Are diabetics slow losers with Medifast?

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I have type 2 diabetes & am losing weight very slowly. I was wondering if other diabetics were slow losers as well..

Start date 2/14/07..

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Your question was: Are diabetics slow losers with Medifast?.

I'm currently not taking diabetic meds. I've had my blood sugar under control for several months. I love Medifast too. I just wasnt getting the weight off on my own. I can't understand how it's been around 25 yrs & the first time I had ever heard of it was in Feb.07 when I did some research online. Anyway - I'm glad I did..

Good luck to you too !..

Comment #1

I've lost weight quickly. I take alot of insulin and Actos. I am having problems with the insulin as it is up and down and all over the place.....Anyone out there having problems with that? My dr. nor endocrinologist are sure what to do so I am trying a sliding scale. I did lose 18 # the first week but much of that may be fluids. I was told also it was impossible to lose but I think at last Medifast is doing it. Good luck!..

Comment #2

Wow werfeds sounds like your wl is going great !..

Comment #3

Munchkin1969 - I too am diabetic. First week loss was 9#, a little disappointed with only 1# loss the second week, but it beats the heck out of gaining! I take oral meds, and was on a 1400 calorie a day food plan, going to the gym, and the dog and I very walking lots of miles each week........I did lose 38# (before MF), however over the last several months no weight loss and my bs numbers were starting to go way over the high end.......not good! So, I decided to try Medifast and see if it would work for me. The really good news is that on Medifast my bs numbers have been way down.........shooting for not having to take as much medication as has been necessary in the past, hoping I'm on my way. Keep trying to tell myself that if it's 1# a week, but my numbers are good then I'll be happy. Darn it would really like to log some of those 3 or 4# losses each week! ha!.

Best of luck to you! Steady as she goes! You can do this, just hang tough! You are doing great!..

Comment #4

I was on 60 Units of Lantus and 8mg of Avandia. Now I am just on the Avandia. No insulin. My fasting BS sugars are 100 +/- 10. My doc is considering cutting me back to 4mg Avandia. I have lost 36 pounds and this is all in 9 weeks..

My last A1c was 7.7 (at week 5 using MF) down from 9.5 in December...

Comment #5

Sounds like everyone's doing well. As of today I've lost 25 lbs since 2/14. It was coming off pretty slowly till I figured out what I was doing wrong. Now I'm averaging 3 lbs loss wk...

Comment #6

What did you figure you were doing wrong? I am type 2 also, on a pump but nothing else. Since starting Medifast I have had better bs. I would be interested to hear what you found that helps. I'd love to average 3 lbs per week...

Comment #7

WOW Munchkin1969, I want in on your secret too! I started Medifast last Aug. but after 10 lbs. 1st week slowed to 1# a week and shortly thereafter I gave up. I too am Type 2 Diabetic and I just Really Commited on Apiril 23rd, with a 7.4 lb loss 1st week. I know most say re-commited, but I don't think I was commited the 1st time.

I AM GOING TO MAKE IT THIS TIME!!!! You are Doing Great!!!..

Comment #8

Hi there, you all are doing great. be prould of yourselves. I too am type 2 diabetic, when I first started the program Jan 21, 07, I was taking three shots a day, two of those shots were Humulin 70/30 and one was Lantus, not counting also on glucophage. Well as of now just on one shot a day with the Lantus and my bs are doing so great that my doc said soon I will be off the Lantus. As I said I started 01/21/07 and so far have lost 60 lbs. My start weight was all keep up the good work, and take it one day at a time......

Comment #9

I'm a little depressed after reading your posts-ya'll all seem to be doing so much better than me. I'm type 2 on glucovance. My bs is much better but have only lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks. I feel better though, so am trying not to get so frustrated as to give up. Are you all eating the Medifast for Diabetic meals?..

Comment #10

By the way, there doesn't seem to be much activity on this Diabetic Board-are diabetics posting other places or are there just not many of us here?..

Comment #11

I have noticed not much activity as well. I am type 2 and on an insulin pump. I think some diabetics lose slowly due to the amount of insulin we are taking - and whether we are insulin resistant. If you have resistance, insulin can't get into the tissues and is stored as fat. (Wow, terrible cycle isn't it?) However, I am encouraged by this program, as I haven't been able to lose much on other programs. Things are coming off, but slowly.

