Anyone with Fibromyalgia on Medifast?

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I've been following a blog on insomnia currently because it does seem to be worse for me since starting MF. However the declining weight is helping far more than the insomnia is a problem.

I know that fibromyalgia does require that I make changes more slowly and try to keep from rocking the boat in general. That is why I am more interested in a steady weight loss than stretching to make as large a loss each week as possible. Adding activity too quickly always results in a period of fibro fallout too so it slow and steady for me..

I have noticed that my dips into fatigue and sometimes "fibro fog" don't seem as bad as they have been in the past but (and this may not be a far assessment due to too many other factors) while not as deep or rough edged they might be lasting just a tad longer while being milder overall. Of course, I already have a routine that has been helping my fibro so I don't know if I what I can attribute to Medifast and what is just my attention to managing my life, diet, exercise. I do try to maintain a balance of doing activites but not overdoing mixed with some supplements and medication..

A word of warning for anyone considering trying Lyrica. While it is just my experience, weight gain is a noted side effect. In fact I felt rather like a balloon during the two months I was giving it a try and hoping it would help and that the weight gain would subside after I adjusted. Lyrica did not help me (although I'm sure it does help others) and the weight loss even continued for a month after I was off Lyrica and never went away - at least until MF..

Anyway, since the powers that be changed this forum to Special Conditions Connection, I thought I would see if any one on Medifast with fibro wanted to talk about, exchange ideas or ask questions regarding fibro and MF. And since Chronic Fatigue is often grouped with Fibromyalgia, I thought I would do it here too...

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Yes the weight gain that I attributed to Lyrica continued for about another month after I was off it. Did nothing different the whole time but weight just packed on and then. I quit it because it wasn't helping more than what I was already doing and because of the weight gain and it was about another month - again - not doing anything different - and weight stabilized again..

I noticed that Medifast has magnesium and manganese in their mixes which is 2/3 of what I called my M's cocktail - the third supplement I take for my fibro being Malic Acid. So that was a bonus - two less supplements to buy and swallow pill form. I have to wonder if the balance Medifast supplies also helps some in how the vitamins are processed and made available since studies do show that some work better in tandem with other things..

I also knew that sugar rushes could trigger a downturn for me.

My fibromyalgia was one of the reasons I did so much homework on Medifast before starting. I can see how just a switch to it without any weight loss could be beneficial. Having lost 35 lbs it is also a delight feeling the difference the weight loss makes too. Now I just have to be careful to slowly ramp up activity - even if I want to think about roller skates - lol...

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Fibro & chronic epstein-barr here (and 2 herniated disks, and chronic insomnia). I started Medifast 3 days ago, so it's a bit early to see any effects (medical condition effects, that is). I haven't taken Lyrica, but I am taking Cymbalta, which does help with the fibro.

I also take Lunesta, but even with that lately I'd been waking up at 3 or so, and then I'd be up & down the rest of the night, usually waking up late in a recliner in the living room. For the past three nights I have woken up (to get rid of more of the water I'd been drinking all day, lol) but have gone right back to sleep, woken up at a more normal time, and in bed. I'll be very happy if this trend continues!.

It's usually a catch-22 with fibro and weight loss gotta exercise to lose the weight, but that makes the fibro flare up. That's why I was really attracted to MF, and I'm hoping that getting rid of the weight will make it easier to add more exercise without triggering flare ups...

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Fibro here too. I have been doing Medifast for just over 4 weeks, and 20 lbs are gone.

Back in Feb, I decided to cut out nutrasweet because I read in Prevention (I think) about it causing fibro to be worse. I was a diet coke addict, drinking a 2 liter a day most days..

After about 2-3 weeks of cutting the diet coke, I started to feel better - less fatigue, less fog, and less overall pain. Has anyone else noticed a difference with nutrasweet? What about other artificial sweeteners?.

I have switched to stevia, which is supposedly better, and it has not bothered me (so far). And of course, I am drinking mostly water on Medifast anyway - just a stevia in coffee or green tea every once in a while. No more diet sodas or crystal light at all.

I am feeling so much better now, I would hate to be sabatoging myself if stevia is going to cause a problem down the road!..

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I'm glad to see that someone posted a discussion on this. I to have fibromyalgia. The weight loss is definitely helping. Also, I find that because I'm not overeating at night, my medication kicks in and I fall asleep faster!! Which is a plus I hoping that once all of the weight is off , I will be able to see an even bigger improvement!!!..

