Are there any Medifast chicken recipes?

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Good Morning Fellow MF'ers!.

I'm needing some help preparing chicken and I'm looking for recipes/ideas. So here's the deal.... I like chicken, a lot, I just don't like it plain. Not only do I not know how to "spice" it up but I'm having a hard time not drying it out. Most of the time I use the frozen breasts from Costco (which may be part of the problem) but I know that some of you are going to have some great ideas for me!.

Recently I've become addicted to Baja Fresh's grilled chicken Baja Ensalada. The whole salad with salsa verde for dressing is about 310 calories according to their website - it's the ultimately perfect L&G meal. I would love to be able to make it at home as I could eat it every night without getting sick of it, but I have no idea how they make their chicken (and boy is it good!) I know I could save myself a fortune if I could start preparing something similar at home I just don't know where to start and how to guarantee that it's OP. I also love Chili's chicken breasts, it tastes like they've been marinating in something delicious!.

I'm obviously no culinary genius..... Please share your OP chicken recipes with me Ideally I'm looking for a simple marinade or a rub or something...nothing too fancy. All suggestions welcome and thanks in advance!..

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Bostonian: First let me say, I am thrilled to hear about the Baja Chicken Ensalada. That has always been one of my favorite items there. I am going to look at the nutrition to be sure there aren't too many carbs. Did you do that? Second, I keep things real simple on medifast. I like the costco breasts, so that's not it. You are probably overcooking it.

Dash seasonings and I really like the Johnny's Jamaica Me Crazy Lemon Pepper for two nice seasonings for chicken. An easy way to cook a chicken breast is to put it into a foil pouch with the seasonings and pop it in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes at 350 degrees. The pouch keeps the steam in and keeps it moist. By pouch, I don't mean wrapping it tightly with foil. Just place a breast in a square or rectangle of foil and crimp the edges until it makes a pocket of sorts.

You can even throw 1/2 cup of veggies in there to cook with it. Easy and tasty...

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I too use the Costco frozen chicken breasts. I always defrost first - if I cook from a frozen state to me it is easier to overcook..

One of my fav's is take the frozen breast and pop into a ziplock bag, sprinkle with lemon juice, sea salt and pepper. I then set it on the stove for the day and let it marinate while it defrosts. I grill it on the BBQ or the George Forman - on the BBQ about 4 minutes per side. The trick is to get it just barely done and then pull it off, it will continue to cook until you cut to serve. On the GF about 6 minutes total, but I really prefer the BBQ.

Costco also has an already cooked entree of Pollo Asada that is amazing and delish! It is all dark meat so the serving is only 5 oz but I find that when added to a salad the meat is so flavorful and juicy that it creates it's own dressing. Love it!..

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I like buying different seasoning mixes, like Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Taco, etc - just watch the carbs in seasoning..

I normally just toss a couple frozen chicken breasts on my Foreman grill, cook for a min or 2 then add the seasoning to both sides. I cook the breasts (from frozen) for about 10 minutes total and they turn out perfect...

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Total calories for the salad is 310 with 18 carbs. It's another 20 calories or so with the salsa verde for dressing. 8oz of salsa is 50 calories. It's delish...

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Use Frank's hot sauce. Pour it over breast and bake..

Marinate chicken in balsamic vinegar and olive oil allowance add veggies of choice and bake..

Turkey burgers ( find the leanest).

Bake chicken in a small amount of enchilada sauce.

Bake chicken with favorite spices (try Old Bay) and add a wedge of LF Laughing cow cheese till melts.

Cook breasts in crock pot with a can of rotel tomatoes, add veggies too..

Turkey tenders baked.

Bake chicken breast and add cooked spinach and mushrooms on top of breast last few minutes in the oven, LC cheese too.

Check out South Beach Diet cookbooks or low carb cookbooks for L&G ideas..

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Yum...sounds good guys, thanks!.

Keep 'em coming if you got 'em!..

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Just a quick question for all of you MF's - I saw a crock pot recipe that said we could use Rotel tomatoes - but I thought we weren't allowed tomatoes OP? Any clarification is appreciated! THANKS!..

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I use the Costco breasts, too- what I do is defrost, slice open the packet, and stud the chicken with garlic cloves, and toss some rosemary in there. Close the packet back up, and steam for about 15-20 minutes. (I use a rice cooker, but you can use a pot and steamer.) Periodically, I check the temperature with a meat thermometer, and pull it out when the middle reads 150. (I find that if you cook it to the recommended 165, you end up with DRY chicken.)..

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I'm pretty chicken incompetent myself, so loving the suggestions.. thanks everyone!..

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Mrs. Dash sprinkled on top and then baked is my favorite way to make boneless chicken breasts. I just use my favorite flavor of the day (I always have one of each type on hand) and 20 minutes later, yum...

