Are plateaus normal on Nutrisystem?

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I have over 100 pounds to lose. I will have completed 3 months of Nutrisystem nxt Monday. I have followed the diet faithfully and haven't cheated once. The first 2 months I lost a total of 32 pounds, however this month I haven't lost anything. Is this normal??.


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Your question was: Are plateaus normal on Nutrisystem?.

Plateaus are completely normal. I have lost 108 lbs so far but went through a 6 week plateau in Feb-March. Mostly you just have to wait them out, but it helps to measure self. I found I lost inches even when I wasn't losing lbs...

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Thanks for the support! I was thinking of having 1 pig-out binge day of all I used to eat.....Long John Silvers, Firehouse Subs and Domino's.......but maybe I won't after all..

Thanks again!!..

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Isn't it terrible how a plateau drives us to binge??! lol why???!!?!.

Don't maybe, just don't do it!! Exercise instead! Your insides will feel MUCH better for it...

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Ways to Try to Break a Plateau:.

First, know that Nutrisystem doesn't call it a plateau until you've gone more than two weeks with 0 weight loss. You can't expect to lose weight every week. You might, but if you don't, it isn't cause for alarm. If it has been over 2 weeks, here are some things to try:.

1. Switch your dinner meal with your lunch meal. That includes add-ins..

2. Choose only "hard" proteins for your add-ins. These are meats and fish. And per Nutrisystem guidelines, you can be eating 100 calories of meat if you choose that for your dairy/protein. It should be AT LEAST 7 grams per protein serving (more is better), but no more than 3 grams of fat. Are you getting enough protein in?.

3. Increase your Exercise minutes and try a different activity.

4. In rare cases, you might need to add another protein serving to up your calories. This is most often true when someone is working out a lot. Not many of our 50+ women fall into that category. I would NOT try adding calories (beyond the 100 protein calories) without talking to an Nutrisystem counselor. See item 2 instead..

5. Drink MORE real water!.

6. If you have been strictly following the Nutrisystem plan, try going out to eat and ordering a simple fish or chicken meal  no sauces. Add veggies, salad, and a carb like whole wheat roll or brown rice (see the low GI Carb list). Carefully watch your portion. Your chicken or fish should only be about the size of a deck of cards..

7. Choose different add-ins than your usual..

8. Are you following the plan EXACTLY? Lots of the fancy things that people add to jazz up their food add up to significant calories. Sometimes going back to basics helps..

9. Are you drinking alcohol at all? That cancels out your progress for the week IMO. I did it occasionally while losing, and I could sure tell the difference in a lot of ways. Avoiding alcohol is really a good idea during the weight loss phase. I've found even in maintenance that I rarely drink any more. Your tastes change once you get healthy!..

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