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Howdy FM here too! So glad to see there are others around. I was only diagnosed with FM recently (February) so I'm still in the learning about it and how I deal with it process. I started working with a naturopath a few weeks ago and have been feeling a lot better since then. Then on Wed. I broke my ankle and have, since then, just been so darn wiped out it isn't even funny. For this first time in I don't know how long, I feel like I felt before the diagnosis..

Luckily(?), I can't take Lyrica because it is counter-indicated with another medication I take. I have been taking low dose Elavil and it has really helped with sleep. I still wake up several times at night, but not as many as I used to and I definitely don't sleep as lightly as I used to..

I'm hoping Medifast will help with the FM issues. If nothing else I figure losing weight will help to decrease the pain and fatigue associated with carrying around 100+ extra pounds, right?..

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Great thread! I was diagnosed with FM about 12 years ago and have been on several meds. None helped as much as MF. Taking sugar and other unhealthy carbs out of my diet has made a huge difference. It is also why I chose Medifast to begin with after researching several weight loss plans. It's not just eating less caloreis, it's about eating healthy! Never have tried Lyrica and never will..

One of the best benefits is steady energy. I no longer have the highs and lows. Before Medifast I would have energy one day and then have to rest for 3 days later. I find it wonderful now to have a more even keel of energy!.


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I've had fibro for 16 years now. Throw in no thyroid and it's a miracle I made it to goal! Sadly, I'm having problems getting my thyroid levels stabilized and am struggling with maintenance because of it. Oh well. We'll get it straightened out eventually, I'm sure..

I was recently prescribed a brand new FDA approved medication strictly for the treatment of Fibro. It's called Savella. I have been taking it for a month now and have nad none of the side effects that I got with Lyrica, and am slowly (veeerrrry slowly ) seeing some energy return. Keeping my fingers crossed that with continued use, my stamina will return..

I just want to let all of you know that even with fibro, it can be done. It may take us longer than others, but never give up. Exercise as you can, even if it's just walking around the block. Keep those muscles moving. That more than anything else has helped with my pain...

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Me too me too!.

I was diagnosed about 4 years ago now I guess but to be honest sometimes I'm wondering if they were right! Once I began my journey to health, the energy soared (and yes the insomnia was just a by product I simply needed less rest!) Whereas I used to stay in bed until 8 or 8:30 (or 9 and only got up then because I was afraid my mom would call and ask if I was still "layin'in the bed") Now I wake up naturally between 5 and 6 and am anxious to meet my day! Many times my "chores" are all finished by 8 or 9!.

I used to spend most days on the couch and now I FEEL like moving. Normally I walk and at this point even ENJOY a bit of a run now and then. I'm off all medications. Anyone notice that FM and Medifast are exactly opposites?!?!? Maybe Medifast helps reverse FM???? Ok I know it can't make any medical claims but I'm living proof that getting healthy makes a huge difference..

Only once in a blue moon will I just "noodle out" ...that's what I always called it when out of no where, I'd feel like all my muscles just turned to jello or cooked noodles. Those times simply demanded that I head to the couch. I'll be I can count on one hand those episodes in the last 2 years, whereas before they were daily..

All I can say is this....once upon a time there was a very depressed, morbidly obese woman with Fibromyalgia. One day she discovered Medifast. By and by she lost 123 pounds and discovered a new career with Take Shape for Life. And she lived happily ever after...

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I can't say that Medifast reversed my FM, but just losing the weight, not having to carry it around on my already aching cramping joints made a huge difference. I still have bad days, but they don't seem to happen as frequently...

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Fibro here too...just got diagnosed the beginning of the year and it sucks. I am feeling better with my new cocktail of medications (Lyrica literaly made me poor husband). Still have huge problems with insomnia, but no worse than before I started MF. I'm confident that losing the extra weight will help with the pain..

Thanks for starting the thread!..

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I've tried many many things for my chronic insomnia: valerian root, Tylenol PM, stuff like Tylenol PM without the Tylenol, melatonin, 5-HTP, Ambien, warm milk, autohypnosis, moving my bedtime.

Nothing has worked as well as Lunesta. I've been on it for over a year now and it has helped enormously. My pharmacist cringes every time I pick up a new bottle because the copay is high, but it is so worth it to me to have a good night's sleep...

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Lunesta works ok for me, but I can't stand the after taste. I recently found a new product called Allteril. It's a homeopathic remedy, but works almost as well as my prescription...

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Glad to the hear Medifast and fibro seem to get along. I have switched to stevia too. Checking my blood sugar seems to tell me when to eat and what to eat. The cymbalta for fibro seems to have done a number on my liver. I'm hoping it'll settle down after I get off the stuff. Lots of fatigue right now but it took me a while to get here so I guess I can't expect overnight miracles...

