Anyone tried the Flavored Srays for Medifast??

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I saw this website in someones post and was wondering if anyone tried these sprays. It looks very enticing, especially since it has 0 cal/carbs. Thanks a lot!..

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Those sprays really sound too good to be true; I added the link to my favorites. (Only 2 sprays per serving.) There are sooo many delicious flavors online. I am going to try one to see how it tastes..

Glad you posted.

I wanted to try the DaVinci sugar free syrups; but online they are $7.99/bottle plus tax and shipping makes it really expensive. At my local SAMS store each bottle costs only $4.88. These are super!.

I did try and buy the True Lemon and Lime packets and they are excellent..

Dieting has really come a long way, huh?!..

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Hi Martha,.

Yes, dieting has sure come a long way! I'm going to order the sprays and hopefully it is as good as it states on the site. I'll let you know the outcome...

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I ordered 3 sprays: buttery, bleu cheese, and cheddar. All 3 are...flavorless. You get a BRIEF moment of flavor, and then it's gone. I was *very* disappointed...

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I ordered 2 of the sprays just to see if I liked them (smoked bacon and cheddar cheese). I thought the cheddar cheese one was flavorless as well but the smoked bacon seemed to satisfy my "crumbled bacon on grilled chicken salad" craving. I also think they want too much $ for the amount that you get (2 oz.) not to mention S & H charges...

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Thanks, bmoyles and drazil, I appreciate your replies. I already placed my order, but thank goodness I didn't buy a lot!!!..

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I went to the site and see that they have both "sprays" and "splashes." Does anyone know what the difference is and can we have the "splashes" too?..

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I think the site is I have not tried them yet. Let us know if you do!..

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