Back even worse after Murad Acne Complex

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So I was on Murad Acne Complex for a 7 month course and it cleared me up pretty good, just had very minor bumps and stuff.However, after coming off for 2 months or so my acne began creeping back. Then it just blew up and now my acne is as bad if not worse then it was originally.I am going to see my derm in about 2 weeks and going to go on another course.this sucks..

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Your question was: Back even worse after Murad Acne Complex.

It was really nice while it lasted.Hopefully the second course cures it forever...

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Same here! I don't know if I could stand to go on another course of Murad Acne Complex after this one, it's hard enough to give up my normal maintenance routines as it is!..

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Oooh no =( I'm sowwy.I just joined and wrote my story today (in my profile). I was on Murad Acne Complex a few years ago and it cleared me up but only lasted til the next summer when it got worse again. My skin would get oily and I felt icky and dirty. All Murad Acne Complex is is a concentrated vitamin A. Beta Carotene taken daily in the doses I've provided will do wonders for your skin. I'm telling you it's incredible the difference it's made.

When a diet consists of more than starches and sugars and has the nutrients we need, our body can function properly, but when we don't, it effects us internally and of course shows externally.Doctors will say "Oh yes, well the cause of acne is dirt and oil being trapped in pores...period"And you're left thinking..."Um, ok well that's an interesting fact but why is my body unable to keep my pores clean?"You probably seriously lack vitamin A and your body is unhealthy...

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Terra, the link is broken, it just takes us to the main board. Or is it just my computer???..

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Darnit. I'm having trouble giving the link, but it's in my profile...

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Murad Acne Complex contains vitamin A in extremely, extremely high doses (I think it's something like 10,000% your D.R.V). How can you possibly be taking in this much through diet? Further, you cannot get the same results by taking beta carotene, because beta carotene is NOT the same as vitamin A. It only get's converted to vitamin A if your body needs it. Murad Acne Complex on the other hand is already in vitamin A form.Luckily my experience on Murad Acne Complex wasn't horrible at all! The only thing was the dry lips, but it wasn't a huge deal for clear skin. I was also working out pretty heavily while on it, without any joint problems. I was on 40mg/60mg alternating per day, and I weigh about 150lbs...

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