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Hmm, interesting, I've never noticed an after taste with the Lunesta. I looked into Alteril, it's not a homeopathic remedy (homeopathics is an entire other debate), but a combination of L-tryptophan, melatonin, and other things including valerian, chamomile, lemon balm, hops, passion flower, and "I-theanine"..

Does it say on the box/in the literature that comes with the Alteril exactly what else is in it? I'd really like to know what else is in there...

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I'll let you know. The reason I said it was homeopathinc is because that's what I was told. hehe. As for the Lunesta, OMG the after taste I would experience was horrible! It tainted everythig I ate for hours into the day. It is listed as one of the side effects. You're lucky if it doesn't bother you.

I'll check my box of Allteril and let you know the other ingredients...

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These are the main ingrediets listed on the box.

L-Tryptophan, melatonin, valerian, chamomile, I-Theanine, lemon balm, hops and passion flower...

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Haven't checked this thread in awhile. So good to see folks (not cuz it's good that we have FM, but it's good to know there are others out there and that Medifast is helping some folks deal with it)..

My FM, particularly the fatigue, has been rough since I broke my ankle a couple weeks ago. Surprisingly, the pain hasn't been too bad (maybe my brain is paying more attention to the pain in my ankle right now or something), but it has been an absolute chore to drag myself out of bed and get anywhere even just the couch! I saw my naturopath for the first time since then today and am feeling a bit better plus have some new supplements to start tomorrow that help supplement my tapped out adrenal system. I'm cautiously optimistic (and really looking forward to getting out of this cast/boot in a couple weeks)..

De - I have seen your profile pic in other places and just have to say I adore it! I think my cats (3) would either run screaming or smack me hard, but it is just so fabulous!..

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I wanted to share this information that I have on how this diet can help chronic pain and fibromyalgia! Please enjoy to your discretion! HAPPY FOURTH!!.

Fibromyalgia And Hormones: Can Extra Soy In The Diet Help?.

Because symptoms occur mainly in women, some experts consider it a possibility that fibromyalgia may have a hormonal link. At present, there is little evidence that hormones are responsible, although a new study is being prepared using subjects taken from the group of fibromyalgia patients who participate in a 1.5 day multidisciplinary fibromyalgia outpatient program at Mayo Clinic/Rochester. The main aim of the study is to gather preliminary data on whether dietary supplements of soy can improve the quality of life in patients with fibromyalgia as assessed by the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ) and the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CCES-D). The study proposes to test the hypothesis that soy supplementation (the soy supplement is Revival Soy) helps to reduce pain and raise quality of life in sufferers of fibromyalgia. The study will be conducted as a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial..

The site listed is where this information came from.


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I'm not quite sure how I feel about the soy helping with Fibro. While my symptoms did decrease while I was on 5&1, I still hade regular flareups. I have also taken Estroven supplements (which is basically soy) for many years. My dr. told me that the improvement in my symptoms was a result of the weight loss. It will be interesting to hear what the results of the study are...

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Thank you so much for this thread. I see myself in a lot of the posts here. I was diagnosed with Fibro this year and do not know anyone that has it. As mentioned in another post I have the problem with doing something as simple as housework or going to doctor appointments and then being unable to function for three days. I feel good to have the confirmation that having that happen is not unusal. I also have Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, chronic major depression, insomia and I am bi-polar.

I take Lisinopril for high blood pressure. I am hoping that using the Medifast Program will help me with my health issues and I know that weight loss will definitly help especially with the high blood pressure. I have been on Lyrica but I am going off it due to side effects. I have to say it did help some with my pain from fibro, but it is not worth the side effects. Oh and I forgot to say that today is my first day back on Medifast.

I plan on sticking with it this time. I hope everyone has a great week.

Gentle Hugs,.


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Sue - As requested, I'm checking in with an update on the Savella. This medication is great. I take it twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed, and have suffered no side effects other than minor headaches the first couple of weeks. My need for pain medication has been reduced by half. Still don't have a lot of energy, but that's most likely related to my thyroid issues. Anyway, I'm very pleased with the results I've seen while on Savella and strongly suggest that you all talk to your doctors to see if it might work for you...

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Thank you for this thread. I also have FM along with Rheumatoid arthritis. I started Medifast in April and though my sleeping hasnt improved, Ive noticed that my energy has increased. Losing the weight has also helped with my RA. The lighter I am, the less I have to carry. I am going to talk to my doctor about Savella.

