Anyone with crohns disease have success with Medifast?

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I just started Medifast today and I'm so excited!!! ive had crohns diease for about 4 and half years and it is really hard for me to lose weight, go figure. when I always thought about someone with crohns diesease they were skinny! ha ha not me. I'm the exception I guess!! anywho I would love to loose about 50 pounds and I know I can do it. I am very strong in my faith and pray the God will help me in this process. if anyone else has crohns disease or any other GI disease, please let me know. we could help each other through it!!!..

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I'm starting Medifast on tuesday and I also have crohns! thats actually how I found out about this program! one of my moms friends has it too and she did this and not only lost weight but has NO symptoms of her disease anymore. I can't wait to start! you're not the only one who isnt the "stereotypical skinny crohnie". but with the help of Medifast we'll be right with them! good luck and we can for sure keep in touch and support each other through this new step in our lives!..

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I was diagnosed with Crohn's about 11 years ago, after years of suffering and not getting any answers. I had no issues at all while on 5&1 (and on Asacol). Only 1 flair-up since diagnosed - last spring. But the flair-up could have had another cause: a week after starting Prednisone cycle, I ended up with an emergency partial small bowel resection. And it had nothing to do with the Crohn's.


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Hello mavese, you said you have lupus and have done this program. I too have lupus and sjogren's syndrome, just started, having horrible digestive problems with the mf. have not heard back from the nutritionist yet on what to do. smooth move isn't cutting it. any suggestions ? thanks somuch,.

Donna (tommyboy51)..

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I have crohn's disease and just put my order in and hope to start as soon as the food shows up. I too an not skinny, infact I find eating helps with the pain by pushing things through. Not to mention carbs are the easiest to eat! I could live on carbs alone. I am looking forward to trying this program to see if I can make it work. Keep in touch!.

Alison (alsncali)..

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Hi Everyone,.

I don't have Chrons but my husband does and he is going to be starting the program this week. I am proud of him that he wants to make this change, but I am nervous that he may have a flare-up while following this diet. How has Medifast been working for everyone? Any side effects (positive or negative)? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!.

Thank you,.


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I havent noticed any issues with my crohns and MF. I am taking remicade every 10 weeks though. I have noticed that my food allergies are more sensitive. Before even if I was allergic to something I could eat it and not suffer much, with the Medifast I have to run......

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Thanks so much for the insight!.

I'll make sure that he's aware of that before he starts...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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