Take heart everyone! We just have to be consistent and it will be for our best health! Love to everyone - I know the fight of diabetes - I admire all of you...

Comment #12

Hi Munchkin1969I'm new to Medifast ( food should come on Thurs). I am a type 2 diabetic. I read your post where you said you figured out what you were doing wrong. What was it? Maybe you can help me avoid doing something that would slow down my weight loss..

Comment #13


Munchkin posted the answer on the "Attention Everyone" forum. It helped me, so if you look there you can read what she figured out...

Comment #14


Thanks! I found it. I will have to be content to lose a little less at first due to arthritis, my age and my weight. After some weight loss I'm sure I 'll be less sedentary. Thanks again for your help...

Comment #15

Hi everyone. Just checking in. As of this am I've lost 29.5 lbs !.

Glad everyone is founding my post I hope it helps..

Take Care & WTG..

By the way 6 lbs in 2 wks is great ! Thats 3 lbs a wk...

Comment #16

Great work Munchkin! Also, thanks for your research and info on losing an ave of 3 lbs a week. It helps and keeps me motivated to burn those calories!..

Comment #17

Oh you are so correct on this one type 2 myself for a long time, family history as well. Yes, I agree, I am not looking to loose tons per week but have finally gotten to a point as long as it comes off at my age.... which it is....and have lowered daily insulin amounts as a result. Even some orals will give you low levels (hence we eat to get the level up) and there are orals out there that dont make you go low..

Simply, most dont know that insulin is a fat hormone so it does seem lots harder for us to loose even pumping up the exercise. The American Diabetes Center in Boston is suppose to be the best for Diabetes education. So much for that...I think the ADA diet is nuts for us as it is in my opinion loaded with carbs. Hence the more carbs you eat the more insulin you inject....the fatter we get....what a vicious circle!.

Less carbs=less insulin=less fat.

As far as going high and low...the best thing that works for me is the timing and consistency of the diet that helps me remain level with testing too...and the bodily signs that I feel if I am high or takes a while to adjust your insulin but is easier with consistency ....Yes?.

And big time Congrats to you for a nice loss!!!..

Comment #18

I have just started on this program. I'm a type II. My sugars are dropping but of course I don't feel great! I use a little OJ to keep me on an even keel until I level out. Did any of you have problems with lows when you started and what did you do?..

Comment #19

I have only recently had a big low. I adjusted my pump to shoot less insulin. I think with the pump it is easier - you didn't say if you are on any medication for it. It may help to take your blood sugar several times per day so you can see where you are going on this program. My insulin requirements have been decreased by one third - which I am thrilled about. (I am also type 2).

I think you'll find that it really helps.)..

Comment #20

I agree about taking your bs readings more often for a few days. Pay close attention to bs readings around the time you are more active like after doing housework, etc. I am on oral meds and have been able to drop them already and I am only on my 3rd week. I try to eat a higher-carb meal just before the time that I usually start to go low (like oatmeal or minetrone soup, etc.)...

Comment #21

Thanks for your tips. I really am excited about this program. I started about 7 days ago and I have lost almost ten lbs that is a big wow for me! I am determined to get my weight off. I am maxed out on oral meds, four kinds, my last A1c was 7.7% so the next step is insulin which I am hoping to avoid. However, the weight loss will beneift me greatly and prayfully the sugar will go down. I need to be more discipline in exerising not great yet but I will get back to swimming at least 4 times a week shortly.

Any ideas? Thanks lorjurado..

Comment #22

I will tell you that I noticed since I took my pills in the morning so right before supper my sugar would plummet. In the first couple of weeks I just ate my supper and tried to ignore the low sugars, but it started to hurt and cause a big head ache after a while. I do not recommend ignoring anything. My doctor suggested switching the time of day I take my medicines so that I was taking them before I ate my L&G and he said if it was still a problem to add a half a serving of fruit or juice in the afternoon. You should probably talk to your doctor about it. I know for me they wound up taking me off of one of my medicines because my A1c came down an entire point with in two months.

They had to recheck it because I could not keep it up even with the half a fruit serving. He said with about 10 to 15 more pounds I could probably be medication free if I just watched my diet and stuck with the plan. My best advice is to check with the doc because I would not want to tell you to do something that ended up being bad for you. Each person is different so only you and your doctor would know what is best for you. I hope you feel some comfort in knowing though that you are not the only one to experience this issue.