Take care, Denise..

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Thanks so much for the update. In fact lastest refill the pharmacy said doc said time to see him again for renewals. So perfect timing - I will be talking to him about Savella.

Thanks Again.


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Had to come *itch here because I know you all can understand and will, maybe, have some good suggestions for me..

I had "the talk" with my boss today. She's known since I was diagnosed with FM in Feb. that I have it and I've attempted to be fairly open with her about what it means (she had no clue what it meant, what it was, what the implications were, etc.) I haven't told her everything about how I feel and the stresses I'm dealing with as I learn about what I can do now and, more specifically, what I can't..

Today, though, was "that conversation" where she talked to me about how she's disappointed that the "me" I used to be isn't the "me" I am anymore. How I seem to have lost my energy (duh!!!) And then she started with the "some people" seem to wonder when I'll be in, where I am when I'm not in (all this, of course, not apparently noticing that I've been every day except Monday for the past several months and work evenings and weekends constantly...) Of course, since my boss hasn't been in the office much it would be hard for "those people" to notice...I think she is comparing my schedule now (which I intentionally try to keep around 40 hours per week rather than the 60-70 I was doing a year ago...which I believe was a major contributor to the fact I now have FM in the first place!).

Anyway, how have you all dealt with bosses and others you are beholden to (as it were) when they just don't seem to get it? I tried today to explain in more depth why the energy isn't there anymore that it literally ISN'T THERE and how my schedule has to be different now and really should have been different before. I talked to her about how my body is requiring me to find more balance in my life and how I am doing it not only because of what my body is forcing me to do, but also because it's what I need to for me and my family and my life..

I know that there are too many people out there that just don't get what we are dealing with on a daily basis, but I'm just left feeling so drained and disappointed and... everything...any thoughts?..

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Fibro, arthritis, high blood pressure and no thyroid here! OMG I am a mess! LOL! I am just getting started and ssoo hope Medifast helps with the pain and the fog. Not wanting ppl to feel sorry but am really glad to know there are others out there that understand!..

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Glad to have you join us. As for me, with every pound I get rid of, the easier it is on my body. Welcome to the Medifast community...

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MF has helped my fibro immeasurably. Blood pressure too! I'm off all my BP meds, and am rarely having any fibro issues either now..

Nervous about how it will be when I go off into transition in another 11 pounds or so...

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Interestingly enough, my boss was way more understanding than the guy I was married to when I was diagnosed. I still have the same job, but I am now divorced, due in a large part to the FM. He just didn't get it, no matter how much I tried to explain...

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I think you'll be fine once you hit transition. It's really not the Medifast products that have helped you, IMHO, it's the weight loss and probably increased exercise while on the program. As long as you keep up with the exercise and stay diligent about your weight, you should do well. Not saying you won't still have flareups, you will, but they may be fewer and less intense...

Comment #29


I mentioned before that from the beginning my doctor suggested I take malic acid, manganese and magnesium in addition to my other meds. Medifast does have both manganese and magnesium in the mixes. I might consider looking into taking some manganese and magnesium supplements to keep those levels the same.

I think we both have mentioned, as well as others, that our level of carbs have seemed to effect our fibro too. If you are using MyPlan now I would be sure to keep using it during transition keeping a close eye on carbs and any fallout. I might even double the normal time on transition steps too since I feel fibro makes us more sensitive to even minor changes..

But look who is are one of my heros - you have done so great. I am certain that you will be able to transition and determine what you need to do to maintain your fantastic weight loss..


Comment #30

Unfortunately, Sue, My Plan simply doesn't work very well with t&m. One of the things I truly wish that Medifast would work on. Most of the people that I know in t&m track their intake on outside sites..

As for the supplements, I am pretty much off the Medifast foods these days and have not had any back sliding, of course the new meds help with that a lot, but even before then, my flareups were fewer and for the most part less intense...

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I was glad to find this thread. The FM makes life quite unique doesn't it?.

I take Lyrica (highest dose) 2 times a day and my weight has mushroomed! I also take tramadol 4 times a day. My meds were increased to this level in early May and for the last month or so I've seen some big improvements in the pain level with the medications. I still suffer with the fatigue though..

I'm hoping that losing some of the weight will ease the pain in my hips. I know it can't hurt. I have a long way to go and there are a lot of days where exercise is just not in the picture, but so be it. If I could snap my fingers and change the FM I would have already done

Comment #32

I hope the program helps you as much as it has me, Mama137. I am a different person than I was...

