Are Nutrisystem containers are recyclable?

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I am unable to find (or see!?) the recycle symbol on Nutrisystem containers. What is not recycleable?..

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Your question was: Are Nutrisystem containers are recyclable?.


If you have any questions regarding the recyclability of our packaging, please contact 1-800-585-5483, option #3, and a representative will be more than happy to assist you..

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Unless I'm imagining things, I've seen the recycling symbol on the black trays..

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I called the number recommended by the moderator. The representative did not know the answer to my question but told me she would speak to her boss and call me back within the hour. That was about 5 hours ago and no reply as of yet. To be continued......

Comment #3

As I was taking out the recycle today I noticed them...they are there maybe you just missed it?..

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Ok. Can you give me some clues as to where you found them?..

Comment #5

I just looked at the plastic trays from the last two nights, and the symbol is on the bottom of the black tray...

Comment #6

They seem to all be imprinted on the bottom......

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They are recyclable. The clear cake trays are #6, the black and white dinner ones are the evil #5. Polypropylene (#5) is a tough to recycle and won't biodegrade. For a long time most recycling centers wouldn't take it. Now many will, but you may want to check. If not, re-use them for your add ins..

There, you've had your plastic lesson for the day.......


Comment #8

This is great information. We have single stream recycling where I live and they will take #1,2,5 so that is very helpful. Anybody know about the foil-like pouches that so many foods are wrapped in? How about the two different cups for soups, etc??..

Comment #9

Not all of the containers and wrappers have the symbol...

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I never received a call back from the Nutrisystem representative who told me she would find the answer and call me back. Generally, if there is no symbol on plastic I assume it is not recycleable. On other packaging such as I mentioned on the previous post, there is no symbol I can find. However they are not plastic but some paper derivitives... so recycleable? You think?..

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I tend to recycle everything. Our town has a "if in doubt, recycle it" this way if they don't want it they can throw it?..

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