Thank you, Donna...

Comment #23


I would like to say it has been fast but I guess I should be thankful it is at all. I had my 2nd weigh in today and have lost a total of 10 lbs since 5/7/07. Not bad. I wish it was better but I'll take it. I had a great burst of energy this weekend but have crashed today. I may have over did it.

All in all, love mf!!.


Comment #24

Kelly, Congrats on the weight loss! Doesn't it feel great? Keep up the good work...

Comment #25

How do you get the ticker factory thing on your pages?..

Comment #26

I was wondering if everyone would like to update their current weight loss..

I've now lost 40 lbs !!! Never thought it was possible..

How's else everyone doing ?

Comment #27

Munchkin1969 you are doing great!! That is so encouraging. My first weigh in was Monday and lost three pounds but I have already dropped 2 more pounds..


Comment #28

Thanks pkdarlin ! Looks like you are doin' pretty awesome yourself ! Keep up the good work...

Comment #29

Hi Munchkin1969,.

I still need to know your secret to 3lb. loss each week. I went to the Attention Everyone Board and couldn't find it...

Comment #30

I posted this 4/16/07.

My starting weight was 215 lbs 2/14/07. My current weight is 196 lbs. I had back surgery 2/12/07 and was finally able to get back on my elliptical last week. I had been trying to figure out why I have only been losing 2 lbs a week. According to my Net Cals Burned I should have been losing 3 lbs a weekRight ? Wrong ! I'm not working outside the home & just hang around the house all day & do a lil housework. So, I had figured my profile wrong.

Well, a did a lil research & figured out that I'm still concidered sedetary. So I had not been burning enough calories. So what I did was pump up my excercise this week by doing 15-20 mins on my elliptical & then walking the remainder of the 45 mins. burning over 400 cals a day.So looking at my Daily Calorie Balance @ my Net Cals Burned I figured how many cals I had for my Net Cals & added them up for 7 daysThen I divided that # by 3500 (cals you need to burn one pound). Thats how I figured out how to lose 3 lbs a week..

Hope this might help someone..

Comment #31

Hi Munchkin1969!.

Thank you very much! I appreciate you taking time to answer my question!..

Comment #32

Went on Medifast to control my BS. If I lose weight so much the better. My insulin intake was 45 units of 30/70 in AM and 45 in PM..

Now after one month (ups and downs) I'm down 10 # , Sugar readings are 80-110 (versus 140-240) and my insulin is now 20 units AM & 20 PM..

Thinking the key to weight loss is F A T intake..

When I go off it is canned chicken breast as suppliment to meals...

Comment #33

16 weeks and 53 pounds gone. My doctor is pleased. I am off Avandia and have not been using insulin since mid-March. She just dropped my Altace in half and said that in 3 weeks if the BPs are OK to stop taking it all together. She also pulled me off Liptor since my HDL and LDL numbers were great (This was back in March, too)...

Comment #34

Hi everyone! today is exactly 2 weeks and my weigh in. I started at 133 lbs. and now i'm 126.5. why is it going so slow? I lost 5 lbs. in the first week. but on the second week, 2 lbs. what did I do wrong?.

And another question, on lean and green meal recipe for chicken with balsamic, it doesn't say how much onion for one person when it says to put red onions on the bottom of pan and put chicken on top. ????? trying, rosie..

Comment #35

I've lost 20 pounds in 5 weeksbut my FBS is going up! I'm only on metformin. I had new lab done last week and should get results today...

Comment #36

HelpThe bouncing bunny ws to be my avatar!! How do I get rid of him and make the avatar bounce??? I amd computer challenged!!..

Comment #37

Hi Everyone!.

Today was my 8th week weigh-in and I've lost 23.2 lbs total. I wish it was more! I am only taking half as much diabetes medicine and my BS have leveled out to about 95-105 for my FBS and even for BS 1-hour after a Medifast meal. So this is definitely the Plan for me!.

Rosie, 2 lbs. a week is Great! I don't know how much you want to lose, but for me that is 104 lbs a year. I hope I lose faster, too. But 2 lbs. a week is 2 lbs. we can say "good-bye" to forever!.

