Anyone with Multiple Sclerosis doing Medifast?

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Today is my first day on MF..

I have relasping remitting MS as well as "borderline" type 2 diabetes..

Anyone else here have MS?.

I currently take lots of meds for my MS...and hoping that with weight loss my cholesteral will go down, and will no longer be borderline type 2..

My oldest daughter, who is 19 has type 1 diabetes..

Anyhow hello......

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Hi, Liz. I also have RRMS - I was just diagnosed on May 1st. I told my neurologist that I wanted to start a workout regime to lose weight, and he said not to push myself. Okay, actually, he said he doesn't believe in exercise, just play. Besides that, my fatigue generally limits my physical activity anyway.

I used Medifast back in 2005 with pretty good results, so I decided this would be my course of action. I actually started on June 8th, a day before you did. Although I'm really craving a big sandwich right now, I'm determined to stick with it and lose the weight. I have a friend whose mother has MS. She is overweight and really struggles with her MS symptoms. I don't want to deal with that, because I'm already struggling with the effects of feeling like a human pincushion!.

So, keep in touch and we'll see if this has any effects (good or bad) on MS..


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Hi Candy,.

Ill friend request you.

I was dx with RRMS 8 years agoalthough had Optic Neuritis a few times before then..

Sorry about your dx...your very new to MS....but nice to meet a fellow MSer doing Medifast.

We can chat meds and stuff too....

Take care,.


Comment #2

PS Be kind to yourself. The first year or two of dx can be a big adjustment...

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HI EVERYONE! Just getting out of the hospital after my first stint of steroid ivs. Just found out monday that I probably have it but because my mri doesn't look like a typical ms case we are doing more tests. started 3 weeks ago with optic neuritis for the first time. I am kinda bummed out that 2 days on steroids and my face looks big already...yuck.

How are you all doing?? hugs, janet..

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Hi Janet,.

I have had optic neuritis several times. I had one severe bout, had 5 days iv solumedrol, mrione lesion...and then had another optic neuritis flare 9 months later, and 3 lesionsand was dx with MS (8 years ago).

Yeah, I hate the side effects of the iv solumedrol...they stink..

Hope you are feeling better soon..


Comment #5

Hi all. I just wanted to chime in and let you all know that while I don't have MS, my neighbor does and she also did MF. She lost about 35 pounds, and her fatigue was much better. She actually works out. She said she just has an overall sense of well-being compared to the symptoms prior to losing the weight and meeting her goal. She looks great! Best wishes to you...

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Hi Liz. I was hospitalized with Transverse Myelitis right before Christmas of 2007. I was treated with steroids and released. I had a large lesion on my spinal chord causing numbness from my mid-section down. I was quickly losing strength in my legs, but was always able to walk. I also had one plaque on my brain.

The doctor and I decided to wait for a second episode to start on Avonex. That second episode came in the form of more plaques on my brain. Luckily, one manifested itself with spotty vision. Otherwise, it would have been one of those silent episodes..

I have been on Avonex for about 14 months now. Just had an MRI on July 23rd. The doc called to tell me that there are no new plaques, and the existing ones have reduced in size!.

My lack of physical activity lately has really caused the pounds to add up! I still have some weakness in my legs, and I am guessing losing 60 lbs would help considerably..

I just started Medifast on Monday. It is good to see other MS folks using Medifast..

Only the good Lord knows if I will be in a wheelchair in 20 years. I do know that I will not be a fat guy in a wheelchair!.


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Hi everyone!.

I have MS, but my neurologist says it's almost "silent" MS. Had an MRi a few months ago and there were new spots, but no symptoms. Last March, I had a large lesion that caused left side weakness and gait imbalance. I was in the hospital for 5 days, had a spinal tap and there were no ollgloclonal bands. However, since there were new lesions, my neurologist is just calling it a "demylinating disease". He says my prognosis is good - I've not had any other episodes and I didn't need steriods to get better.

So far so good..

It was actually my neurologist who gave me the "push" to do medifast. I had been on weight watchers and reallly struggling. I'd lost a few pounds, but the results weren't consistent. I was insitant that I did NOT have MS forever because I'm so active. I actually changed neurologists because my first one was very pushy about the drugs and it didn't feel right to me. Well, the new neurologist and I were talking about how much I run - in the heat, no less.

That was it. I ordered Medifast that same day. Now, 8 weeks and 22 pounds lighter, I'm so glad I did.

I will see him again October 1st....who doesn't lose weight NOW Mr. Neurologist.

I'm glad to see other people here who understand all this stuff...MS I mean. I'm not sure what the future holds, but I'm loving Medifast and if that helps my prognosis, more the better!.


Comment #8

So how are the Medifast MSer's doing today?.

Thought I'd stop by and say hi!.

Are you guys/gals on any disease modifying medications?.

