else..

Bake in greased 8" square pan in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes..

Let cool..

Makes 8 meals..

I know it's scary to try an unknown with so many packets of precious Medifast food, but I was tired of having to make stuff so often. You could always cut the recipe and try a sample with 1 oatmeal and 1 shake..

Have also tried this with Swiss Mocha shakes - yummy..

I hope you like it...

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Your question was: Banana bread for Medifast.

I have just used the Banana Shake and made the shake cake recipe....and that is good too..

I'm out of banana right now...will be fixing my order soon...

Comment #1

Shake Cake recipe???? Please! I'd love to see it!..

Comment #2

Shake cakes are a staple around here. Very easy and GOOD!.

Shake mix.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

1 to 2 T egg beaters.

1 to 2 T water.

Mix and put into cereal bowl size bowl (I use corelle bowl) and microwave for about 1:15..

It slips right out onto your plate. If you have some condiments left....I like to put some WF Marshmallow Dip on top and if it's chocolate shake cakemaybe even some WF Chocolate Syrup. On the Strawberry I put a touch of SF strawberry jam. There are plenty of threads in the Recipe board and I even posted a picture a while back...

Comment #3

Thank You!!! I have LOTS to learn! SF jam is OK? And apparently I need to research Walden Farms!..

Comment #4

Walden Farms is AWESOME!!! I did weight watchers a while back and used it with that. It just adds a great pick up to things!..

Comment #5

Does anyone know of any stores on the west coast that carry walden farms? I can't seem to find it anywhere. or can you only get it online?..

Comment #6

Just wanted to let everyone know I made this to take on my business trip. I made it in a standard loaf pan - looks just like banana nut/zucchini bread. I did increase the egg whites to cup to make it rise a bit more.

This is so tasty and the perfect portable food!!.

Thanks for sharing..

Comment #7

I love this banana bread! Thanks for posting the recipe! I add a teaspoon of banana extract to give it a "banana boost" yummy!..

Comment #8

I'm really glad people are enjoying the banana bread. I have adjusted the recipe a little bit (less water, more egg beaters and syrup) and I think it's even better now...

Comment #9

Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to try this!..

Comment #10

This is pretty much the same recipe I have been using. I don't use quite so much water - maybe 1/2 cup (but add it in slowly, as needed). I don't use the vanilla, but do add in 2 TBSP ground flax.

I've tried other variations too:.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, vanilla pudding (with and without grated zucchini).

MBS Oatmeal, chocolate pudding.



Comment #11

Thanks! For some reason I've been craving banana bread ever since starting medifast last weak! Will try!..

Comment #12

I made this for 'birthday cake' this week and it was great. I used banana pudding instead of the shake (because I didn't read it correctly) and the result was heavy, moist, and delicious..

I'm going to try chai tea and apple cinnamon oatmeal next. I think it should come out as a spice coffeecake..

Thanks for bumping this, Red2009!..

Comment #13

Yes, because it has 8 packets in it. There's also a small amount of lean (the eggbeaters), but really a tiny bit since it's 1 tablespoon per serving..

I cut mine into 8 pieces and ate each one as a meal...

Comment #14

Has anyone ever reduced this receipe? I have tried to make it before but the bread goes bad before I can eat it all.

Let me know otherwise, if you have made this before, do you freeze the bread?..

Comment #15

Just curious everyone. Can you make this stuff and freeze it for the future. I am going on a road trip Wednesday and would like to make the bread to take with me to eat on the way. We have an 8 hour drive and I don't want to screw up my good results so far by stopping at a rest stop. I just got a couple boxes of the new bars to take with me also. We are going to Niagara Falls for a few days and just think it's going to be hard to stay OP..

Have a great holiday weekend all!!!..

Comment #16

Any one ever freeze parts of it or half the recipe or anything like that? I try not to make too many recipes for my meals each day (usually stick with maybe just 1 to 2 max and eat the rest just plain cooking directions)...

Comment #17

I have frozen many of the bread and muffin recipes individually. They can thaw on their own or in the microwave if you are in a hurry. I have dunked them in my coffee if I am REALLY in a hurry to eat something. THey keep well in the freezer...

Comment #18

What if I don't have the syrup. Can I substitute something else?..

Comment #19

Oh my will definitely give this a try, Thanks so very much...

Comment #20

I have just used the Banana Shake and made the shake cake recipe....and that is good too..

I'm out of banana right now...will be fixing my order soon...

Comment #21

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