Anyone with PCOS with success on Medifast?

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Is there anyone with PCOS having success with Medifast? Has being on Medifast had an impact on how you feel? I would love to have relief from some of my symptoms. My PCOS got a somewhat better after WLS six years ago; however, I've gained quite a bit of weight back. It does seem that the negative effects of my PCOS are worse now. I tried Medifast before, but I didn't stay with it. I am starting back on Medifast as soon as my food arrives, so I was looking for extra incentive to start and stay OP..

Thank you...

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I was just wondering if anyone with this could post there success with this program...

Comment #1

Hello ladies,.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in my teens. I've been obese most of my adult life (BMI > 30) though I have been told that I wear my weight well. (I don't think so! It's all in my butt and hips!).

But anyway I was really lucky in my late 20s because my cycles began to be regular (In my college years I would sometimes go months without a cycle) and I had my first and only baby girl. She's 4 years old now and we're still working on #2. I am turning to Medifast in the hopes that losing weight will improve my fertility. So far no luck but I've only been on Medifast for a month..

The good news is that the weight is coming off! I have lost nearly 15 lbs and I feel pretty good in general. I think I look a lot better even though I'm still technically obese..

My PCOS symptoms include acne, unwanted facial hair, WEIGHT GAIN (I can put on 10+ lbs in a week if I'm not watching it), and of course, the ovarian cysts that I'm sure you know about. I've been told by multiple doctors that they don't really know what causes it and there is no cure but that losing weight often makes the symptoms go away.

I've tried taking metformin before but it didn't really help me and I had yucky side effects. I suspect it is because I never really had blood sugar issues. If I was prediabetic+PCOS I could see there being an effect but that's not me..

One thing I have noticed while on medifast is that my acne is GREATLY improved. I used to get recurring cystic acne on my jawline and was starting to get breakouts on my neck that have started to finally resolve. It won't save my forehead because since I'm in my 30s I've already got some nasty acne scars that will probably never go away (unless I got some expensive spa treatment). I've noticed a few breakouts lately but it was during my TOM and right now I'm relatively clear-skinned without using any weird topical medications that are apt to dry me out too much..

The weight is coming off, not on. I am losing weight. It's just 15 lbs so far which I've lost before. The real test will be five lbs from now since I didn't get below 190 on my last diet. But this is important. 1 month in I am still losing weight..

My cycles are still more-or-less regular. I am used to long cycles though so they're still more than a month apart..

The hair on my chin seems to be coming in slower than usual. I hate to make a big thing out of it, but in my 30s I started becoming the bearded lady. I have two tufts on the corners of my chin and I hate them. I even tried to get them lasered off and they came right back. I'm hoping that getting my hormones right will help resolve that but it might not since they're active hair follicles. In the meantime I'll suffice with whacking them off with my husband's razor and trying to pretend they're not there..

So far I would say this diet works well for PCOS. I've read more than once that a low-carb diet is ideal since you want something that won't make your blood sugar levels go up and down the metaphorical rollercoaster. Medifast will help you keep your blood sugar levels even and that curbs cravings and helps you stay sane when making food decisions for yourself. It will also help get rid of the fat that's also helping to unbalance your hormones. The nutritional balance is good for your skin (I'm going to add in the Omega-3 supplement since that's supposed to be good for your skin and my poor skin has suffered a lot over the years and is also supposed to help resolve inflammation in the body aka ovarian cysts.).


Comment #2

I have PCOS and I have noticed many improvements since starting MF. My weight loss has been rapid, I'm feeling amazing, and I'm having regular periods for the first time in many years. I think Medifast works well for me because of the carb controlled approach, something I will need to continue for the rest of my life. Good luck to everyone!.


Comment #3

I had PCOS throughout my adult life. Losing weight did help regulate my cycles. And re-gaining the weight threw it all out of whack again. I am now 53 so regular periods are something I DONT want to see (where is menopause when you actually want it?) To be honest - the Metformin had the most effect on giving me regular cycles. I considered it a miracle drug in that regard (I was pre-diabetic too). If the metformin side effects that were mentionned involved gas/loose stools, etc.

I never had the acne but did have some hair issues that were addressed pretty well with laser hair removal years ago. I know very well that the hair issue can be a huge morale issue for lots of women so let me pass on a bit of what I learned along the way. The way the hair issue was explained to me was that the PCOS (aggravated by weight) screwed up the hormones which created the hair (acne in others). The meds and diet can calm down the hormones and reduce/prevent new hair follicles from forming, but you are going to have to kill the existing follicle for existing hair or it keeps growing. And that would seem to require laser or electrolysis. I had good luck years ago with laser hair removal and am glad to have done it, but it is expensive.

There is a new hand-held laser hair remover that is made to be used at home and it is pretty well regarded by many (and I also saw it recently featured on The Doctors). It is called TRIA and has been a big help to a couple friends of mine who wanted laser hair removal but could not afford the spa prices. You might do a google search on it to check out reviews. I believe it is going to cost about $800 so it is not a purchase made on a whim, but if this is a serious issue for you (and it is for lots of folks) then it may be worth considering. If it works for you then it would allow you to address multiple areas in the privacy of your home at a cost that is dramatically lower then salon prices.

