Weight Loss Articles

Guide to Dieting
Dieting is something we all have done, and unfortunately most of them fail. Read this guide to see what you're doing wrong.

Myths about Body Fat
Losing body fat is not about avoiding fat and carbs. Surprisingly, doing so WILL NOT help you lose weight. Read about the myths about fat.

Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid
Losing weight is all about eating good, healthy foods and avoiding bad ones. Read this article to find out which ones to eat, and which ones to avoid.

Guide to Working Out
Forcing yourself to go to the gym 4 times a week is tough, but also useless in losing weight. Read this working out guide to see what really works.

Fasting for Weight Loss
Does water/juice fasting help in losing weight?

Skin Brushing
What is dry skin brushing, and who should do it?

Weight Loss with Wu Long (Tea)
Learn how to drink those pounds away with something as simple as tea.

Reductil Review
Reductil is commonly prescribed by doctors for obesity.

Xenical for Weight Loss
Xenical is also prescribed to many obese people.

Xenadrine EFX Review
A safer, ephedra free version of Xenadrine. Safer.. but is it more effective?

Meridia for weight loss
A drug that has been around for awhile. How effective is it?

Lipovox Review
A product that has many claims and hype surrounding it. Is the hype true or false?

Medifast diet program
What is the Medifast diet program and can it help you lose weight?

Medi Fast Diet
Tips and guidelines on following the medifast diet.

Medifast weight loss program
Many people have had success with Medifast.

External Links:

Medifast Coupon Codes
Looking for coupons and discounts for Medifast? Come get them here.

MediFast Doctors
Looking for a doctor to help you with the Medifast Diet?

Medifast Weight Loss Program
Learn how the Medifast program can help you lose weight permanently.

Buy MediFast
Looking for the best price on Medifast? Buy Medifast through this site.

MediFast Coupon Code
Get discounts on Medifast with this coupon code!

MediFast Diet Product
Learn the ins and outs of finally defeating obesity with Medi Fast.

MediFast Diet Supplement
How you can effectively lose weight and shed fat with Medifast Diet.

MediFast Discount
Learn how to get discounts and buy Medifast for cheap.

MediFast Recipe
Learn how to make recipes of Medifast foods

MediFast Success Stories
Stories of people who successfully lose weight with Medifast.

Reviews of Medifast Diet
Does the diet work? Read what reviews say.

Medifast review
Read reviews before buying this diet program.

Medifast Diet Program
How the MediFast.com diet program can help you lose weight forever.






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