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Tomatoes are totally OP. I eat them almost every day...

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Hi there Bostonian- I'm on the Cape, so hello neighor!.

If you don't mind leftovers, or are cooking a couple of meals for more than just yourself, I have a great crockpot dish for chicken that is real simple and yummy. My husband isn't dieting but he loves it..

Crockpot Tomatillo Chicken.

6-8 boneless skinless breasts, thawed.

2-3 cloves garlic, minced- or - 1-2 tsp. jarred minced garlic.

1 tsp cumin.

1 jar green salsa (Trader Joe's has a good one, their brand).

Spray crockpot with Pam, put chicken in, add spices, pour salsa on top. Cover, cook on low 8-10 hours. Serve plain or pulled apart in a sandwich for non-MFrs. I put a few shreds of leftover in my Medifast chicken soups too. If you only cook 4-5 breasts, use half the jar of salsa, there will still be extra liquid..

Good luck, lots of good recipes on this thread!.

Also, Trader Joe's has some good chili lime chicken burgers we can eat in the frozen section, 2 per serving. They also have cooked lemon pepper and balsamic rosemary chicken breasts, just weigh out 5-7 ounces, cut up and eat over a salad, quick and easy...

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Thanks for that idea lesslucy, I was actually thinking of something similar tonight! No Trader Joes where I am (actually Idaho, LOL) which SUCKS!! But tonight as I was eating my Baja Fresh salad with salsa verde I wondered if I could use some of that in a crock pot with chicken. I bought 32oz of their salsa verde awhile back because it's the perfect low cal/carb salad dressing. There is also a brand of green enchilada sauce I like and I thought about doing that in the crock pot too... I guess I'll just have to try it.

If I prepare the chicken in my crock pot can I start with it frozen? TIA..

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!..

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I know it's OK to start with frozen meat, although I've never tried it. That should be just fine, especially in a crockpot, it will thaw as it cooks. And may I say, you're a long way from home!..

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I've had both of these now and they are great. I have to say the rosemary chicken breasts were amazing!! I picked up the chicken burgers and can't wait to try those next. Thanks lesslucy!..

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Hi, The recipe below was posted by Cody Jo using 7oz of tuna and is delicious but the other night I decided to try it with 6 oz. of diced up chicken breast instead of the was awesome..Try it, nice change.

Creamy Chicken Pasta Dish.

1.5 cups cooked spaghetti squash.

6 oz. diced chicken breast.

2 wedges of Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese.

2 TB Sugar Free Ragu Spaghetti Sauce.

Spray a cooking pan with Pam and mix together cooked spaghetti squash, chicken, laughing cow cheese and spaghetti squash. Mix together until creamy. Serve and enjoy!.

This counts for 1 lean, 3 green, 1 healthy fat...

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Hi, The recipe below was posted by Cody Jo using 7oz of tuna and is delicious but the other night I decided to try it with 6 oz. of diced up chicken breast instead of the was awesome..Try it, nice change.

Creamy Chicken Pasta Dish.

1.5 cups cooked spaghetti squash.

6 oz. diced chicken breast.

2 wedges of Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese.

2 TB Sugar Free Ragu Spaghetti Sauce.

Spray a cooking pan with Pam and mix together cooked spaghetti squash, chicken, laughing cow cheese and spaghetti sauce. Mix together until creamy. Serve and enjoy!.

This counts for 1 lean, 3 green, 1 healthy fat.[..

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My favorite meal with boneless skinless chicken breasts have always been to marinate them in italian dressing overnight and then grill them and I found that Nutrisystem says I could count my lite or ff italian dressing as my healthy fat since I am having chicken. It is amazing in flavor and stays very moist on the grill. I have found the best boneless breasts I can get come from Schwanns and they deliver them right to my house.....anyone ever tried them?..

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I also love this salad...BE SURE they remove the tortilla chips though...

One of my favorite ways to cook chicken is to spray a pan with cooking spray, cut up chicken breast in bite size chunks and add to hot pan. As it browns, I generously sprinkle with oregano, garlic powder, sea salt, fresh cracked pepper and poultry seasoning. If it gets too dry and needs some liquid to cook, I splash a bit of chicken broth in the pan. I cook ONLY till just it still cooks for a few min after you have removed from pan... I also chop fresh cilantro and sprinkle all over with a shot of fresh lime while it's hot...delish and then top over romaine leaves, or whatever...SO GOOD!!..

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One of the secrets to not drying it out is to not try to cook it until it's defrosted. Try to remember to put your chicken in the fridge the night before, or better yet, two nights before. I also find it helps to take it out of the fridge and let it warm of for 10-15 minutes before trying to cook it. If you want to develop some color, pat the chicken dry with paper towels before throwing in a hot pan to brown..