And addressing the weight/hormonal issues (diet/meds/whatever) gives you the best chance of keeping new hair from emerging..

Lastly, a lot of people seem to think that Medifast and other weightloss programs wont work for "PCOS weight." I lost my weight pretty fast and at the same rate as others in my weight range without hormnonal issues. If you can stick to the program the weight will come off. Really..

Sorry for the long message - hope it helps someone here. Best of luck to all!!..

Comment #4

Wow. I am so appreciative of y'all sharing your experiences and info. I, too, have suffered from the excessive facial hair, cystic acne, and weight problems. I was considered to be diabetic and was on Metformin before the WLS. After the sugery, my A1C numbers have stayed within normal ranges even though I have gained a lot of weight back and even though I'm not taking medication. However, the other symtoms are present.

When I was on it before, I didn't stay on program long enough to tell too much difference.

I am 48, and my periods are more regualr than ever! But, in the past, I've also gone for months (years) without a period. In the last year, I've started having migraines a few days into my period. I feel that it must be related to my hormone issues starting with the PCOS. It would be great if the migraines happened less as I lose weight and am on a lower carb food plan..

Anyway, it is so helpful to know there are others with similar experiences. Thank you for sharing and giving great advice. It is very motivating as I start back on OP...

Comment #5

Thanks for the inspiration. As a fellow soul sister I was beginning to wonder if it was hopeless getting the weight off...

Comment #6

I'm so glad I'm not the only one trying to cope with PCOS on this particular plan. I was diagnosed at the age of 14 and was on birth control until I was married at age 22. I didn't have a cycle after that and hoped we were pregnant, a visit to the doctor's office proved that wrong. We did multiple fertility treatments and I continued to try various diets to get the PCOS under control. I'm now almost 27 and still have a very strong desire to have a baby. I was hoping that Medifast would be my miracle...

Today is my first day on Medifast and I'm excited at the idea of dropping weight so rapidly and getting to a place where I'm no longer in the "obese" category. My husband is studying to become a pastor at Seminary and feels a special call to California, the world's most beautiful people live there... and I am not one of them right now, but I will be! God brought Dr. Markum into my life with this program for a reason and I know that I'm going to succeed! Thank you for posting your comments and what-not it truly is inspiring!.

"Every good thing comes from above" - James 1:17..

Comment #7

It's good too know that I am not alone on here. I have had PCOS since I was 18 as well as Endometriosis. I gained a lot of weight and have had a ton of problems with it. I still have problems with my hormone levels and periods, which has cost me the loss of 2 unborn babies, but the last few years I've lost the weight mostly on my own and have been on Medifast for the last few weeks. I wish you all much luck with the program. *Hugs* I hope to hear from you guys and see how it's working out for you..


Comment #8

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 20 (of course it started earlier). I started metformin and lost 50lbs making me within 15lbs of being in the normal BMI range. I have had a lot of trouble (nasty side effects) with the dosage of metformin needed to keep my weight under control and feeling well. My doctor recommended Medifast in May but I refused to do it, after going on a family vacation and starting medical school I have put on about 10-15lbs so I have decided to try MF. I ordered it and am super ready to start! It is so good to hear reports of other PCOSers who have been successful!.

How hard was the first week? I should get my Medifast in by this weekend but I have huge tests next Friday and the Monday following it so I don't want to be so tired that I can't study. Any advice if I should wait for these test to be over or just jump in? I need to score well as they are the last 2 in our anatomy unit (the hardest unit of the first year of medical school).

Thanks guys!..

Comment #9

I guess I will address some of the other issues I have had and how I dealt with them.

Hair growth on face- My parents got me laser hair removal as part of my college graduation gift. It has been amazing! I used to pluck daily and now I maybe pluck a stray once every week or two. It is important to note that unlike "normal" people those with PCOS have hormone imbalances that can actually grow new follicles so I was told by the physician who did my laser from the beginning those with PCOS will usually need a treatment every 6-12 months to zap regrowth. I haven't done any of those treatments but might in the future when I am not going to school across the country. Also laser has been amazing for other areas of body like underarms or bikini area- I shaved my underarms 2x a day if I wanted to play sports in the evening- now I shave once a week if that..

Acne- I take Yaz which is a birth control that controls hormones as well as being the only birth control FDA approved for acne- it has been fabulous! I rarely have to spot treat- I didn't at all after 6 months of birth control until I started medical school which adds a lot of stress to life!.

Fatigue- this was under control with the metformin but I am struggling with it lately which is one of the reasons I am starting MF- my doctor thinks the reduced carbs will help me with it. Pray it does!.

Feel free to message me with questions or email at.

I don't have much Medifast experience (yet!) but I do know a lot about PCOS and understand it from both a patient view and a endocrinology/student physician view...

Comment #10

I too have PCOS. I lost 35 lbs. on Weight Watchers/Curves 6 yrs ago and finally managed to get pregnant..

