Are Miracle Noodles ok for Medifast?

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Just started Medifast so am trying to find out about different foods to eat..

Saw somewhere about Miracle Noodles. Are these okay for MF. Found their website and sounded good. Love pasta and thought this would be a substitute, guess you would count it as part of your "green?".

Would welcome your advise...

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Your question was: Are Miracle Noodles ok for Medifast?.

Hi Susan:.

Thanks for your infor re noodles think I will order some and try them...

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Start only by ordering a sample size. Some people really do not like the noodles like me. Don't waste lots of money till you know if you are one of the ones who really like them!.

Good Luck..

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I am not even a pasta fan and Shirataki noodles are so good, I had them twice last week for dinner as a tuna noodle casserolish thing. Very, very good, and a nice break from the chicken and cucumbers, my staple...

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I agree. They were a real fad here about a year ago, so a search on shiritaki will turn up some other threads and I think some recipes..

I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong, so look it up first!..

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Whats the best way to get that awful fishy smell out..

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Rinse, rinse, rinse. Then when you think you rinsed enough, I rinsed somemore. Also they will take on the flavor of what they are cooked with abit, I dried them out in a pan with some butter flavor pam...

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Do you rinse with cold water or hot water?..

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What I do is rinse through a strainer for a couple of minutes and then put the strainer in a bowl and let the bowl fill up with water, then drain, then repeat, then drain basically until the water is clear when I lift the strainer up. Then I toss them in a pan to "dry" them. Have not yet had a fishy smell or taste..

I'm able to get them at a local grocery but when I went Monday and they were out of stock I was bummed! I just got back from buying six packs of them. They are a great and filling alternative...

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Either. Cold is probably better but if I'm freezing I'll use warmer water because I do swish them around a bit...

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Miracle noodles are different from shirataki noodlesthey are made from fiber rather than tofu, so they have zero carbs and calories..

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I used the shirataki noodles to make my husband some chicken ramen noodles. I saw a tip that after your rinse them thoroughly that you should microwave them for one minute and then rinse them again. I then put them in a container with warm water and a spoon full of chicken bullion granules. He heated them up later and he was thrilled, said they tasted almost like ramen and it helped his need for comfort food..

I am going to try the tuna noodle casserole next time..

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What section of the grocery store are they in?.


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That sounds really good! Throw some chicken in there, or perhaps on the side and you got yourself a nice L&G!..

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From nutrition Support: The shirataki noodles are considered the "green" aspect of your lean and green meal. You can have 1 1/2 cups as your green..

(Miracle noodles are made up from the same ingredients asa shirataki noodles. )..

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Hi Susan:.

Thanks for your infor re noodles think I will order some and try them...

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