Are Medifast soy crisps worth the money?

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What do you guys think? Love em? Leave em?.

I have never tried Medifast snacks until about a month ago when I bought the crackers. Um.. for that cost.. I'll eat pickles or celery, thankyouverymuch. Not that they were bad.. they were just blah.

So are soy crisps worth the $$? Any particular flavor you love?..

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I loved them when I tried them, early on. Particularly when I was scooping up cream cheese with them. Then I cold-checked myself and decided they were too many carbs too many, also they were a bready junk food, and also I would be just fine with pickles. I didn't want to have to worry about my carbs that closely..

I'm not sure my logic still holds up seeing as I have maintenance bars sometimes, but I'm still leaving the few remaining packs on the shelf for transition...

Comment #1

I like the soy crisps and sometimes eat them when I have the Medifast soup. They are kind of nice when I want that crunchy thing goin' on. I don't order the crackers any more because I like the crisps better...

Comment #2

I really like the white cheddar! However, I already run high in my carb count because of the daily maintenance bar so I decided they are not worth it. Plus, I can't eat snacky things once I'm at goal so I don't want to start it now. I'm already worried about eating bars, brownies, and puffs now for meals....

Freya, have you noticed if the maintenance bar affects your loss? I'm thinking about cutting them out for a week or two and see what happens...

Comment #3

Sassy, I have no idea. Weight loss isn't linear, as we know. You can naturally lose 3 pounds one week and 1 the next, even doing the same thing all the time. I do know I'm still losing 2/week and I'm pretty close to goal. If I believed they had a quick effect, I would say they speed my losses. But I don't think it's that easy to tell..

I think they make me a little hungrier after I have one, and they're a lot like a delicious naughty treat. So I've cut my order to 1 box for next time. If I don't have them, I don't care. If I have them around, I want one every day at 3:30, and the hour from 2:30 to 3:30 is pretty darned challenging...

Comment #4

Thanks Freya! I too want one every day-they taste like a candy bar...

Comment #5

I like the soy crisps. I buy one box each month and use them as croutons on steak salads... I almost never use them as a true snack unless I am heading to the movies. And then I mix a Medifast pretzel, Medifast puffs, Medifast crisp... my chex mix for the movies... it works great for me!..

Comment #6

I bought snacks for the first time this month. I did like the soy crisps a lot more than crackers, particularly the white cheddar although both are good. Probably won't be ordering another snack in the future. Just another overpriced added expense I don't really need. Besides, having them makes me want snacks more than I need snacks. If I want anything in the future I'll buy pickles...

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