I have tried and failed to loose the weight again with WW/Curves, so I decided to try MF. I have lost 31 lbs, and my Dr. wants me to loose 15 lb. more before going back on the Metformin and trying to conceive again.

I also don't have regular periods and take meds to start it each month/6 wks. This past month was the first time that I didn't have to take all 10 days of med and then wait 3+ days to start my period. (I started on day 9 of the meds.) I'm convinced this has to do with my weight/fat loss.

Good luck!.


Comment #11

For Settingqt31 - You wondered if it was best to start the Medifast diet as soon as the food comes or wait till after your exams next week. My advice is to wait till after the exams. Normally I would say to jump right in but the first several days can be draining as your body shifts over to a mild state of ketosis. It is not unusual to have a headache and feel like you are dragging those first couple of days. Fortunately it does not last long - the extra energy kicks in for most around day 3-4 as your body adjusts to the new routine. If you really need your wits about you for your exams in a couple days then I would just wait to start as soon as the exam is over.

Thanks very much for sharing your own info as well as your expertise! Best of luck to you!..

Comment #12

Okay girls I have a question for ya... I don't know if any of you have ovulation/menstral issues but I do. I don't typically have cycles w/out the help of drugs... and well I'm having one! I have only been on Medifast for 2 1/2 weeks! I've been praying for the day that my body would start working on it's own and well this is the first sign! Has anyone else experienced this?..

Comment #13

I had the same thing happen after being on Medifast for several months. Weight loss is definitely known to aid in ovulation/menstrual issues. Glad you are getting some great benefits, congratulations on your success so far..


Comment #14

Thought I'd chime in here re: hormone related issues and Medifast. I am in Maintenance now but a year ago September I started the 5 &1 program, weighing 198.5. I was 60 that year and I had only been heavy for the last four years since a shoulder surgery. After a partial hysterectomy at age 37, of course there were no more periods, but mine had always been odd anyway. I have two children (10 years apart) and I didn't know with either one of them that I was pregnant until I reached 5 months into both pregnancies!!.

Since I had long been through Menopause I was strangley elated when about a month into Medifast, I noticed that my body was reacting VERY WELL to the diet. I am guessing it was the soy. Once I reached Goal and began introducing new foods I experienced some "down" moods etc., very PMS began to add foods with soy and BINGO! I was back to my Medifast "good feeling"..

My daughter was diagnosed with PCOS when she was 19 and had one ovary removed (they said it was the size of a baseball) and noted that she also had small cysts on the remaining one. She immediately gained quite a bit of weight (she won't tell me how much) which she still carries all these years later and has tried several diet plans with no luck. She has never been pregnant due to her whacky hormones, but I would be thrilled if she would try MF. If *anyone* is in the same boat...stay OP and you will be THRILLED with your results!!!!!!..

Comment #15

Settingqt31 - Thanks for sharing all of the information that you did!.

MelissaS77 - Did you start having a regular TOM?.

LindaChesson - Interesting to think that soy was the main culprit. Aren't you loving that this program is so full of health benefits? I know I am!.

I am elated to have a TOM regardless of the pain and mess... strange I know. I'm going to be 27 next week and would really like to have a child before I'm 20, and I feel like it might actually be possible with MF.

Have a fabulous week ladies!..

Comment #16

I have PCOS too ! Its good to know there are so many others out there with it too. I also can gain 4 or 5 pounds over a weekend ! I can go out and eat the same thing as everyone else yet, I see myself growing larger and larger ! I have struggled with weight forever. I do have 2 beautiful boys and I will be 42 next month. I have also had laser hair removal. It is such a pain in the neck syndrome ! I am currently on the pill so I will have a period. Even on the pill I still skip cycles.

Of course I have had other issues come up in my life causing stress. Divorce, going back to school, being a single mom, having a child with disabilities, a couple of not so good break ups..... So I can't blame the pill fo rweight gain plus I love food !! LOL But I do wonder if going back ont he pill did cause some wieght gain combined with my PCOSJust some thoughts. This is my frst time on the board...

Comment #17

I have heard from some that the pill has caused weight gain... I however kept losing (but I was also on Metformin)... some of it also depends on which pill you choose. Just an interesing fact- many PCOS patients suffer from acne and YAZ actually helps treat moderate acne- it has been amazing! I used to be really broken out- after starting I didn't have any acne til I started med school and those are 100% from stress.

Good luck guys- I finished anatomy today so I am planning on starting my medifast on Wednesday..

Comment #18

Okay, I just realized that I said I wanted a child before I was 20... totally meant to say 30! Haha!.

I had my weigh-in last night and visited with my doctor a little bit about MF/PCOS. He said that the combination of chiropractic care and Medifast may have been the combo my body needed to start working properly. I guess the nerves in the lower back (where I was having issues) go into the ovaries and other reproductive areas. He said he hears this a lot with women, and not all of them are on Medifast but just the chiropractic care. Interestingly enough... I sort of see the connection. Just thought I would share with everyone! Have a great week!..