Comment #33

Thanks! I'm seeing an improvement in my sleep patterns already. I hope it isn't a temporary

Comment #34


This makes three today!.

Ive been caught up with other things and havent been on the boards much but always am watching this thread because FM does make a big difference in our lives. I like knowing there is a group of us here supporting each other and here sharing information. The thing I really have appreciated about Medifast is that even though my weight loss has slowed and even plateaued for awhile, that it does allow my weight loss to continue even when I am not able to increase my activity level. I am finding that with each pound loss I move more freely and am able to do more with more energy and without as many stops and starts. I know it is often said that with fibro the answer is to exercise in order to get better and weight loss will follow but that is so much harder to say than do. With Medifast the weight loss comes first and relief comes from it and allows more activity..


Glad to hear you are seeing some improvement. I hope that the Lyrica is helping you. I know it didnt help me and really packed on the pounds even for a several weeks after I was off it. I am back on Mirapex and Flexeril at bedtime. Ive been on Mirapex for a long before it hit the radar for most folks. I think I saw somewhere it is now under consideration for approval by the FDA for use with fibro.

While it has helped me a great deal, I do still have more ups and downs than I would like so I do still look at what is appearing on the horizon (the reason I tried the Lyrica). Additionally I have to take a double dose of Prilosec because the Mirapex is hard on my stomach which has never been that great..

Ive just recently added a dose of Melatonin 3mg with 25mg Theanine and it seems to really be helping with my sleep..

Im also due to see my doc in a few weeks and am going to talk to him about Savella that De mentioned..

It is true though, every pound lost helps. Lately Ive gone up stairs and then realized I just did them without a thought and with any pain. Talk about your NSV!.

Good Luck and gentle hugs to all and continued success with MF!!!.


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I am so glad to find this discussion board. I am just starting MF. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia just 5 months ago. This was after over 9 months of horrible undiagnosed pain that led to me be putting on a bunch of different medications and still being in pain. During that time frame, I gained 50 lbs. I also have thyroid issues, which makes it difficult for me.

I am 21 and want to be able to do more.

I have had better luck with Lyrica than other people have. It really seems to help me, and I have not noticed weight gain from that medication. I had weight gain issues with amitriptyline, but after months of no improvement with sleeping I was put on trazadone instead. I am also on Cymbalta...

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I got sick in very late 2005 at the age of 25, and after seeing multiple docs was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. It came on very suddenly, and I went almost overnight from having an active full-time job to being bedridden for almost a year. I have always struggled with my weight (gaining and losing the same 20 pounds) but after taking ill I blew up and haven't been able to take the weight off (until now, I hope, with Medifast!).

I've been working part time since, but I recently won my Social Security Disability case and will be working my last real day of work at the end of this month. I see a pain management doc, who treats me with pain meds and muscle relaxants. These help to some degree, but I am still pretty incapacitated and not able to exercise much. I did try both Lyrica and Savella, but both had severe side effects and I wasn't able to keep using them..

I really hope Medifast can help me, because nothing I have tried up until now has done much for the weight. Today is day 2 for me, so I am optimistic...

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Welcome, laxgoalie and Chris..

I hope you will find that Medifast does help. As I said above it has for me, so much. I reached my weight loss goal this week and really feel pretty much fibro-free. Like you, Chris, I was very ill with it. Not bedridden, but in a great deal of pain all the time..

Laxgoalie, are you aware of the restriction of eating soy within a couple hours of your thyroid meds? I've read that you should eat the soy-free Medifast products til a few hours after you take your medication, to avoid issues..

I look forward to seeing you both succeed...

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I am glad I finally made time to read this thread. I too have Fibro and take Mobic and Cymbalta. I am currently using Ambien for sleep each night at my doctor's suggestion while I make some changes in my schedule (behavior modification!) I do try to go to water aerobics 3 times a week which has been one of the best things I ever did. I have "bone on bone" in both of my knees adn need them both replaced but the doctor wanted me to lose weight first. I lost 80 pounds on Medifast in 2003 but gained 40 back. I have now lost that 40 plus about 10 more.

I would love to get to goal before then though. I am glad to see this thread and look forward to learning more from all of you...

Comment #39

To Sue from Wash.

I have had Fibro for 9 years and still work! I thank God for that! I just bougth my first package and hope to start my next Monday. It is really hard to lose weight when any exercise hurts. I do exercises in the pool which seem to help. I just wanted to let you know that the medication Medipex has some warnings and one is to not stop abruptly. It is used for Parkinson's. If you have any renal problems you should talk to your MD.

