Ate all your Nutrisystem food early?

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Were you guys as hungry as I am when you first started NS?.

It's my 2nd day and I was so hungry my food was all gone by 4:45! Even my dessert! My stomach really needs to shrink...

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Your question was: Ate all your Nutrisystem food early?.

You need to:.

1. space your meals out; e.g. eat the breakfast entree w/coffee/tea and then have the dairy/protein and fruit an hour or two later;.

2. drink plenty of water. have a large glass before each meal, during and whenever you feel hungry;.

3. bulk up your meals with filling vegetables;.

4. choose more filling add-ins for your dairy/protein..

Read this thread for suggestions on how to work the program..

If you are hungry, make a HUGE salad and eat it. No cheating...

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You will probably adapt pretty soon, but just try to tough it out for the rest of the day if you can. Have you been downing the water all day? If not, definitely start doing that, and eat some of the "unlimited" veggies to get you through the rest of the day. You are eating all your add-ins, right? The protein/dairy servings, fruits and veggies? If not, I can definitely see how you'd be hungry!.

Tomorrow, try to space your foods out a little better - I can survive an hour of hunger a couple times throughout the day much more easily than I can survive several consecutive hours of hunger at the end...

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Thank you for the advice guys! you've given me some good tools to make it through the rest of today without having to bolt my fridge and cupboards shut! haha..

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You can do this! My first two days were tough, I was hungry all the time, but after that I adjusted. When I have a hungry day, I drink more water and eat really big salads...

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Yes - I find myself hungry from time to time, and it hits me most when I do NOT like the food (and I don't eat it)......wish I had chose my own.

Tuesday will be two weeks for me. I started at 183 lbs and lost 10 lbs so the weight loss is working quick - I just need to do some of the recommendations in this thread...

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