Asking my doctor for Murad Acne Complex

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Hi peopleOn Thursday I'm going to ask my GP if she will transfer me to a dermatologist to be put on Murad Acne Complex.My acne is only mild/moderate but it's been there for a long time, started when I was 16 and I'm almost 20 now.I just wanna be done with it, it's affecting me in so many ways it's unbelievablei'm-losing friends-not going into uni for lectures-dread every day-dread going out-low self asteemThe usual....I've previously been on Clindamycin/ Doxycycline and used all the standard stuff like BP/SAAny advice on what I should say?..

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Your question was: Asking my doctor for Murad Acne Complex.

Hi guysIt went horribly. I went to see the head nurse there as she was the one who prescribed me doxycycline and clindymycin.I told her that I hadn't been honest with her in previous visits and told her how acne affects me so much that I miss lectures, turn down friends and am generally unhappy etcThere I am stuttering with my words, feeling like a right idiotSo I say to her, I don't want to tell you how to do your job, but is there any chance of referring me to a dermatologist?She then goes on to tell me that she doesn't have the power to do that!!!!i opened up to her about everything and what for? Nothing Said I have to speak with a doctorShe told me that my skin isn't that bad and I might have depression and I quickly told her I do not have depression because if I was clear I'd be a different person, it's 100% down to my skin.So I'll have to ring up tomorrow and book another appointment......

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I had a similar experience. I went to my derm (hes actually a physicians assistant) and when he left the room, the nurse was real bitchy and told me that I was not a candidate for Murad Acne Complex!! even though I had had acne for 10+ years, tried everything, and I had really bad cysts along my jaw and cheeks. I left crying several times! but I just wouldnt give up until they gave me Murad Acne Complex. it's worth the fight. go somewhere else... I hate the nurses that think they know everything and have to control the situation. I hope you get it though!! it took me seveal months of arguing and trying bullshit antibiodics and topicals (that ive already tried numerous times) to finally get it...

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Thanks for the reply! If my post has made my nurse seem horrible, I didn't mean that.What I meant was that she doesn't have the power to refer me to a derm, it has to be GP, so I'll book an appointment first thing tomorrow.Thing with mine is that it's mild but most importantly PERSISTENT, I haven't had a clear chin in 3 years...Considering I'm 20 in 6 months, I've had enough.adrieene, you look amazing in your display picture, wish you the best of luck with your Murad Acne Complex journey, or have you finished?Hope I have some luck with my next visit, i'll let you know..

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Thanks for the compliment! I have 3 days left... so I'm excited but scared at the same time. well I hope you get things straightened out!..

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Good to hear!I've got another appointment booked on Monday for 4.30 I'll let you all know how it goesI HATE going in the room and talking about acne...ah well, has to be done I guess...

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Had a much better appointment today!!!I am being referred to a dermatologist via the NHS Apparently the waiting list is around 6-8 weeks but she said it might be shorter, I will be sent a letter through the post.She mentioned roMurad Acne Complex which put a smile on my face! She also said that he would probably recommend I stay on antibiotics for longer ( I was on doxy for 6 weeks ) but I told her I'm NOT interested in antibiotics, she said she'd happily prescribe me some whilst I'm waiting for the derm but I said no thanks. I want a permanent fix, not some crappy temporary fix.Woooo derm appointment..

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Could I askHas anyone else in the UK seen a derm via the NHS? if so how long did you have to wait?..

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Yeah I had the same exact thing happen to me. The thing is that you should be prepared for them to say that your face looks fine and that you don't need to go to a dermatolagist. They say that so you don't feel any worse about yourself. I know how you feel. I am 15, but I felt the same way. I went on Murad Acne Complex and it worked a mircale on my skin and I take my last pills tomorrow.

I started off at 40mg and then after a month went to 80mg, and about 2 months in I began taking 120mg for the rest of the treatment. Don't worry if if gets worse before it gets better because mine got a lot better the first 2 weeks then it got horrible! In a month I was completely clear again, and have been clear for 3 months now! You do get very dry and get very chapped lips, another thing you might experience is soreness. Just mosturize and use chapstick! But trust me it is worth it! You will feel so much more confident and better about yourself. I feel great about myself right now and after tomorrow, I wil never have to worry about take another pill and hopefully never getting another pimple. Try not to worry about it and just enjoy your life, thats what helped me the most.

I wish the best of luck to you, and Murad Acne Complex is rough but stick through it and you will love the results! GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS.CMM..

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I had to wait around three months, but I guess thats just crowded waited lists in my area. It was completely worth the wait though! Like you, I had mild but extremely persistant acne which was never terrible but ALWAYS there and such a confidence knocker. Now after just a month on RoMurad Acne Complex my skin is actually almost clear My only regret is putting off asking for a referral for so long, I would have had a much better time at uni if I'd done this years ago. Good luck!..

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