It can also cause insomnia. I have never heard of it used for Fibro. I take Soma for the pain but can not take it when I work. I also take Ambien for sleep. I have IBS and HTN and no thyroid.

My mother was diagnosed with Fibro a few months before she passed.

I am so glad to talk with others who have this disease. I pray I can continue to work.


Comment #40

Someone has already brought up the possibility of soy being responsible for the relief most of you are getting from being on MF. Has anyone considered the possibility that it is the high level of protein that is giving relief ? I do not have fibro, but my 17 y/o niece does and I am always trying to find info for her. She is a vegetarian and I can't help thinking that if she increased her protein intake, she might get some relief. What are your thoughts?..

Comment #41

Thanks to all with fibro for posting their sucesses on this thread. It has helped me make the decision to go ahead and try MF.

I've had fibro for 10 years. I've read that the average fibro patient gains 60 lbs. I've never been content with being just average, so I gained 110! I feel really optimistic that this program will be beneficial. I'm now pre-diabetic, and I REALLY don't want to add full-blown diabetes to my poor health load!.

A word on MirapexI took it for about three years for the fibro. It helped my symptoms a lot, but had some strange side effects. My legs got very swollenpitting edema. If I pushed my thumb into my shin bone, I would get a pit about 1/4" deep and it would remain that way for a few minutes.

Then, there was the mental effects. Since it is a Parkinson's medication, it does affect your brain chemistry. I loved the way it made my brain feel. I used to be very artistic and creative, but had lost my creativity with the fibro. But, on Mirapex I became hyper creative. In the first few months, I took up water colors, sewing, upholstery, jewelry making, and crochet.

There is a class action lawsuit against Mirapex. Turns out it can cause people who never gambled in their life turn into gambling addicts. Some others have become compulsive shoppers. Once I realized what was going on, I quit buying stuff on ebayit wasn't a big problem to quit, but I did spend about $4,000 online.

So, if you are on Mirapex, or considering taking it, please watch out for these weird side effects. I do miss the creative boost it gave me, but it's nice having my legs back to a more normal size!.

I'm glad there is a FM thread here. I'm looking forward to getting started on the Medifast program!.


Comment #42

I think, and this is just my opinion mind you, that any relief we feel while on the Medifast program is simply because we are carrying around less weight and more than likely moving more than we used to. I still have flareups and I still eat very high protein. While my flareups are not as frequent as they were and are less severe, I credit the Savella for that because before I started taking it, the pain was as unbearable as always, Medifast or no MF...

Comment #43

My niece is not overweight and still has debilitating flare ups, that's why I'm wondering if it's the soy or protein that make the difference in the MF'ers with Fibro...

Comment #44

The best things your niece can do to reduce the intensity of the flareups is to reduce her stress levels (easier said than done, believe me I know), get enough sleep every night and move those muscles, even when she thinks the pain is too much. Walking and stretching are things that I have found help more than anything...

Comment #45

Hi De ~~ I have had FM for 17 years with the exception of Ambien I chose to refrain from taking medication, however one week ago while visiting my FNP ( THYROID problem now ) she wants me to try Savalla ,it is still on my kitchen table. I am quite anxious to start it. I am thrilled to see you have gotten relief! I am a Nurse and I can be dense when it comes to taking medicine! Moving and lowered stress is key in experiencing less pain but at times just walking after getting up from a chair is shear agony and actually the past 3 months has been an awful flare up! To all of you with this awful condition be kind to your self Prayers and Blessings ! Cheryl..

Comment #46

Hi Cheryl.

Nice to hear from another nurse who has Fibro. I just started Sevella a week ago and have not noticed any relief yet. But I have hope. I take Ambien for sleep and Soma for my pain. I have had Fobro for 9 years and had to switch nursing jobs do to my weakness. I was unable to lift pts.

I now do Hospice and I have very little lifting to do. I actually am the admissions nurse.

I started Medifast 3 days ago. and have lost 5.9 lbs. I am just taking it day to day. Good luck with your weight loss and Fibro..


Comment #47

Have any of you used Lyrica? I have and am, but am really hoping weight loss will help me be at a point where I can get off the stuff!..

Comment #48

I have FM also. I am from a small town and there are not any Dr.s that really take it seriously. I have extreme insomnia and never connected the two until I just read this thread. Seems it is time to go in search of a good Dr. no matter how far I have to travel...

Comment #49

It took me a few weeks before I noticed a difference. The biggest difference I've noticed about taking Savella is the LACK of side effects...