Maxietobias, My FSB went up during my 1st couple of weeks, I thought that was very strange. Then they leveled out and now I just finished week 8 and I'm on half my pre-MF meds. My Doctor is switching my glucotrol to metformin he says that med change may make it easier to lose weight. Yeay! Wouldn't that be great!..

Comment #38

Pamhope the med change works out well for you. I'm on metformin(only). My FBS did go down to 111 from 119 so I hope it keeps going down!.

Butmy good cholesterol went way down to 29!! I will now be refered to a dietitian. I plan on keeping the 20 pound weight loss and hopefully lose more while waiting for the appt.. Medifast has taught me that 6 meals works for me and that 8 glasses of water really helps!!.


Comment #39

Hi Ruth,.

I think my good cholesterol is in the 30's, my Doctor said I need to exersize more, so that's what I'm doing. I sure hope you'll be staying on Medifast after seeing the Dietician and I hope the Dietician is familar with this plan. Best I've been on in years!!!..

Comment #40

Hi PamI hope I can remain with Medifast but I have a feeling I will not be here for long! I am 65 and a family history of heart disease and diabetes, etc. And I'm on lots of meds for misc. problems. But I feel much better today than 6 weeks ago! I've been on lots of diets since I was 30 somethingand this one is actually fun and I'm not hungry! I like making things out of those little white bags of powder.

The best thing is the forumsso much funand lots of support!!.

YesI have to increase the exercise. I'm looking forward to August when a new YMCA opens near our house. I want to do pool exercisesI have arthritis and it would be much easier on my joints..

I've been started on Slo-Niacin to help with increasing my HDL. I tried it 10 years ago and couldn't stand the side effectsflushing...

Comment #41


I understand the having several medical issues and being on different meds. it is so hard. I only exersize in water because at my weight anything else hurts too much. I am hoping with losing weight some of my medical problems will go away, like the Diabetes (now controled with meds, but 1/2 of what I was taking pre-Medifast), High Cholestrol (now controled with meds, but my Good Cholestrol is still too low) Edema, re-occuring Gout in my feet, Knee pain and Hip pain (not diagnosed). We just have to do what is best for each of us individually. I am 57 and I know that's not young for turning the ravages of my obesity around, but I'm going to give it all I have. I hope you'll be able to stay on Medifast, but if not I know you've learned a lot about what type of eating makes you feel better and Feeling Better is SO IMPORTANT!!!..

Comment #42

Hi everyone, I'm also a type 2 diabetic and take oral meds. I started Medifast mid May and lost 8.5# and 5.25 in. However, the last several wks I have just maintained - no weight loss. I'm not giving up though because Medifast is the only program that has ever worked for me. So Munchkin1969 what is it you figured out ???????..

Comment #43


Posted this 4/16/07.

My starting weight was 215 lbs 2/14/07. My current weight is 196 lbs. I had back surgery 2/12/07 and was finally able to get back on my elliptical last week. I had been trying to figure out why I have only been losing 2 lbs a week. According to my Net Cals Burned I should have been losing 3 lbs a weekRight ? Wrong ! I'm not working outside the home & just hang around the house all day & do a lil housework. So, I had figured my profile wrong.

Well, a did a lil research & figured out that I'm still concidered sedetary. So I had not been burning enough calories. So what I did was pump up my excercise this week by doing 15-20 mins on my elliptical & then walking the remainder of the 45 mins. burning over 400 cals a day.So looking at my Daily Calorie Balance @ my Net Cals Burned I figured how many cals I had for my Net Cals & added them up for 7 daysThen I divided that # by 3500 (cals you need to burn one pound). Thats how I figured out how to lose 3 lbs a week..

Don't forget this has to be adjusted as you lose weight. You also need to vary your types of excercise..

Hope this might help you...

Comment #44

I've decided that it's time to see and endocrinologist. My doctor is a Family Practice doctor and he has me seeing his NP every other visit. I really like both of them butI think it's time for an expert since I have no thyroid as well as diabetes. What do you all think?..

Comment #45

Ruth! That sounds like a GOOD PLAN!.

I just want to update this Living with Diabetes group on where I'm at; yesterday was my 2 mo. anniversay on Medifast and so I weighed (not on my reg. day) and measured. Well in 2 months I've lost 31 3/4 inches and 28.6 pounds, FOREVER! I couldn't have done this without the Medifast Plan and All you wonderful people on the Boards. THANK YOU!!!.