Has the weight loss affected your medications or symptoms since you've been on MF?.

Let me know...I'd love to chat with all of you...

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Going great here! I have lost about 12 lbs in a 1 1/2 weeks on MF..

My doc called last week to discuss the MRI from late July. I have no new brain lesions, and the existing ones have reduced in size. I have an appointment with him Monday the 10th to find out more..

Still have considerable numbness in my lower legs and feet. This is a result of the lesion on my spinal chord. That episode occurred 20 months ago..

I am on Avonex, I am hoping the doc tells me to stop on Monday, but I have a feeling he will tell me that it is working, and to stay on it..

Take care..


Comment #10

Great news, no new lesions!.

My last MRI was Dec. 08 and had no new lesions too.

I take Rebifand yes the doc did not say to stop taking it, unfortunately..

I'm guessing you like Avonex (well as much as you can like any of the disease modifying meds)..

Does the intramuscular shot bother you? I like the idea of one shot a week, but am chicken of the long needlehence Rebif..

You are doing great on MFkeep up the good work.....

Hope your appt goes well...

Comment #11

When I was 23 years old, immediately after the birth of my second child; I began having neuro. problems and ultimately was hospitalized. After weeks of specialized testing( this was in 1972) I was diagnosed with MS. The spinal tap and EEG were conclusive. They told me there was no cure..I had ACTH infusions for 30 days, along with Niacin and Thiamine bolus'....after I went home, I never had any additional treatment..although from time to time, I have some symptoms that are similar to the " very first times"...numbness in extremities, extraordinary fatigue.....and intermittent memory problems.

I have avoided even mentioning it to anyone since that time....It is now 37 years later.......

I have had the weakness and numbness a long time.....if anything Medifast has given me more energy..

Wow..I never thought I would mention this again........

Comment #12

I don't mind the Avonex, nor the long needle. I give the shot to myself in the thigh. The first time was really hard. It was a mental block for me. I kept watching this 100 lb. lady on the Avonex DVD giving herself a shot.

I would try, but stop short of sticking the needle in the skin. On the 4th try I finally did it. 60 shots later and I could do it with my eyes shut. I usually ice down the area, which helps. I hardly feel it any more..

The side effects were AWFUL after the first shot! The second was not as bad. A nurse from Avonex called with a few pointers. By the 4th week, virtually no side effects, and none since. The only problem I have is some muscle spasticity in my feet and ankles..

Most of all, I like the convenience of 1 day a week, and the impressive results Avonex had in it's trial..

Take care,.


Comment #13

Hi Nancy,.

You came out of the closet : ).

You are welcome to come chat with us if you like.....

We are just Mfers with MS....a little group...but nice to have the support...

Comment #14

Even after I sent my post, I thought" Lord, please let me NOT have offended anyone!!".

Thank you so much for your kind response...and invitation...

Comment #15


Hope you don't mind me askingso through all these years, other than in the beginning, you haven't taken any meds for your MS? How are you feeling? Do you see a neurologist?.

Sorry for so many questionsI know when you were dx treatment was very different than it is now......

I was dx in 2001, and probably had MS for a few years before that. (Had milder symptomsbut never went to the docand then had a bad optic neuritis flareand finally went to a doctor).

No IV solumedrol, or anything Nancy?.

That would just be amazingespecially if after all this time you are still managing reasonably well..


Comment #16

P.S. Do you prefer to be called Nancy or Nancy Lynn?..

Comment #17

Just saying hello! I was diagnosed with RRMS in 8/06 and am going to start Medifast within the next few weeks. I thought maybe Medifast would be hard to handle with the extra fatigue but it's great to see that other people with MS are doing just fine with it. =)..

Comment #18

I was diagnosed with MS when I was only 17. I am now 22 and have had a couple of relapses. I had a concussion in november and developed optic neurtitis in the left eye. I was given a high dose of steroids and when those didnt work after a week, was given even more! I absolutely hate taking steroids. I already have a big appetite for being such a tiny, er short, girl and steroids did NOT help! since january I gained about 20lbs and wasnt fitting in my jeans anymore. =( my mom informed me about Medifast and I tried it out.

I am in a bit of a bind, I give myself a subcutaneous(into the fat) injection everyday for my MS. I am tired of being a bigger little girl, but I need that fat for my shots. hopefully ill find a balance with my body weight and size with mf...

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Hi everyone!.

My name is Laura and I was diagnosed with MS, officially, in April of this year. I thought I had a pinched nerve from a car accident in December of 2008 and went to go see my spinal doctor. He did an MRI and found a lesion on my brain stem. He ordered further MRI's in which I had a spinal tap done. Needless to say, I have RRMS and it was considered silent. I have had 3 relapses and am currently in one (mild tingling/numbness in my right leg) since June.

