Anything to enchance the Medifast chai tea?

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Hi, so far I've been able to add spices, sugar free syrups and the likes for all the food. However, I was excited about the chai tea and I added, sugar free vanilla, some nutmeg and some cinnamon, I could not get that baby down. I did heat it up, would it better if I threw it in my blender and added some ice??? It's sitting in my fridge now waiting for some help.

Also does anyone no if we are able to use the "I Can't Belive It's Not Butter" spray, it has zero calories, just curious..

Thanks for all the tips and great recipes it makes things very exciting. I'm going to try a lemon chicken dish Wednesday, if it works out I will post it for everyone. I can't always be the receiver I have to give as well...

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I like the chai with the sugarfree carmel or hazelnut syrups. I usually mix it with 1/2-3/4C water, heat it and then mix it with hot coffee and add a little syrup. It does make a difference. I'm not typically a big fan of chai either...

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I mix it with decaf black tea. I add some cinnamon and various sf syrups sometimes. It's one of my fav's!..

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Yes, you can have up to 5 sprays of ICBINB spray per day...

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I put it in my Magic Bullet with cold water and whip it up. Then I put it into the microwave for 1-1 1/2 minutes. It comes out frothy and is mixed well, otherwise it can lay at the bottom of the mug..

Adding extra tea is a good idea. I love the chai latte...

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Thanks for all the tips, I will try it the next time I have my chai drink. I usually love chai drinks especially at Starbucks so I am trying to replicate..

Thanks again and also for the spray butter info, now I can squirt my veg with it...

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I have found it to be quite good if mixed with Constant Comment tea. The seasonings are similar, and, much like the cappuccino is better mixed with coffee, the chai latte is better mixed with tea...

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I can't deal with the chai or cappucino. I use the chai in the muffin recipe. Period...

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I usually heat it up & then have it over ice.

It tastes exactly like Nordstrom cafe's Spiced Ice Chai Latte, which is WAY better than Starbucks..

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I mix mine with black coffee, a little splenda, and occasionally some cinnamon. Very yummy breakfast!..

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