See Ya Thinner!..

Comment #46

Hi allWell, I've tried a 1200 cal ADA diet; I did lose 1 pound but 2 hours after eating a half cup of Cheerios, one glass of 1% milk and half a bananamy BS went from 113 to 176!! So I wil see an endo to figure out what to do!!!!! Today I mixed the Medifast with some of my ADA diet plan and the numbers look better!!..

Comment #47

Hi Ruth,.

A good friend of mine who has Diabetes just joined Medifast last week. She was telling me thatlast weeks: "blog of the week": Pope Coyote gave wonderful explanations as to the scientific reasons behind why Medifast works so well to keep our Blood Sugars level. I haven't read it yet, but I am going to. Some information in there might be good for you to take with you to your Specialist..

Best Wishes To You!..

Comment #48

Hi Pam and everyone.

WellI've decided to stick with MF. Period. No more "specialists". I'm happy with MF, I like the food and the creativity and the weight loss! If I work on the obesity problem the rest should improve. It feels good to have made that decision!.

Thanks for the concern and the support; it really helped!.

PamI love your colorful posts! I don't know how to do that. I am a bit "computer challenged"...

Comment #49

Hi Ruth,.

I am so...happy you are staying on Medifast!!! I Wish you the Best Health and the Best Weight Loss!.

Ruth, See the Edit Profile/Settings tab on the orange bar on this page? Go up and click on it. That will bring up a new page with a list on the left side. Scroll down you'll see Edit Options, click it. Now scroll down to the last option. click the box and 3 choices come up, choose: Enhanched Interface- Full WYSIWYG Editing. Then SAVE and you'll be able to use any color or font you want!..

Comment #50

I'm a Type II diabetic. I originally weighed over 360 (quit looking after that) when I was diagnosed in 2001. I was in a wheelchair and bedridden because I was so deathly ill. It was a terrible five years of searching for what was wrong with me (besides the doctor's favorite "overweight" and then the CFS category). Took them five years to find the diabetes, which was really weird because my endocrinologist told me I was the worst diabetic he's ever treated.

Anyway, I started using the Protein Sparing Modified Fast and lost almost 100 lbs. But after that I fluctuated between 275 and 250, with no real permanent loss. I was working out with weights, strength training and cardiovascular 2 to 2 1/2 hours per day, six days a week. No changes in body or weight. I did this since 2005. I tried jogging (which was very stupid considering my weight).

I remember reading a weight lifter once stating that when you weigh as much as I did, you are automatically weight training every time you move. That's stayed with me..

Anyway, I started Medifast in March, have lost 43 lbs. I am not currently exercising, although I do stuff around the house and my gardening, etc. I am losing almost 3 lbs. a week, some weeks up to 7 lbs, some only 3, some nothing, but overall, I am losing.

When I try to exercicse, I get hypoglycemic, so I am taking it very slowly and will increase back to "exercise" when I feel like I can handle it. I'm not taking a chance on a hypoglycemic episode while out walking. That's a personal choice. My husband is quite worried because I fade so fast when I attempt exercise at this point. So, like I said, that is for the future for me..

Otherwise, Medifast is doing a great job and I'm quite happy with the results...

Comment #51


You are doing a wonderful job ! This is the best program to be on. In my opinion I would not excercise just yet either. You could probably wait till you lose about 50 lbs. You don't want to injure yourself or get ill. One day you'll be healthy , fit & off med's for diabetes. Then you can run , jog or do whatever you want to do..

Keep up the great work !..

Comment #52

Hi klnixon53,.

WOW! What an Emotional and Inspiring Post! Thank you for Sharing!!! Your are doing Fabulously!!! I know 1 day I'll be down to your weight and I look forward to it..

Munchkin, You are doing REALLY GREAT!!! Keep up the LOSING!!!..

Comment #53

Okay PamI'll give it a try! Wow! It works! I feel at least 10 years younger. I would never have figured it out. Thanks!! Hee Hee.

( A little late night humor )..

Comment #54

Hi Ruth!.

Hey, between getting computer savy and losing unwanted lbs. We'll all be feelin' 20 years younger in a few months!!!..

Comment #55

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