Anyone using the Total Gym?

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Just curious - does anyone have the Total Gym that is always being advertised on TV? Good/Bad, looking for any input. Thanks!..

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Your question was: Anyone using the Total Gym?.

My gym had 6 of the gym version of these machines, but got rid of them after about a year. I attended a few classes using them, but stopped because they charged an extra fee for it. I do know that several people injured their shoulders using these machines, so be careful!..

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I have one and I really like it. I also have a treadmill, eleptical, recumbant bicycle and a Pilates machine. I don't live in town so going to a gym is not going to happen. I switch off and do aerobics also and the WII WIO. I pick which one I want to do each day but I don't do two days in a row of the same thing. I have a bad shoulder so I do watch what I do with the Pilates and the total gym.


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Hello everyone - I have to admit to being a horrible impulse buyer, but i've wanted a home gym for a while now, so when I saw it on qvc using easy pay and no shipping charges, I jumped..

What sold me was that you're not using actual weights - i've never been a fan of those - rather you're using your body weight and gravity to get your work out. I was also looking at just the resistance bands, but I wanted something with a little more structure, so i'm hoping the total gym works for me - we'll see in about a week when it gets here..

Hi Nancy - I also do wii wio - I only have about 350 more items to get - mainly trees before i'm finished with my island. I have everything else - all the songs, constellations, time clock pieces - so it'd be hard for me to start over and have to listen to all those slow songs again - oh the horror! lol.....right now I usually just get my rainbow every day and maybe clear a small area or two, nothing major. I hate the thought of not having my airship! lol.

Thanks for the replies - wish me luck with the total gym! have a good night, DC..

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