I often use a sort of poaching method. If you like some color, heat a heavy bottomed sauce pan and spray with Pam, toss in the chicken and brown it quickly, then add broth, cover, reduce heat and simmer, or just poach in the oven in a covered casserole. I find that cooking it covered makes a lot of difference in keeping it from drying out..

Since you're defrosting anyway in the fridge overnight anyway, experiment with marinades. My standard is little low sodium chicken broth with whatever strikes my fancy stirred in. Lime and lemon are great, easy flavors to add, but avoid adding juice if you're going to marinate overnight - add some finely grated peel instead, and save the juice to cook with. Marinating overnight in citrus juice sometimes sort of "cooks" the chicken and give it an unpleasant texture, but the peel is great flavor. If using citrus juice in your marinade, about an hour is all you want to leave it..

Or, you can do what I do and order dried lemon and lime zest from Penzeys to toss into marinades. Add whatever Mrs Dash appeals to you, or chop some fresh mint, or basil, or cilantro, or whatever, use a wooden spoon to bruise it up, toss into some chicken broth, and marinate the chicken overnight. I actually use the liquid to poach in the next day, too, and personally I don't even bother with the browning - just toss it in the pan, bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat and simmer til done.

I buy herbs in bunches, chop them up, and just toss them in (labeled!) freezer zip lock bags and throw them in the freezer. Easy, and you don't end up throwing half of it away. Or just use dried. You're marinating, so even dried will have time to develop flavor for you overnight..

Don't neglect ginger and garlic in your marinades, either, if you like those flavors. Grated or crushed give more flavor than just cut up. Or really cheat and buy it already cut up in jars - or, if you're cheap like I am, buy it, chop finely or crush, and freeze in flattened freezer bags. then you can just break off as much as you need to cook with..

Chicken breasts can be pretty tasteless, so another trick is to lightly score the meat side of the breast before marinating. I just use a very sharp paring knife and put a few shallow slices - just break the top couple layers of the breast. They won't cook up as pretty, but they'll have more flavor.

When I have big thick breasts, I sometimes butterfly them before marinating and cooking - more flavor, and they'll cook a lot faster too. This is easiest to do when the chicken is stiff, so if it's fresh, throw in the freezer for maybe half an hour, then use a very sharp knife - here's a video demonstrating: If you're going to pound it like it shows in the video, you can butterfly it first, or just pound it whole until it's thinner and uniform depth, then marinate..

I sometimes buy breasts on sale, butterfly them, then repackage and freeze for quick meals. Butterflied breasts defrost and cook very quickly and save a bunch of time on weeknights when you're just trying to eat and be done with it..

You can also cook chicken in the crockpot. We often make shredded chicken burritos. While I was on 5&1, I'd toss frozen breasts in the crockpot, add some chicken broth and Mexican spices, and simmer all day on low. When you come home, just shred the chicken and serve on lettuce leaves for tortillas, and whatever veggies you want, with some salsa - yes, salsa is on your condiment list. I think it's like 2 T = 1 condiment, but check the lists to be sure, it's been a long time and I don't remember all the details. These days, in maintenance, I just cook the chicken IN salsa..

If you're cooking chicken in the crockpot all day, definitely start with frozen. Otherwise, it will overcook and get stringy. You can cook in any of the marinades described above..

As convenient and cheap as it it is, I hardly ever buy bags of frozen chicken any more. It makes me mad to pay for the saline they inject into it to make it weigh more, and I don't want the extra sodium, and personally I don't think it tastes very good no matter what you do to it - and the saline makes it very hard to develop any color during cooking. I buy fresh when it's on sale, and repackage in wax paper covered by freezer paper and freeze myself. The taste is a LOT better, as is the texture, and it's easier to cook with. IMX, repackaged this way will last oh, maybe 3-4 months for boneless skinless breasts and 1-2 months if you butterfly before freezing - before it starts getting that icky freezer texture thing - so mark the packages with the date you froze them and use the oldest first. OH - and your refrigerator's freezer probably isn't cold enough.

Sounds weird, but colder is better for frozen food. It will last better, retain flavor better..

For the BEST flavor, buy bone in chicken breasts with the skin. I remove the skin before cooking, but don't bone it until after - or serve it with the bone in. It adds flavor, and it's often a lot cheaper to buy bone in skin on. I also find that chicken holds up better to freezing with the skin on. But nothing beats boneless skinless from the store for convenience, so we've always got it in the freezer..

Sheesh, that's a lot more than you asked, I guess, but I was never a chicken fan until I went on Medifast, and I've had to learn a lot of tips and tricks to make it taste good to me, since I eat so much of it now!..

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Goodness gracious - so many great ideas!!!.

Thanks, Bostonian, for starting this thread! I suspect I'll refer back to it often!!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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