Medifast recipe for Asparagus??

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I just got a huge bunch of asparagus from a friend. Any good Medifast friendly recipes out there for asparagus?..

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I made asparagus last night. Usually I just steam it but last night I put it on a baking sheet sprayed with PAM, seasoned it (garlic salt, pepper and some Mrs. Dash). Baked it in the oven, at 350 for 10 mins or so (til it's cooked the way you like it). It was great!..

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Or if it is warm where you are, it is great on the grill just barely brushed with olive oil and sea salt...

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Grilling is my favorite too, but you can cut it up and stir-fry it with some other veggies...

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Wonder if a sauce out of maybe the cream of broccoli soup and some mustard of some kind would be good. I know some people serve it with a hollandaise sauce. I may play around with that..


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I steam it then sprinkle some italian seasoning and spray butter. you could even try sprinkling some molly mccheese...

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Thanks everyone I'm printing all these ideas off and picking one tonight for dinner then, I'll try the others later in the week like I said, I have a LOT of asparagus!..

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I like to roast it with a little olive oil, garlic, salt and a bit of balsamic vinegar. 375 for about 12-20 minutes depending on how done you like it...

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I have found I love the roasted asparagus, but tonight I'm going to cut some asparagus up into bite size pieces and cook it in a pan with a little no-stick spray and some garlic. When it's almost cooked, I'm going to add some fresh spinach, a little FF chicken bouillion (I make my own) and one wedge of Lite Laughing Cow cheese. Cook it until the spinach is wilted and the cheese and boullion make a little sauce. Then have that with my chicken...

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Emeraldb..that sounds really good........I have all but the laughing cow store here I


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I spray it with Pam Olive Oil and throw it on the Foreman with some Mrs. Dash...

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If you have more than you can eat in a day or two, you may want to consider....

If you want to keep it fresh so that it doesn't get all woody and dry in the stalks, make sure you store it standing up straight with the bottoms of the stalks in a little water, just like you would keep flowers..

You might already know this, but just in case I thought I would share...

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Yum I'm going to try the spinach recipe with it tonight. Sounds great! I had it baked in a pan with the seasoning last night great suggestion! And, SBShaw - thank you I did not know that was how to keep it better I'll be sure to do that, because I have about a 3 or 4 day supply...

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I really love asparagus. I make little bundles and spray with pam, dust with favorite seasonings ( garlic powder is good, black pepper fresh ground, maybe the spicy chili powder mixes) and then I turn on the broiler, let it get up to the high temp and broil them for about 6-10 min. Really depends on how big the stalks are, how many, ect. I turn the oven light on so that I can watch them. Make sure that you turn them so that they cook on both sides. I found some teflon ties that I use to make the bundles.

Found them at a kitchen supply store. They are alot of fun. You can use them to tie up a rolled roast ect...

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