Are the salon hair products really any better than the stuff you buy at the Vitamin Shoppe?

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I got a quick question: Are the salon hair products really any better than the stuff you buy at the Vitamin Shoppe?.

I also got another question: This was my first week on NS and I am SO tired of salads - I could not eat one more salad last night! I am not very creative or imagnitive when it comes to "thinking out of the box" and changing things up a bit but remain within the boundaries when it comes to meal planning!!! I don't know how to sub and still remain on the program and continue to loose. I need all the advice/suggestions I can get to help keep this from getting BORING! I love the food but can yall give me some different ideas to spice things up? THANKS!!!.


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Your question was: Are the salon hair products really any better than the stuff you buy at the Vitamin Shoppe?.

That sounds good....I guess we should not skip it all together right? can we have FF or Lite yogurt in place of dairy or fruit? I'm trying to think of different things - I'm rather narrow minded when it comes to food...

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You can roast some veggies. I use the grill and make veggie shibobs or use a grill basket. I spray lightly with pam and then sprinkle taco seasoning on them. Very good! I use peppers (three different colors), onions and mushrooms.

Also, why not try some fresh green beans? They taste great steamed and mixed with some fresh, minced garlic and spritzed with ICBINB spray. Asparagus is good this way also. You can also stirfry some zucchini, garlic and onions and add a little low sodium soy sauce.

I'm sure others will have more ideas for you..


Comment #2

Please bare with me as I was never a cook either! So the roasted veggies or the stir fry veggies are in addition to the 2 servings of veggies we are supposed to have at dinner time? Thanks for the suggestion - the stir fry sounds yummy! deb..

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I eliminated salads early on because I just couldn't get myself to eat another bite. Then after about a week I realized the darn thing did something for me. I can't say what it was but I missed my salad. So I started buying different types of salad mixes. Some with spinach or some with those fancy greens..

I currently have 8 different types of dressings in the fridge, and I sometimes will toss in cranberries and my 4 walnut halves, or 6 almond slivers and mandarin oranges. I'll use an asian spray dressing for these.

Or I will toss in chopped pepperoncini's, chopped onion, grape tomatoes, and bacon bits (1 tbsp is close to a free food) and I will use my FF Thousand Island or FF Cesar dressing for these..

My creativity goes on and on and I now have 1 salad a day...

Comment #4

I'm over the salads too!!! I've been sticking to everthing with the exception of skipping the salads on occasion. Also I have to admit that I hate most vegetables. Here are a couple of ideas that I've done to make the veggies taste better without adding much..

Roasted Cauliflower.

I take one head of Cauliflower and break it up into small florets and then place on a large baking sheet. Drizzle a small amount of olive oil over it and then sprinkle with Italian seasoning. I then top it off with a quick shake of grated parmesan cheese. (on NS list of dairy/protein) Roast for about 40 minutes at 400 degrees. I usually portion out about a cup of this for my two serving of vegetables for dinner. The roasting makes all the difference in the taste of the veggies..

Thai Cucumber Salad.

1 cucumber (sliced very thin).

2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar.

4 tablespoons splenda.

1/4 tsp. salt (optional).

4 tablespoons hot water.

1 thinly sliced green onion.

4 baby carrots (julienned).

Sometimes I also add celantro or a small amount of roasted sesame seed on top..

Mix vinegar, splenda, salt and water together pour over top of cucumber carrot mix then let marinade in fridge for a few hours.

Hope this was of some help.


Comment #5

When I buy vegetables I should eat, but I don't really care for they just go bad in my fridge. Now I only buy what I love: romain lettuce, broccoli, carrots and grape tomatos (since they are not considered a veggie I limit myself only 2 or 3 per salad)..

On days I don't have time for salad I pop one of those steam veggie bags in the microwave and presto! Fresh broccoli immediately!..

Comment #6

No, they would be the two servings of veggies, or count as one salad..just measure your amounts. The NS guidelines is 1/2 cup of cooked veggies, 1 cup of raw veggies, or unlimited salad vegges (psst...don't tell anybody, but if I'm eating peppers, musrhooms and zucchini I don't care if it's cooked or notI cover half my plate in veggies. Veggies didn't make me fat!).


Comment #7

In your planner it states you are allowed to have a fruit or salad for replace one of your salads with a fruit.

Or you can have a 5.5 oz low sodium v-8 or other veggies..

Also, do a search for graylady - she has a TON of ideas!!!.


Comment #8

I've been using all three strategies:.

1) Sometimes replace the dinner salad with fruit;.

2) Sometimes replace the salad with another vegetable serving;.

3) Make a non-lettuce salad. (Cucumbers tossed with a little ff yogurt, lemon juice, and dill is great.).

I end up eating a salad for lunch every day, because it's just so easy to stuff the greens in tupperware and bring it to work. But for dinner, it was definitely getting monotonous...

Comment #9

No, you cannot substitute FF yogurt for a protein or fruit. The yogurt IS you dairy/protein and you also have a fruit..

I suggest if you have the time, to read all the posts that pertain to the plan. I did this for a couple of day while I waited for my first order and by the time it got here, I was quite educated on the subject. There are a lot of people on here that have been on the plan for a long time and they are very knowledgable regarding the plan and will help you. Good Luck..

Comment #10

Thanks everyone for great ideas and this one sounds YUMMY!! Thanks for the help - like I said I have never been a cook therefore have NO creativity when it comes to the kitchen! deb..

Comment #11

WOW - I would never have though of roasting cauliflower like that - I am going to give it a shot tonight!! I actually do like vegetables but have no imagination when it comes to food and preparation! THANK YOU so much. Everyone has been so helpful. deb..

Comment #12

I'll give graylady a shout - thanks for the advice! deb..

Comment #13

Graylady how do I pull up your recipes I don't know how to get them I'm new at this this is my first week could you please help me..

Comment #14

What is every body talking about eating ff hot dogs is that okay..

Comment #15

FF hot dogs can be a protein serving, so you could eat them when your meal plan calls for a dairy/protein serving...

Comment #16

Sometimes I have sliced cucumbers with onions that I let sit in FF Italian dressing overnight. I also have had raw broccoli or celery sticks with FF Ranch...

Comment #17

That sounds good....I guess we should not skip it all together right? can we have FF or Lite yogurt in place of dairy or fruit? I'm trying to think of different things - I'm rather narrow minded when it comes to food...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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