Are there any Medifast vanilla pudding recipes?

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I can't really stomach the vanilla pudding does anyone know of any way to make it taste a little better, I've tried making it as a shake instead but it comes out super thick and gross... any suggestions would be great. And second does anyone like the puffs? I've been thinking of ordering them but haven't really heard a lot about them I hear everyone about the new pretzels being terrible but nothing on the puffs. Feedback would be great!..

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I put the pudding, water a cup of ice, &sometimes 2 frozen strawberries (if I am low on carbs) and vanilla extract in Vitamix & blend till ice is chopped. I think it is yummy...

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I was not a huge fan of the vanilla products, but you could try adding a little more water, some SF syrup and some ice and run it through the blender for a more palatable option..

I've only tried the Parmesan puffs. They are ok, maybe just a little on the bland side, but they have a nice crunch to them. I have some issues with dry mouth, so they are a bit challenging for me to eat right out of the package. I used to crush them fine and use in place of bread crumbs for coating chicken or fish. The crumbs would also make a good filler for an OP meat loaf...

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I just made a vanilla pudding concoction this morning! I used my mini blender & blended 6oz water with the pudding. Then I stirred (NOT in the blender) in Diet Cream Soda till it was shake-like. Yum!..

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Check out the recipe for vanilla ice cream...I believe it's 4 oz water 4 ice cubes 1/2 tsp almond extract and 1 oz ff cream cheese....awesome!..

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I put a little Torani caramel syrup in the vanilla pudding or stir in some coffee to make it coffee flavored. I like mine a little sloppy so I use more water. I have also part frozen it to make it more like ice cream. IMO the banana pudding is the best..

Don't know anything about the puffs, haven't had any yet but I wouldn't recommend the cinammon pretzels...

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Thanks for all of the replies they are so helpful I'm going to try these through out the week and find my favorite I have 3 boxes of vanilla pudding so lots of stuff to experiment with..

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- pumpkin pie spice is yum.

- assorted SF DaVinci Syrup..

- half a packet of any other flavor + half pack vanilla and mix that together.

I like the puffs. Really good as croutons in salad or just as a snack on there own. I've also breaded chicken with the parm puffs and made chicken parmesan...

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I like to make a "latte" with brewed coffee, SF syrup and vanilla pudding. I blend it up in my Ninja and it get nice and frothy.

As for the puffs, I've only tried the parmesan, but I like them. I've eaten them straight out of the bag and used them as croutons for a salad. I went to the movies last weekend and took some puffs to have instead of popcorn and I found it pretty satisfying (though I still missed popcorn!)...

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I do the pudding as a shake lots of ice and a Starbuck's VIA packet! YUM!..

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I add SF syrup to the vanilla pudding sometimes - my favorite is strawberry. I've also found that making it ahead of time and letting it sit in the fridge for at least an hour or two really helps the flavor and texture...

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At a minimum, just add more water so the shake isn't so thick. I use the vanilla shakes and pudding as a base for when I'm in the mood for a flavor that isn't covered by the other drinks/shakes. Lemon, irish cream, etc...

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I make a pudding and a brownie and half them. Mix each half together, put in freezer and it makes a yummy McFlurry type meal...

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Today's my first day on MF.

I brought the Parmesan Puffs with me to work to snack on. I really loved the first 10 and then I wanted to bag to be gone but it wasn't, puffs just keep coming out so then I resorted to eating three at a time and drinking water to get them down.

I would say they would be excellent in a salad or coating chicken as others suggested or maybe as a handful throughout the day..

The entire bag at one sitting was just way to much puff!..

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I like the puffs, I find that they help me drink more water. I like the parmesan and the nacho. Enjoy!..

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There is no such thing as too many puffs. LOL..

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I love using the Parmesan puffs for breading on chicken and eggplant parm! I also used them to make crab stuffing. Next I plan on trying to make meatloaf with them. When I first started the program I ate them straight, but I also found that I just wasn't enjoying them so the breadcrumbs idea is wonderful for me. I tried the nacho ones too but I just didn't like the flavor.

The vanilla pudding is also my least favorite pudding. I make this recipe and it tastes pretty good

That helped with my pumpkin pie craving on thanksgiving, but you can add any flavors...

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I hate the vanilla pudding and was sent two boxes of it for my free weeks. I think I've finally found a way to get it down. I made a shake out of it, but added 2 tbsp. of the Walden Farms blueberry syrup (this uses 1 condiment). Success! Now I'll be able to finish off the boxes..

Hope you find something that works for you...

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I love the nacho cheese puffs! They are very flavorful and crunchy. When I am really hungry I have a bag with a Hansens natural diet soda and I am really full afterwards...

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I'm so excited you guys replied about the puffs I'm going to give it a shot and order samples of each next time I order thanks everyone!..

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I have tried both Puffs. They are not too bad but I agree both flavors are a little bland yet strong if that makes sense...its like gum...the flavor doesnt last through the whole chew. They satisfy my need for CRUNCH though!!.

PS-Great Idea about using them as croutons! I am going to have to try that one!..

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I thought they tasted like awful medicine - I now add vanilla, splenda and a little peanut butter. Much better...

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I am not a vanilla pudding fan, but last night I made it into "eggnog" and it was very good!.

Vanilla pudding + 1c water + 2 ice cubes + 2T eggbeaters + 1T vanilla SF syrup + a little rum extract in the blender, with nutmeg on top. Rich and creamy...

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