Comment #50

I too have fibro with a bit of diabetes to top it off. It has been about 4 years of excruciating pain, weakness, fatigue, stiffness etc. I finally gave in and went to my doctor thinking I was dying and he ran all sorts of tests and sent me to a rheumatologist who finally decided it was fibro. Along with the diabetes it is a challenge. I had a brief lessening of pain while I was pregnant but since my babys birth my pain is back with a vengence. I can barely walk and I am constantly getting strange looks at work I am hobbling worse than some of my patients!!!! I don't take anything for my pain because I do not want the side effects and I tend not to react well to meds so It is all natural therapies I am interested in.

Each day is a test and I am really glad to find this thread and kindered spirits..


Comment #51

Sleep is essential, and what I learned in my fibro research is that part of our problem may well be that we aren't getting into enough REM sleep to re-set our bodies' pain cycles. So the accumulated aches and pains of the day just pile up on top of the prior day....and on and on..

The only thing I take for fibro is something to deepen my sleep (amitryptiline), and that is enough for me. Losing weight and the nutrition of the Medifast program really have helped me tremendously..

I wonder too about the thin people I know with fibro. That more than anything makes me think the nutrition or sleep parts may be key. We just don't know enough about the disease...

Comment #52

I used it once (I received a free week) and was so groggy the next day I could hardly function. I hated it...

Comment #53

I'm taking the largest dose of lyrica (one morning and one evening) and it has really helped with the pain, but it is horrible for the daily focus! That is why I want to get off of it..

I have seen a connection between my sleep patterns and my overall pain levels. Makes a big difference if I sleep well.

I do know that there is something about Medifast that makes me feel better. I don't know if it is the soy, the lower calories, the lack of junk or all of the above. Even my husband commented last night that my glow was coming back and I do feel better already even after a few days..

In the back of my mind I am thinking that I may either continue forever with a few soy shakes a day or add some serious soy foods to my lifetime diet...

Comment #54

Forgot to add I travel 2 1/2 hours to the rheumatologist, but she is so worth it. She was finally the one that gave me a diagnosis and said I wasn't crazy!..

Comment #55

While I do think that the Medifast foods make us feel better as a whole (I'm sure the soy and vitamin content is largely responsible), I still don't believe that it changed my fibro symptoms. I had just as many flareups while I was on MF, just a severe as pre MF. But this is just my personal experience.

As for the pain, good ole hyrdocodone (usually only half) or prescription strength Aleve get me through the night. I find myself using the Naproxen more than the pain pills since I've been on the Savella though...

Comment #56

Even before I was using MF, I noticed that carbs affected my fibro symptoms. So I feel that is at least one aspect of Medifast that helps..

As all others have said, I also believe sleep is a major factor. In fact there was a sleep study done that actually produced fibro like symptoms in otherwise healthy people. I'm not certain but I believe that it was where they allowed the people to sleep but disturbed them every time they began REM sleep to keep them out of that level where so much of the restorative and healing nature takes place for the brain. What I do recall is that the subjects began to show physical symptoms within 3 days. On the other hand, left to sleep normally, their symptoms went away even quicker than they had started. So to me it seems that sleep is a factor but it does have two sides.

Could it be that our sleep issues predated our fibro. I don't think the answer is simply getting enough quality sleep but I suspect without it we can't make much progress either. I also suspect that whatever activity we can get also helps us get more restful sleep.

So Sweet and Healing Dreams everyone!!!.


Comment #57

It feels so good to read all of this... to know that there are others who understand and are trying to figure it out... I hope this thread will continue on and be a source of support for us all..

I am new to the fibro world but have done a lot of learning this year! Sleep has been a big emphasis for me and my doctor. I take trazodone which is great at making me sleepy- get rem sleep- and then not be really groggy in the morning... I have lost 35-some pounds so far and while the pain is still with me, everything is getting easier..

It is very hard to get by when I have two young kids- my son is almost two- Do any of you have a similar struggle? I mean, there is no sick day, no slowing down, no taking it easy with the kids... And I often feel despair at not being a good enough mother. Just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat?.

Also I was wondering if anyone has tried accupuncture. I have been trying to get up the nerve. We are going to have a first support group here in my area soon and they will have someone there to speak about it...

Thank you all for sharing your experiences!..

Comment #58

I am very, very lucky in that I applied for and won Social Security Disability benefits for my fibro/chronic fatigue. I was working in a very active place, and trying to do cosmetology, but eventually it got to the point where I couldn't even make it through half a day without having to go home and go to bed. Now I don't really work at all (though I have to put in a few half days for a few more weeks until I can retire for good) which isn't great for social interaction but has helped some with the constant, crushing tiredness...