Comment #19

I just ordered my first medifast package and am happy to find this thread! I not only have PCOS but I also suffer from hypothryoidism. I'm currently on synthroid and metformin and my doctor cannot believe I haven't lost any weight. It's never been this hard before and the medication doesn't seem to be helping. I'm hoping medifast will help me make some progress. Just wanted to post and say hi!..

Comment #20


I wanted to share that there is also a great thread about PCOS on the On the Journey: 31 to 99 lb To Go section. I just found it, and it contains some good stuff...

Comment #21

JillianSue, thank you for the tip on the other postings. I found them very informative!..

Comment #22

I want to share that I started my period this month for the first time ever w/o the meds. I am more than excited. I have the Clearblue Fertility Monitor from when I was TTC with DD #1, so I'm going to use it for my next cycle (hopefully, it will come on it's own again) to see if I'm ovulating too. The timing couldn't be better since I have 6 lbs. left to loose before I start the transition phase, and we start trying to have another child!..

Comment #23

I'm on day 2 of the plan and I have to say I feel a bit lightheaded, I'm assuming this is a bit normal but wondering if, because of the glugophage (metformin) I'm on, it makes it worse. Did anyone else have this? Does it get better after the first few days? Thanks!!..

Comment #24

Hello there,.

I didn't respond to your post because I haven't taken metformin while doing Medifast (or a similar diet). However, I wanted to check in to see whether you were feeling any better...

Comment #25

I do feel better thanks! Yesterday I didn't really feel that lightheaded so maybe my body is just adjusting to the new diet!..

Comment #26

Hello all! I am really glad to see I am not the only one in this situation. Today is my first day on MF, I was diagnosed with PCOS about 10 years ago, I take all the medication, metformin, bc, and spironolatone. I have lost about 20 pounds just being on the medication, so now that I am almost the big 4 0, I feel it is time for a change.

I started seeing a new physician who has the attitude that if the weight comes off then the medication can stop, I am all about stopping the medication. He recommended Medifast to start, then stopping some of the medication as the weight comes off.

Has anyone else stopped taking the PCOS meds after losing the weight that they needed to? Thanks for you thought...

Comment #27

I have to put in my 2 cents on this subject. My wife has PCOS and we went through infertility treatments for 5 yrs before finally getting it right. My twin boys are now 12 yrs old. My wife does not fit the typical PCOS model. She has always been thin, is not excessively hairy....

Most doctors want to put you on medicine. I have to ask why? The meds will not make PCOS go away, so why put more chemicals in your body. Birth control pills should regulate your cycle, but certainly puts a damper on childbearing. But here is what worked for us..

We finally found a doctor that really looked at everything in our lives, from food to exercise to leisure. She did extensive bloodwork and finally figured out my wife's androgens were off the charts. Her testosterone levels would have caused a miscarriage. So, she goes on prednisone for six months which brought all of her androgens to normal levels and when the doc called to say "get to work", we were successful on our very first try. I'm not saying this will work for everyone with PCOS who are trying to have children, but it sure worked well for us. Ask your doc about your androgens...

Comment #28

A very good point, Inknchi. If your insurance allows for it, a referral for an endocrinologist is a good idea...

Comment #29

I'm on synthriod (100 mg) and Metformin (500 mg) as well and alone didn't notice any significant weight loss. Incedently I was also put on Phentermine for a while and that was helping but while I am on Medifast my blood pressue just dropped too low and I spent half my day seeing stars. So needless to say I'm off it. When I'm on Medifast I (like stick to the plan week to week) I average a 2 lb loss. So for me it has been very Successful Wish you the best!..

Comment #30

Hi I was extreemly lightheaded for a few days and I am on Metformin but I believe mine was from a different medication I was on and I have since went off it. But I know a friend of mine who is diabetic tried this diet (type 1) and had some difficulties because she couldn't get her sugars in check... could is be something similar??..

Comment #31

Well, here's an update. I posted here earlier. I have been on Medifast since September. That's about five months and I've lost a whopping 50 lbs. That's the least I've weighed in my adult life. I also just had a positive pregnancy test this morning (crosses fingers). We've been trying for 2 years...

Comment #32

Good luck ladies! I too was diagnosed with PCOS when I was in my 20's. I went over 10 years without a period. Then was put on the Metaforman (sp?) - it worked TOO well for me! LOL.

I finally had to have a hyster at 42 years old. And I'm happy as ever..

To those of you trying to get preggers - PLEASE try the Metaforman - it's worked wonders for so many!!!..

Comment #33

I guess I am the only one having the opposite problem. I am in week 7 of Medifast and have done really well. This week I have come to a complete halt. I am in so much pain, it is really hard to be at work. I went to my OB this morning and we are doing an US in the morning. I have never really been diagnosed with PCOS, for 1 I guess because I did not have trouble getting pregnant and for 2 I haven't ever really had a doctor really listen to me.

I had a pelvis scan tuesday and my Radiologist said that it is consistent with PCOS and Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. I have lost 30 lbs so I too thought that my symptoms should be easing but I honestly don't know if I can make it through the day..

