Anyone using Byetta with Medifast?

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Is anyone else using Byetta with MF? I'm a newbie both to Medifast and Byetta (10 mcg) and would appreciate some advice from a voice of experience on the best way to use Byetta with this program. My blood sugars are plunging a couple of hours after the dose and making me extremely hungry..


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Your question was: Anyone using Byetta with Medifast?.

Hi Karen,.

I have lost some weight using Byetta (< 10 lbs.). The idea of sticking myself twice a day took some getting used to. Once I started it was no big deal. The needles on the pens are very thin and short. I just need to figure out how best to use it with MF. Hopefully it will be a moot point soon. If I get to my goal weight I hope I won't need any more meds!..

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That sounds good! Does your doctor know how few carbs you're eating these days?.


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I have been using Byetta 10mcg for many months, and continue to use it with Medifast for right now. I don't know if that's part of the reason I have been losing so well or not, but for now the doctor wants me to stay on it. I have not had any problems with my blood sugar dropping too low, but I am also no longer on any of the meds that would cause low blood sugar.

My endocrinologist took me off the glipizide (glucotrol) right before I started Medifast because she said it would cause my blood sugar to drop too low. She also cut my nighttime insulin in half at the beginning for the same reason, and it has since been stopped altogether because my glucose readings have been so good. According to her, Byetta is not a med that causes low blood sugar. It works primarily to slow the emptying of your stomach contents and for many diabetics helps you to lose weight.

Is there perhaps another med you are on that is causing your blood sugar to plunge? It might be best to check with your doctor on this one...

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I have been on Medifast since December 2006 and on Byetta since the same time. My Dr. who put me on the Byetta also recommended Medifast to me. I take 5mcg twice a day. In the morning I take it before I eat oatmeal. In the evening I take it before my lean and green.

I have never had any plateaus. I also take glucophage. Use to take it twice a day - morning and night. It started to bother my stomach so now I take it once a day just before my lean and green. No more stomach problems.

I dont know if Byetta has had any impact on my weight loss but it suppose to help with appetite suppression. I never feel hungry but that could be the diet plus all the water I drink in combination with the Byetta. Don't really know but it is working..

As for my blood sugar - before Medifast and Byetta my blood sugar average was 150+. Since starting both my blood sugar average has gone down to a 107 average over 30 days. My A1C has also gone down from an 8 to a 6 in just 2 1/2 months..

Hope this helps. Good luck..

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Thanks everyone for your feedback. It is really helpful and encouraging. Obviously, the next step for me is to talk to my doctor about dropping the glipizide. That should solve the problem of the lows. I just had my first-week weigh-in. Dropped 15 lbs since last Wednesday! Fasting blood sugar this AM at 93.

I'm impressed. Very impressed...

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Congratulations on that first-week weight loss!!! Isn't it motivating to see results?? Keep up the great work!!!!!.

I hope that you can get your meds adjusted to not have the low blood sugar. I'm sure it's the glipizide, because the Byetta and metformin (glucophage) alone shouldn't put you into a low blood sugar. They are more of a glucose stabilizer. I'm sure your doctor can help you to get on the right track...

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My doctor recommended Byetta to me, but I do not have blood sugar problems at this point. He sadi it would aid in my weight loss, he also recommended Medifast to me. Do you think it is an issue to take Byetta shots if I'm not diabetic or even pre diabetic?..

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Hmmm...... I can only tell you that prior to Medifast, I was only losing weight at the rate of about 1 pound or less per month. So, yes, the Byetta did produce a loss, but I told my doctor I wouldn't LIVE long enough to see my goal weight!!.

I'm looking at my brochure re: Byetta... here's some of what it says: "Byetta is a medicine that was deleloped to help treat people with type 2 diabetes in a different way than diabetes pills or insulin. Byetta MAY reduce your appetite. It slows stomach emptying so food passes more slowly through your stomach, helping your body produce the right amount of insulin at the right time." You can find out more at

I only know that without Medifast, the Byetta alone wasn't doing much for me weight loss wise. Medifast, however, is TOTALLY working...

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Did ya'll know that Byetta is now availabe in tablet form? Has been available since December, I believe.


Comment #9

Thank you Ready4Change! I did tell my doctor I would like to try it without the Byetta and then go from there...

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I have had type ll diabetes for over 20 yr. I am on Novolog with meals and I use Lantus once a day, take glucophage twice a day. I was on Medifast in the fall of 2006 and lost 25lb. in 6 weeks. I also notced a decline in insulin use while on the diabetic products. When I check my Bg at meal time 3 times a day my numbers are normal even without using the Novolog at all.

My endocrinologist said. "How ever you are doing it, keep it up." I told him I am on MF. My A1C is 6.6 down from 8.5. I am back on the plan, for a week now. It is great for Bg...

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Hi! I have been using byetta 1 year now. My doctor took me off metformin and put me on byetta 5 to begin and 10ul 2 months later. My A1c' s have gone from 7.2 to 5.8. I started medifast in October. and lost about 23 pounds by December. I need to lose about 25 more pounds.

(MF has let me get below that weight that I could not get below before.) Then I fell off the wagon. I am back on Medifast as best as I can do. I need to try and find that "zone" so that I can be completely back. Byetta is a wonderful alternative to those other diabetes medications. Good luck everyone..