Comment #59

Connie - I definietly struggle as you do. I work a demanding job 10 hours a day, I have 2 kids one grown, one teenager (oh and a DH so that makes 2 teenagers ) and a 6 YO granddaughter that is with me every day after school and often all weekend. You can't let yourself feel like you are not a good enough mom. If you are doing everything you can to take care of them then you are a good mom. I found a long time ago that I had a choice to make. I could let the condition take over and rule my life, ruin my life, or I could decide to take charge and figure out a way to work through the pain and discomfort and keep control of my life.

I am not the kind of person that is capable of admitting defeat and I will be damned if I'm going to let Fibro defeat me! There are, of course, days where I just don't want to get out of bed because I was in pain all night and didn't sleep, but I force myself to get up and go to work and eventually the pain will subside and be forgotten for a while. It's truly amazing what we can make our bodies do when we put our minds to it..

More than anything else I've learned that SOME kind of exercise is key to controlling the symptoms. ANYTHING that keeps your muscles and joints moving. I know how hard it is to exercise when in pain. I've used that as an excuse too. But I've found if I force myself, even if it's just stretching or taking the dog for a walk, the pain becomes more and more manageable..

As for acupuncture - Eh. You have to believe in it for it to work, and I don't.

Hang in there and know that you're not alone in your struggle against this particular enemy (yes, that's how I think of fibro)...

Comment #60

I have fibromyalgia, lupus, herniated lumbar disc, and some other lovely health issues. It is great reading that this program is helping folks with inflammation and flares! Thanks to all who have shared thus far! I have 40 pounds to go and today is almost the end of day 1.

Hugs to all!.


Comment #61

Welcome aboard the SS MF..

As you have read there are others of us on Medifast who also have medical issues such as fibro. I know some folks have found that the weight loss helped them. For me, the weight loss helps, especially my knees and feet that had grown quit upset with the weight I had gained. But being OP (On Plan) helps me too. I believe it's the controlled and lower carb level..

The good news - it really works - if you follow it..

Sorry to hear about your medical issues, but happy for you that you have found your way here. Lots of folks here with lots of experience with MF, and in my experience everyone is supportive and helpful. So if you have any questions, you can search the forums to see if anyone else has talked about it in the past, or ask it in a thread or in chat - I'm sure someone will answer you..

Again - welcome aboard - hoping your journey goes smoothly..

Comment #62

Fibro here and lyrica is evil! I had the most horrible craving for sugar while I was taking it. I'm not sure if it helped or not because I was so stressed about what I was eating and gaining. I've only been doing Medifast for 13 days and I've felt horrible since I started until today. I was walking several times a day for short periods of time (with my dogs - the best exercise equipment God ever invented!) and was actually walking about 45 minutes every evening. This last week I was barely making it through the work day and the poor dogs had to settle for Daddy's short little "business" trips. My doctor said I just shocked my system and should know better by now.

I'm determined to stick with it. Momma always told me if I looked my best, I would feel my best and do my best (dresses and curls for every test day). It's worked all my life and I'm hoping to make it work again.

Thank you all for all of your help and encouragement! Every question and answer is always enlightening...

Comment #63

Hi! The first day was the hardest for me. All of the food tasted funny (those artificial sweetners) and while I wasn't really hungry, I was doing a lot of thinking about food and having a lot of cravings. The second day was much easier - I discovered the chocolate mint crunch bars and chocolate pudding! Make sure you force down all that water. I lost 6 pounds the first few days and while I know it was water weight, it sure did feel good to post it on my log!.

We are all in this together and we can do this. I had to keep reminding myself that nobody was making me do this program. I'm choosing to do this because I want it for me!..

Comment #64

I know how you feel! I was diagnosed with fibro and RA when my daughter was almost 2. It has made life more difficult and sometimes she doesn't understand why I can't play games with her like the moms on TV. We do lots of more sedentary activities together - like reading and playing board and card games and I spend a lot of money taking her to non-sedentary activities like cheer and gymnastics. I've got some great friends too who are teaching her baseball and tennis - things I couldn't do even when I wasn't impaired!.

My daughter (9 now) knows she is loved and is learning to deal with my limitations - it gets easier as she gets older. I figure no mom is perfect. Mine came pretty close, but I realized looking back that she often suffered from depression and OCD. It was normal for our family. I don't know anyone of my friends that is as close to their mom as I am to mine. No mom is perfect and all we can do is our best!..

Comment #65

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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