Congratulations to all of you on your weight losses! Stay strong and keep movin on!..

Comment #34

Congratulations!! I hope everything goes well for you and your family!..

Comment #35

I am new to Medifast as well as PCOS. I am 36 and was diagnosed last year. I just thought that I had "female problems". Never really missed the periods or babies! I am insulin resistant as well and am fighting the uphill battle with food. I am usually around 175-180 lbs. and have reached an all time high of 240 lbs within the last 4 years.

I have a question......Should I still be taking my Metphormin on MF?..

Comment #36

Hi ehouser08,.

You need to talk to your doctor about your medication. Don't go off of any meds without consulting with them. A lot of your symptoms may disappear while on this program... you're going to LOVE MF!..

Comment #37

Hi, there!.

So glad I found you here. I am brand new to Medifast also-just joined yesterday evening. I am 40 and have PCOS. I take 1500mg Metformin (500mg 3x/day). I understand your concern, but you really must ask your doctor about starting or stopping medication! I am continuing to take it, though. Best of luck!.


Comment #38

Hi all. Glad I found your thread. I'm 39 with PCOS and having a terrible time with weight gain. Today is day 2 on Medifast for me, so I'm hoping this program is the one that works for me...

Comment #39

I recommend it to anyone..

I have been on the program since October 21, 2009. At that time, I had 92 pounds to lose. As of today (March 25, 2010), I only have 36.5 pounds to go. It has happened really fast..

Eating every 2-3 hours, your blood sugar stays level, and I don't get hungry. I eat a lot of the food bars, because I can take them anywhere and stay on program. But, having been on Weight Watchers several times before, I checked out the food point value and find that the food bars are 2 points while everything else is just 1 point. However, 2 points is still a very minimal food value..

I know exactly where you are. I have been there! Just hang in there and stay on program. It will come off!..

Comment #40

I have PCOS (diagnosed 1996). Prior to Medifast (I was a horrible 520), my A1C ran about 6.9 (just inside recommended) and my BP was 140/85 with meds. I lost 100+ pounds during my first try (2008) and I'm attempting to lose the rest now. My last A1C was 5.9 and my BP is now 115/70 with half the meds. I've never had a lot of problems with my cycles, but I've always had a lot of problems losing weight. I tried ADA, WW, NS, Atkins, everything (even Richard Simmons).

Welcome and good luck!..

Comment #41

HEY! I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year ago and lost 20 pounds on my own over the past year but still it is not enough to curb all the negative side effects. I'm only 23 and already have really high cholesterol and blood sugar issues. My endocrinologist who diagnosed me suggested Medifast without any medication, as it was a study they were starting at the hospital. I am off all my meds, including spironolactone and metformin and on Medifast. It has been about 2 weeks and I have lost approx. 10-12 pounds, and I feel great.

I am so young it just isn't worth it to wait. I may carry my weight well, but 50 extra pounds are so not necessary! Any other PCOS'ers in their 20s on here?..

Comment #42

Hi everyone...I'm 28 and was diagnosed with PCOS right before I got married in 2006. Went off the pill and lost about 30 lbs on a combination of Metformin and Byetta. January of 07, I was pregnant. Probably took longer than most people but it happened. Our beautiful son is 2.5 years old now and the best thing ever but after the pregnancy I had gained all the weight I had previously lost back..

I have been on Medifast now for 9 weeks and it one of the few things that has worked consistenly for me and is easy. I still take Act/Met+ because the Metformin on it's own was making me really sick to my stomach. This was changed before I started the diet. I haven't seen any problems associated with the PCOS and the diet, only improvements. MY TOM did come a week early my first month, even on the BC pill. SO, I'm pretty sure weight loss will help.

Not sure anything will help that other than laser treatment. Oh well...can't win them all. To all you newbies, stick with it and don't give up. This diet is amazing and it will work for you too!.

Good luck!..

Comment #43

Hey all. I am 37 and have only had regular periods when on BC for a few years after my daughter was born. I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was 20 weeks. I normally get my period about once a year but have gone years without it. I do have hairs on my chinny chin chin - yuck. I tweeze them out. I've noticed that I'm getting more and more - but still don't have a beard.

I was diagnosed as possible PCOS last year when I finally went to the OBGYN to see about fertility treatment. I really don't want to take meds in order to get pregnant. I kinda feel like it's very unnatural and strange and almost wrong to do so (for myself - I'm not trying to say that others shouldn't do this). I did get a test done that showed that my tubes are open (this was about a year ago) and my hubby is supposed to go get his spermies counted... but he hasn't. So we are at a stand still now.

He told me to continue with weight loss and that after the sperms have been counted we can try meds to jump start ovulation..

Since being on Medifast I have had my period once. I have PMS now... so it will be twice soon. That's amazing for me to have it twice so close together (last one March 1st).

I am very glad the rest of you posted your stories on here because I know next to nothing about PCOS and am fascinated by everyone's stories.

