Anyone with bipolar or depression doing Medifast?

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Just wondering if there's anyone out there with simular ailments and how they deal with it all while on Medifast and unable to numb yourself with food/drugs/alcohol...

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This is the SAME struggle that so many people have after weight loss surgery. In fact, I was reading some research that showed how people who didn't drink alcohol before actually developed alcoholism and other drug addictions after losing the ability to use food in the way they once did. They used something else to fill that void..

I would suggest finding something else (healthy!) to fill the void that food/drink once filled in your life. i.e. running, weight lifting, or something else that gives positive chemicals in your body in a healthy way..

Of course, it is easy for me to say this. I need to DO this myself!!!.


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I suffer from some of the same issues as you, mainly severe depression but also hypothyroid. I just take it one day, sometimes one minute at a time. It's a constant internal struggle but I am also going to start therapy to help me find out why I use food as a crutch. So, I do understand! Good luck!..

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This is a great question. I definitely use food as a drug - to comfort and calm. But it is a double edge sword because binging puts my self esteem in free fall. Binges leave me more depressed and fatigued than before..

I think MF's diet and exercise program is a great anti-depression least it is for me...

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For me, being on the Medifast journey helped me deal with "facing my stuff and NOT stuffing my face". It is a hard lesson to learn but so worth it. In fact, I believe that is what makes Medifast more successful than othe diets.

First of all, if you are hypothyroid, that in itself lends people to be more prone to depression, I am hypo and I just learned to relax, deep breathing, yoga, meditation, they all help.

As far as "replacing" food which use to numb our feelings... I think you HAVE to feel the feelings and learn to be ok with it... Its OK to get angry, hurt, frustrated, etc... you don't have to NUMB them. you have to get through them, how,..... by going through them.

Numbing is what gets people in trouble. whether it be from food, drugs, alcohol.


Take care..

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I sort of feel out of place in a lot of these forums because I don't have a lot of the same issues as other women. I lived most of my adult life a normal size, only very recently gaining weight.

So I guess I don't consider myself to have an 'unhealthy' relationship with food, and now I kind of feel at a loss if it's ok to post in these threads?.

But even so, I'm throwing myself out there cause I feel like poo today. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 12 years ago, and it's something I've been dealing with mostly off meds this whole time. Two years ago I was put on some pretty heavy drugs in an attempt to stop the manic episodes that were ruling my life at the time..

To be honest, I rather enjoyed the mania, anyone with bipolar will tell you it's like a drug, but I tried the meds because of circumstances going on at the time, I felt I needed to be compliant. Because of these medications, I gained weight at an incredible rate, and I eventually stopped taking them but ended up weighing 270 lbs..

I don't hate my body, or feel ugly or anything. I feel comfortable with myself, but also very unhealthy and I want to have what I consider 'me' back, that's why I started Medifast.

I think I may have picked a bad time though, because my husband (who has been my best friend forever) is leaving me to move to another state. It's a long story... but I feel like I'm being abandoned. Plus my ex (father of my kids) is having a new baby with his gf, moving into a nice new home, etc. I feel like everyone is moving on and I'm being left behind..

None of this makes me want to go off-plan, but I have been crying nonstop the past two days now, and it's got me wondering how much is my bipolar, and how much is my body adjusting to the new diet?.

Anyone else have similar issues that I can relate to? I would really love some reassurance from someone just to know I'm not alone...

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It sounds like your life is really crazy and stressful right now, I suffer from anxiety and depression and you sound normal to me, considering. No advice really but stay strong and remember you are doing this for yourself. I have 2 wonderful but teen age boys and a disabled husband, aging mother that drives my side of the family crazy and a mil that has alzheimers and is driving the hubs and his brother crazy. I have let all that control me for too long, I'm working to take control of at least my health for the sake of me and the boys...THe people on the boards are great and will give advice and virtual hugs if you are needing to vent, whatever. They will also give you some tough love about staying op. Good luck and god bless.....

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I am Bipolar #2. For me my Mania is called Hypo mania and it's a nightmare. I don't get a happy high, I get irritable, unfocused and can snap at people at work. It's no fun at all..

My main struggle is the depression. I can say it certainly causes me trouble with weight loss. I lost 65lbs on Medifast but then a huge depression hit me and I just couldn't stay OP. The fatigue causes intense cravings and an inablity to cook when I get home. I resort to a lot of fast food and convience food. I gained back 32 lbs..

After a lot of work with my psychiatrist I am doing much better and trying to get this weight off. I still struggle with hunger so I am going to try the 4-2 for a while see if that helps..

I cannot imagine being bipolar and not taking meds. They saved my life...

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I don't have any suggestions for you other than to consult with your Dr. if you are struggling. Did you have any of your meds adjusted during/after your weight loss? I pray that you get the answers you need. I have problems with depression and anxiety/panic attacks. So far, mine are controlled. I have lost 24 lbs so far and I am seeing my Dr.

I am hoping that my BP meds are going to be not necessary very soon!.


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Hi there, to Alexa I would say that you should not be feeling hungry on the meals. You should be eating every 2.5 to 3 hours. If hungry at the 3 hour mark, eat the meals closer to 2 hours even if it means having one extra meal that day. I am a Health Coach with Take Shape for Life (the coaching side of Medifast) and also lost weight on Medifast and have coached over 50+ people and many with similar issues and conditions. Feeling hungry also triggers similar feelings in some people such as sleepiness, slugishness, inactiviy... Drink plenty of water also which is sometimes related to feeling hungry, many of us don't get enough water each day which our bodies need and sometimes we interpret as hunger.

There is a lot of science behind the Medifast meals and the 5 and 1 Program.

To Kelly: Sounds like you are going through a very stressful time and it may not be the best time to start the program. But then again if you know you are trying to focus on yourself and doing good for your body and don't feel discouraged then now is as good a time as any. It is normal to feel fatigued, strange and a host of other things the first week to three weeks after starting the Medifast meals, as your body adjusts. But generally within a week you should feel more energetic. I suggest you call Medifast and request to be assigned a coach, this can help tremendously not only with your success in getting healthy, but in motivation and inspiration not to mention once you are transitioning and in maintenance. Coaches do not go away and they keep you accountable.

Some people can go off their medications and be ok, others need them always. Either way, it is ok if you are ok with it and feel good.

Congratulations on taking this big step in improving your health. Take it one day at a time and if you are persistent, you will get great results and positively impact your life in so many ways..

Feel free to email me anytime with questions:.

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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