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Chelle... I had some problems with slight nausea when I first started taking it, but my doctor said it might be a side effect so I wasn't concerned. It went away before too long. I wouldn't say it was ever severe...

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I had some nasua at the beginning but I wouldn't have called it severe. I passed after a few days of being on the Byetta. I called my Dr. and he said that is normal but if it was severe, I would call...

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Hello all, I just started Medifast on Monday and I've been using Byetta for 2 months now (10m). When I started the Byetta my DR took me off Actos but left me on Glipizide twice a day, with just that and the Byetta I did start to slowly lose weight (which was a BIG change from the gaining on Actos) but my fasting BS was still high (dawn phenom). Since Monday and starting Medifast my fasting BS is between 100-130 and my daytime numbers are in the 100's. This is great! I weigh in Sunday but I feel like I've lost, and I'm not hungry at all - I think the Byetta really helps with that! I'd appreciate any tips you all have for using Medifast with Type 2 - do you stick to the Diabetic products or do you use all Medifast products? Just curious...

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Hi Chitowngirl and welcome,.

I started out using the Medifast diabetic products because I'm pre-diabetic. But, as I got more familiar with MF, I noticed that some of the regular products actually have fewer carbs than the diabetic products. I asked Nutrisystem what the difference was and they said that the diabetic products have fewer sugars. (I haven't followed up and asked how they end up with more carbs then. Some things I just don't want to know.).

So, I experimented. I have continued to use the diabetic chocolate shakes, the cranberry mango drink, the tropical punch drink, and the apple cinnamon oatmeal. But, I do use the regular barswell, as many as I use (only the new chocolate and the caramel nut) because I just don't like the taste of the diabetic ones. I have some soups on hand but I haven't used them so much, mostly for convenience sake. I also use the cocoa and chai. Whatever I use, it doesn't seem to affect my blood glucose much one way or another.


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Hello everyone, I'm also a diabetic but I'm so hardheaded that you can say that I never checked my blood levels, but this past week I decided to try MF, so tomorrow will be my 1st day, hope I can handle it, because I'm the type of person that when it gets hungry I get headaches, nauseas, etc.. Well wish me luck, and I hope you can give me some good tips on how to achieve my goals.

Thank you..

Comment #17

Karen, thanks for the feedback. I think I'm going to experiment with a few things also. My BS levels have been great, almost too low on Medifast so I think I'll be safe. Someone at work gave me a Banana Pudding to try and it was really not bad. I'll let everyone know how it goes and if I see a big difference in my BS levels..


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Oh my word. I recently heard of this cause my sister just started using it as well. She is doing Medifast too. It sounded promising but I have a crappy medicare prescription plan so I called the RX to see how much it cost. LOL $248.

Looks like that isn't an option for me =p..

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Hi everyone,.

I've been on the Medifast diet now for 2 weeks - almost no cheating, I've had a smart carb ice cream bar a few times - and I take Byetta 10 twice a dayand Glipizide twice a day. Here's my problem, I havent lost any weight, just stayed the same. Did anyone else have a slow start to the weight lose while on the Meds? I actually feel like I've lost weight and the Medifast diet is easy to follow - in fact sometimes it's hard for me to get in 5 Medifast meals, many days I end up with 4/1. Any advice?.


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Hi Lisa,.

Sorry it's taken so long for someone to post an answer to your question - I'm just not getting to the boards as often as I'd like, and I just now saw your post.

You might consider asking your doctor about switching you from Glipizide to another diabetes med. I had been on Glipizide (Glucotrol) for more than 4 years. It causes lots of people to gain weight. When my endocrinologist switched me to Metformin instead, which does not cause weight gain - and may promote weight loss, it made all the difference in the world. The other problem with Glipizide is that it causes low blood sugar, and that can be a problem when you are doing Medifast. The Metformin works in a different way, and doesn't cause low blood sugar.

I'm happy to say that I am almost OFF all my diabetes meds now. The two that I continue to take (Byetta and Metformin) have been reduced to their lowest dose - so it is just a very short time before they are gone!! I am gradually adding in regular Medifast foods, replacing the diabetic products, and my blood sugar readings have consistently been in a non-diabetic range after the first several weeks on MF. I have lost consistently since I began, and this was actually the first week that I didn't have a loss, but I am also getting closer to my goal so it's bound to happen. Medifast is giving me my life back!!!.

Stick with it, because once you can get your meds adjusted and stay with the plan, it will work for you too! Keep us posted on your progress...

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Ok my doctor started me on Byetta last week when I talked to her about it, she then cut my night time insulin Lantus in half. My question is the brochure I received with it said to take one hour before a meal, is that what the rest of you do? SW 328 CW 261 GW 150..

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You should eat your meal within one hour of taking the Byetta. Since it works to slow the emptying of your stomach contents, it's all about the timing. My doc has told me that if I forget to take it before I begin eating, don't bother taking it, because it won't do anything after you have already begun eating. But you can take the Byetta right before you eat, or up to one hour before your meal..

I think this may be the last month I am on it, because my last visit the doctor said she would probably take me off it at my next visit..

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