I have a question - does anyone else with PCOS get PMS symptoms for 2 - 3 weeks before period actually arrives? I've been getting sore tatas, cramps, and cravings for chocolate for 2 - 3 weeks. The chocolate craving has been sabatoging my Medifast efforts (still losing, but sneaking bites of chocolate from my daughter's Easter basket) and just want the bleeding to start so the cravings stop!..

Comment #44

Does anyone have any good tips to get past plateaus? I have PCOS so Im taking 2000mg of Metformin everyday, I do cardio 5 days a week for 30mins or so, and strength training exercises 3 times a week. Ive been on Medifast for 4months and am half way to my goal, but now my weight loss has completely stalled! And Im drinking a ton of water and drinking one of those calorie burner drinks each day...what else is there??!..

Comment #45


I have a question - does anyone else with PCOS get PMS symptoms for 2 - 3 weeks before period actually arrives? I've been getting sore tatas, cramps, and cravings for chocolate for 2 - 3 weeks. The chocolate craving has been sabatoging my Medifast efforts (still losing, but sneaking bites of chocolate from my daughter's Easter basket) and just want the bleeding to start so the cravings stop![/QUOTE].

Hi Jen:.

I was diagnosed in 2000 with PCOS,not currently on any meds for it. I have not had a period since I started the program that I had taken provera. But lately I feel those same symptoms a week or 2 before the 29Th of the month. I wonder if my body is trying to "re-cycle" LOL that sounds funny huh? And I'm having cravings but for fruits and peanuts. I have not had any fruits, but am also sabatoging myself with the trail mix. Though I've been loosing 2-3/ week. I go up and down during the week because of this...

Comment #46

Jem: The cravings are the worst - because they get you without you even realizing it. Thank goodness the cravings have stopped. I wonder if I'm gonna bleed this time? It's been 2 weeks since the cramping and tender tatas started. Cramping is gone, tatas still only slightly sore. Well, we'll see... It's like my body has to jump start itself or something... maybe it's trying to do it right, but can't quite do it yet...

Comment #47

Jenni I know I have had super bad cramps since starting Medifast but the usually occur right before the start of my period or during the first few days. I never used to get cramps so this is crazy. I am on BC but I still get sore boobies and PMS symptoms the week before. I would just give it some time and remember, just becasue you're not getting your period, doesn't mean you won't get preggers. I got pregnant and didn't have a period for 6 months before that...

Comment #48

Well update. I started today, so the symptoms were quite on target. The "tatas" soreness subsided a few days ago, and today was the day. I'm in some serious pain, as it has been years since I have cycled on my own. Today I weighed in at a total loss of 32 lbs. I'm positive the weight loss helped. So less see if it continues, wow it would be a hoot if I got pregos after all...

Comment #49

Well this is what has worked for me, although not recommended on MF. When I have been stuck, and I have been doing everything right. I shake things up a bit. Maybe have 2 L & G that day or switch the meals. I have even gone off program slighlt by having a slice a bread. I only do that for one day.

In a couple of days I have a 2-3 lbs lost. I think your body gets used to the food and metabolism stalls. My husband and I are both on Medifast and we have both done this with results. It's tough and you have to stay focused because you can go off track easily. But if you have strong will power then try it...

Comment #50

I can relate to all the PCOS postings here. I'm now 65 and have had PCOS since my 20s. Of course, back then, they had no exact name for the syndrome and every therapy or medication was just guessing and trying to put things together. I was diagnosed with cystic ovaries at first and told I would never conceive. I was also extremely overweight even as a child. The birth control pills that came out in the 1960s would not be given to a horse now...

I lost over 100 lb on an Adkins diet and my PCOS symptoms abated almost completely at about age 24. I kept it off for many years, until my second child (yes I was able to conceive!) when I gained 50 lb and steadily gained thereafter. About 10 years ago, I found a wonderful internist (female) who put all the clues together. With my family situation, 2 bouts of breast cancer, and one bout of uterine cancer, I found it extremely hard to follow Adkins diet faithfully and just lost and gained until I was finally 300 lbs. From experience, I can see how much stress really plays a part in our health and weight problems.

They are not to ever try and sabotage my weight again!!.

For those with PCOS... There is help. Find a good internist or endocrinologist. If you don't connect with one, find another one. Stay on a low carb diet, FOREVER... Exercise or walk FOREVER...

Destress.... (I first went to the doctor to have a physical exam for our adoption papers and he said, "I think we are pregnant!" "We" were.... and I was told one egg got out, probably never happen again... After the birth of my daughter, I was pregnant 7 weeks. later! Another egg just happened to 'get out'! After that, I gained weight and we tried and tried to have more children, but it didn't happen.

Don't be like me and wait until you are 65 to finally wise up and realize what I should have been doing all these years......

Comment #51

I am 23 years old and was diagnosed when I was 16 with PCOS. I was at my heaviest of 180 which was a lot for my 5'0 frame. I then lost 50 pounds on my own. But then it crept back up. I lately have been so frustrated about how fast my weight can jump up. This weekend my weight went up 5 pounds and I am eating healthy.

