Artificial Sweeteners in Medifast food?

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Is anybody else concerned about the artificial sweetener, acesulfame potassium, which is in most of the Medifast foods?.

"The Center for Science in the Public Interest has stated that the FDA was petitioned in 1988 not to approve acesulfame potassium because of studies which seemed to link it's use to lung tumors and breast tumors. There is also some concern that the use of acesulfame potassium may aggravate reactive hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar attacks.".

I can't imagine why they would design this food to contain anything implicated in hypoglycemia... seems to defeat the point.

I'm a bit concerned about this, as I already try to avoid artificial sweeteners for some specific health reasons.

However it looks like a limited number of the food items do not contain this sweetener. Things like eggs, crackers, etc. Wow, that's a severely limited diet... just thinking out loud here.....

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Cough cough. The Center for the Science would have gotten it banned if there was ANY valid proof. Come on, it's been 22 years. I am too tired this morning to do REAL research for you, but really it's okay. I prefer splenda, and wish they would foot the extra money to use it. But like Laura said, the weight is more dangerous:.

From Wiki:.

Critics say acesulfame potassium has not been studied adequately and may be carcinogenic, although these claims have been dismissed by the US FDA[6] and by equivalent authorities in the European Union.[7].

Some potential effects associated with acesulfame have appeared in animal studies. Acesulfame K has been shown to stimulate dose-dependent insulin secretion in rats, though no hyperglycemia was observed.[8].

Rodent studies have shown no increased incidence of tumors in response to administration of acesulfame K.[9] Research conducted by the National Toxicology Program shows that acesulfame K is safe to consume if the concentration in any edible form is less than 3%.[10] Further research in terms of food safety has been recommended.[11][12]..

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Please don't misunderstand me. I do think Equal and Splenda are bad for us. I in no way think they are benign chemicals that won't hurt us. I think in large doses over a long period of time, they can cause problems. The problem is that there are alot of "Sugar free" products out there and they contain Equal or Splenda. All prepackaged foods contain lots of chemicals and preservatives.

Thats why most of the food on our shelves these days are "Enriched".

I could go on and on but I digress.... LOL.

Everything in moderation. The weight needs to come off. Then I can worry about going back to eating whole, all natural, organic foods in moderation..

Lets face it..I'm not here looking to lose 50lbs because I ate healthy...

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I think that's a great point, Heidi. I researched and researched and ultimately came to the decision that the other folks here mentionedit's not ideal to consume acesulfame potassium but it's temporary. And it's more important that I get back to a healthy weight right now..

I wish more companies would use Stevia. It's a plant extract that is very sweet in small amounts (in large amounts, it becomes bitter). No side effects (the sugar alcohols Maltitol, etc.can really create digestive distress). great would it be to get off the sweetness thing altogether? When I used to be completely off sugar, I remember getting to the point where I realized just how sweet certain foods are, naturally (ie apples!).

For me, I know sweetness is as addictive as any drug. I'd love to get away from it completely and just get it as it occurs naturally...

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I was surprised that so many of the foods were sweet. I don't know what I was expecting exactly. I had the same concerns about artificial sweetners. I don't let my daughter eat any of them and I hadn't eaten them in years. However, I too have to get this weight off and although it has only been 13 days since I started, I've never ever ever stayed on a diet this long without cheating. For my next order, I plan to try more of the soups and less of the sweetened items but I am starting to get used to the taste of them. It is working and that is the most important thing to me!..

Comment #4

When I was a kid, my Mother raised bee's-26 hives at one point.

Now, you truely can't find a more "natural" sweetner than honey; HOWEVER-here's 'da rub:.

Pure Honey is loaded with bacteria, and at time's, becomes the "medium" on which a particularily nasty fungus grows-a fungus so dangerous that several children in this Country have died because they ingested this fungus tainted honey..

Food for thought-.


Comment #5

Well, this was a BIG issue with me until I visited a friend this past week (before getting my start-up package) and she gave me this bit of wisdom: "What is more dangerous? Eating artificial sweeteners for a few months/a year or being obese for the rest of your life?".

Medifast is not my PERMANENT plan. It's my plan to get me where I need to be and haven't gotten myself for the past 7-8 years...

Comment #6

I weighed the artificial sweeteners vs. weight loss, myself. I had a bad experience with aspartame, heart trouble and passing out, and it took forever to trace the cause. So, I'm going to be very aware of how my body is reacting and am being checked by my doctor. Like others have said, I see this as a temporary thing, an aid to help me lose the weight and transition to a healthy lifestyle. One of the big things I've faced is feeling discouraged over the amount of weight I have to lose.

And it's time for results...

Comment #7

Heidi, I never liked the artificial ingredients in all the Medifast products, but decided that it was worth it to lose the weight. As I went into t&m I started weaning off the Medifast products, finding more natural suitable replacements. In Maintenance, I am a fairly "clean" eater and I love it..

You have to make the decision for yourself on whether or not dealing with artificial sweeteners is worth it to you or not. For me, it was. Then again, as a friend of mine used to say, I would eat the box the food comes in if it would help me lose the weight! hehe...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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