Although I despise my medication, due to the injection site reactions, I continue on waiting for a pill form or a cure..

I was on Medifast for a year, off and on, and lost 70 pounds. I managed to maintain that weight loss, but have yo-yoed during that time. Due to the fact that us MS-ers are not "supposed" to do vigorous physical activity, losing weight proves difficult (not to mention the fatigue and depression that accompany this). Alas, I decided to go back on Medifast to lose the last 30-40 pounds. I have decided to restart swimming and supplement with pilates, yoga, and qi qong. All good for energy and circulation!!.

There's no other phrase for this disease, except that it sucks!! :-) Your mental health is of the utmost importance, not to mention your physical health. Take care and be kind to yourself. I can't wait to hear how you all progress with MF....

Love & Light,.


Comment #20

Hi Laura.

It is very nice to meet you. I was dx in 2001and am on Rebif..

How do you like pilates? I've been thinking of giving it a try....

I am really liking Medifast and feel so much better on it..

Take care,..

Comment #21

Nice to meet you Liz!.

Pilates is really challenging, but low impact which is good for us MS-ers. I'm excited to start back on it, but let's see how my enthusiasm keeps up a few days after it! :-)..

Comment #22

Hi All,.

This is my first post. I also have MS. DX: Probable MS in 1989. Definite in 1997. One of the side effects has been weight gain due to sedentary lifestyle and of course, plain old reward eating. I have lost weight on Medifast before and felt great and then allowed myself to eat whatever.

The discomfort of regaining the weight is motivation for changing old patterns. (The pain of not changing is greater than the pain of continuing with the substance, as they say in AA). So, if anyone else wants to reinvigorate this thread I'm with you...

Comment #23

Hi Everyone, my name is Jennifer and I'm so glad I found this thread! I used Medifast when I was in high school under a Dr.'s supervision and had good sucess. But that was about 21 years ago, and in that time I had gained alot, then lost over 100 lbs by low carbing. I had maintained my weight loss for about 6 years, but over the last year my weight has crept up on me..

My neuro told me that as we get to....ahem, "my age range" (39) our hormones change and our bodies start storing fat in areas that it never did kidding!!! I'm not having as much luck with LC this round so I switched back to Medifast two days ago. I forgot how easy it is and am looking forward to dropping the weight that I have gained over the last year..

I was concerned if it was safe to do, as I too have MS. I have been diagnosed for 10 years and am doing very well. I started with Avonex, moved on to Copaxone and finally switched to Tysabri a year ago..

I am so glad to see there are other MF'ing MS'ers and that you are all doing well. Yay, I will continue with Medifast and not worry about it...

Comment #24

I am waiting for my food to start the program. I also now have pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, and was diagnosed with MS relapsing-remitting 2009. I'm in my 50's, and gained all my weight the last five years. I would love to stay in touch and see how this works for both of us. Good luck! You should understand "Glass Half Full" , Cathy..

Comment #25


I was diagnosed w/ RRMS about 2 years ago and have had a couple of flares and a couple of rounds with IV Steroids. Since the diagnosis I have gained about 40lbs. I am hoping that by losing the weight I will have a little more energy. Its nice to know there are others out there experiencing the same things...

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Hi Everyone,.

I was diagnosed in 2000. I've done Copaxone and Rebif and couldn't tolerate the site reactons for more than 6 months at a time (not to mention my monthly copayment of $950). Good news: I'm in the FTY drug study through UCSF and they have had amazing results. The pill is in it's 3rd phase of clinical trial and is getting FDA approval now. =).

Today is my first day on MF. I've done everything battling my weight problem. Every diet you can think of, then Optifast, and finally gastric bypass which I lost 130 pounds and kept it off for 5 years. Being 43 and not very active due to MS my wieght is creeping up again. If you all can do can I!..

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I have been on Medifast for about two weeks and have lost 10 lbs. Struggling with work, being overweight, along with having MS has really drained me over the past few years. It is good to feel as if I am on upward path and it has been easy. I believe that a lot of my physical issues are due more to my weight than the MS. I am currently on Tysabri and doing well!.

I have the eating part on to the excercise!..

Comment #28

My mom is doing the FTY720/Fingolimod clinical trial (soon to be known as Gilenia) and it has helped her so much. Is it the same drug that you are taking?..

Comment #29

Yes, I'm on the FTY720. So glad to hear it's helping your Mom! Sounds like she's getting the drug and not placebo...

Comment #30


MS is very draining in every way but we have to stay positive! What type of work do you do if you don't mind my asking? I was in a high level corporate management job for the last 10 years. The stress of it finally caught up with me and I went out on disability last June. My disability benefits are about to end so I'm looking at going back to work. I just started the Medifast today...I need to lose at least 10 or 15 pounds so I can fit back into my business suits!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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