Will this program help me lose weight even if it's so hard for me to? I have been getting so down about this all and would love to know if other women with PCOS have been successful on this and if they have any tips for me...

Comment #52

I have done the exact same thing and it works! The problem is, some people don't have the willpower or strength to get right back on. Luckily we do!..

Comment #53

I can relate!!! All my adult life I had problems gaining weight for no apparent reason. After going on the Adkins diet, which is high protein, very restricted carbohydrates, I soon found that eating carbs added pounds and water weight. I have struggled all my life. The only advice I can give is to maybe get some Adkins low carb drinks with one lean chicken or fish with salad meal a day to get you through until your Medifast arrives. That's what I did and I lost a couple of pounds in the 9 days I waited for my MF. Oh, and avoid as much salt as possible and drink plenty of water.

Now that I'm on Medifast I am steadily losing as long as I stick to the plan. I have 'cheated' once or twice by having a spoonful of something the family was eating or having 1/2 piece of very high fiber bread, but had no problems with that. Have lost 9 lbs in 2 wks on Medifast and feel very motivated. I had to involve the family and they are helping to support me as much as possible, i.e., no one eats or cooks or bakes in front of me! Have your brownies and cinnamon crisps always on hand!.

With PCOS you will always have to watch your carbs and fats.... Don't be like me and think I could be normal. There is a link between obesity and breast cancer. At 60 I had breast cancer on the left; at 62 I had breast cancer on the right; at 63 I had uterine cancer. From a cancer survivor, it's not worth it!! Sacrifice now so you will have a healthy life hereafter!!!..

Comment #54

Thank you so much for the advice. I really appreciate it. I will follow that until my Medifast delivery gets here. I am glad to see you are getting good results now lets hope that I do the same haha...

Comment #55

I did get TOM - it's weird because the cramps with the actual TOM are less than the cramps I got 3 weeks before... not sure what the deal is. I have been off the BC for about 5 years. I did conceive with my DD about 8 years ago with no help - nada. Didn't even know I was pregnant until about 20 weeks. So it can happen naturally.

I never realized that diet can play such a big role in such things. I will definitely keep my carbs down - even after Medifast - even if I decide to go off program... I never realized and now that I do, I hope that I can change my eating habits to better my health in this way..

Does anyone know if there's any PCOS sites out there with great info that will help me?..

Comment #56

I have PCOS I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I finally found a dr who wants to help treat me but without the use of medications. He said that as I lose weight I will notice a drastic dip in all of the unwanted symptoms (facial hair, acne, skin tags, mood swings, hair loss and so on) I am hopefull, that after searching for answers and help with these issues, I have finally found something that works. Reading everyones posts, I am SOOO relieved that I am not the only one struggling with this. It gives me hope seeing all of you lovely ladies losing weight on Medifast and seeing a reduction in symptoms. Please let me know if any of you have found tricks or have any tips that have allowed you to be more successful on this plan.



Comment #57

I just wanted to introduce myself. I haven't been officially diagnosed with PCOS, but during one exam the nurse said she did see cysts on my ovaries. I have asked my doctor (now old doctor) repeatedly if he thought that was the problem (he was a fertility specialist and endocronologist). He would only say my infertility was 'unknown'. Unfortunately, he was the only specialist around, so I continued to see him. The last round of treatments I had with him ended up with me having 10 mature eggs, but no luck conceiving.

He couldn't believe that the first doctor did that and said I was very lucky I didn't conceive because it would have been a disaster - likely leading to reduction. Anyway, the new doctor refused to treat me because of my weight. Yeah, it was a slap in the face. I was soo worried about turning 40 and not being able to get treatment. He told me he would rather treat a 40 year old than an overweight person - for a successful pregnancy.

I knew that getting pregnant at 300lbs was a stupid idea, I just needed someone to tell me that. It lead me to Medifast. So here I am, working on the program, loosing weight. I hope to be at a healthy weight by the end of the year and 'God Willing' be able to get pregnant then too. Well, at least before I turn 40!!..

Comment #58

C25... I'm in the same boat as you. I need to lose weight and get down to 210 before my fertility doctor will do any IVF with me... we did the IUIs already. I'm hoping to get pregnant on my own once the weight comes off, but will do whatever it takes to get pregnant at this point. Oh, and I just turned 40, so you're not alone...

Comment #59

I want to post here because I have all of the symptoms of PCOS (the hormone levels, hair, acne, cycts blood sugar ect, ect, ect) except that I have two children. They are both healthy but all of this started after my last pregnancy. According to the doctor's I'm a mystery. (yey?).

Anyway, I am so so very happy to have found this thread and that you have all had success even with the other issues. I am especially hopeful about the acne. I've been praying for something to come along and hopefully this is it! Thank you for the inspiration...

Comment #60

C25 and tas it worked for me! Although I've always been overweight, after my second child I had gained quite a bit more. DH and I had been trying for a 3rd for several years, finally went to a fertility clinic and did several rounds of Clomid/IUI to no avail. The fertility doc diagnosed me with PCOS and said that if I lost the weight, I'd probably have no problems conceiving again..

So between January and June last year, I got rid of 55 lbs and was pregnant by July! With no meds and no doc!.

One super-healthy 8+ lb daughter later, I'm back on Medifast to finish the job of losing weight and getting healthy, to be a good example to those kids :>.


Comment #61

I wish more doctors would advise weight loss before pumping our bodies with medications... mine suggested a bunch of tests before moving on with conception meds. I hope that the weight loss will lead to pregnancy instead...

Comment #62

It's great to find a group of people who share the unique challenges of PCOS. I have found it so frustrating to gain weight so easily when the same foods don't affect others..

I've been over wt since youth. Hair growth started in my teens. Somehow, I was blessed to have a healthy son at 20. One doc I saw said he was amazed I was a mother..

My heart goes out to those of you struggling to concieve and start your families..

This program works. It is the only program that has worked for me..

I lost with it in the past, but fell back into bad habits and am making a new commitment to lose it for good.

I wonder, when we are at goal, will we still have the same sensitivity to the foods that cause us to gain so easily? The comment made about being able to gain 5 pounds over a weekend is so true. They can add up so quick, then are so hard to get rid of again...

Comment #63

Like so many of you, I am glad to find a group of women who struggle with the same issues as me. I'm 29 with PCOS. I was diagnosed about 2 years ago after unsuccessfully trying to conceive for over a year. Well, it's been almost 3 years now and still no baby. My OBGYN referred me to a fertility specialist about a year ago. We tried Clomid a few times with no results.

So here I am. It took me a while to find a program, but at one week in I've lost more weight (8 pounds) than I did in six weeks on my own. I feel better in general too. So even if I don't get pregnant behind this, it feels good to be getting healthy...

Comment #64

Started medifast last Thursday the 27th... Today, I have light flow. I haven't had a period in... well... a long time! =).

God bless soy protien..

Comment #65

So.... After 9 full days on plan, I woke up this morning to the start of my FIRST non-induced cycle in I don't know when!!!! Color me EXCITED!!! The only thing I've done differently is starting Medifast!..

Comment #66

Congratulations to you both for getting your cycles going again!!!..

Comment #67

Has anyone had success with getting pregnant during/after losing weight with Medifast? If so, how much did you lose?..

Comment #68

So, a question... I've posted here before about having PCOS.... I recommitted to Medifast on May 4, 100% OP, no cheating. I started my pill pack right around then- and five days later, my period started- MID PACK. I've rarely spotted during my pack, but never like this. It's been going SINCE THEN.

I'm going to call the doc, but I thought I would see if any of you have any experience with this. I've been on this same pill for 8 years, so it's not like that changed- nothing did! AGH!!..

Comment #69

I have PCOS and I have successfuly lost 100 pounds in the last 11 months. My doctor told me that if I can keep the weight off I wont have to take all the med's her other PCOS patients are on. Hope this helps :-)..

Comment #70

I have PCOS and have just started this journey. It's a long wayI have 250 pounds to lose overall. But it's nice to see so many other women here who understand. In fact I specifically chose Medifast after seeing many success stories from other PCOS sufferers who have tried it. I hope I can include my own story as a success soon...

Comment #71

I've had PCOS for over a year now and lost this weight so easily with Medifast with NOT with ANY other diet including South Beach. I don't take any meds, I am off Metformin, Spiro and Ocella. Go for it, you can do it too!!!..

Comment #72

I've had PCOS for over 10 years now. I always thought losing weight would "cure" me, but that's not the case. I'm at a healthy weight and I still have to take medications to control my symptoms. Birth control pills are recommended as they sometimes help with the cysts, but I'm unable to take them due to the high risk for blood clots. Right now infertility isn't an issue because I'm not trying to get pregnant but I hope if I ever choose to have children it won't be a difficult process. I'm happy to hear so many people are having success on this program with this condition - it's a royal pain in the butt...

Comment #73

Yeah I have pcos too, and well I have always had problems ever since way back I can remember but then again I'm 27 and I have never saw a dr about this but I do know I have it and well right now I'm losing the weight with Medifast and I'm not sure if I want any kids, but I sure that my body regulates itself out once I get to a great healthy weight!..

Comment #74

I had an exciting week.. While most women dread TOM week, but I was overjoyed.. It was the first time in over 9 years that I had a regular TOM!! I usually suffer with heavy flows that last longer than a week or 2 - not this time.. this time it was 5 days and everything was normal...

I am hoping that is a good sign and things continue. Will see in about 28 days - LOL!! If I am successful at loosing enough to get pregnant going to name the child M.F.C. [Medi-Fast Child] - luckily my last name starts with a C - so this is do-able... LOL!!!..

Comment #75

LOL, that was cute with the naming the baby...awe I hope that you have children when you plan that you are ready too, and congrats on the weightloss! ALso, I know what you mean about horrible menses..phew..i have them like crazy too and I cant wait to be where you are and hopefully my body will even out!..

Comment #76

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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