Anyone tried Overeaters Anonymous?

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I went to an Overeaters Anonymous group today, I'm interested, but not really religious. Has anyone else gone?..

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Your question was: Anyone tried Overeaters Anonymous?.

My mom's been in OA for 30 years I believe (can't exactly remember when she started.) She's not particularly religious (though when she started, she sure did SOUND religious.) Never heard of a meeting with the Our Father so maybe you should look for another meeting in your area? That just doesn't sound right to me. OA has been very good for my mother BTW. She had some real binge-eating tendencies and she's super healthy now but still "works" the program to keep her honest & healthy...

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Attended for awhile and agree with earlier posts - helped with the healing process, and many wonderful tools. You have to find the right fit for you! B..

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Many years ago (1976) I lost over 100 lbs. in OA. I maintained that loss for 15 years by being exceedingly strict in adherence to abstinence. Abstinence, for me, was refraining from sugar, alcohol, and most all carbs. FOR FIFTEEN YEARS I refrained!! I was so rigid I could have broken in half. When I picked up my first bite of sugar after the 15 yrs.

I gained back about 80 lbs over the years, which brought me here, to NS, last year..

NS, IMHO, is a much healthier and well-rounded way of life. I'm learning so much more here...about portion control and low glycemic index and HOW to eat healthy carbs. And I'm much happier being less rigid.

OA had it's great points and awful points. The 12 Steps has references to HP being God as you understand HIM all throughout. My God, if I had one, was definitely not a him. And yes, the Lord's Prayer was said after each meeting. I felt that it was stated that HP was "whatever you wanted it to be, could even be the group" but that wasn't what was really meant by the steps..

Great, albeit struggling, people there, as here. Much more in the way of self-analysis to help understand why I ate. I found out the hard way that it didn't matter if I knew why...I ate regardless!.

But I did lose that enormous amount of poundage and kept it off. So, from that knowledge, I know that I can do mainenance here!..

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Thanks for sharing your story! I agree that Nutrisystem has a more balanced way of looking at food that is realistic. We DO like sweet stuff, and with NS, we can learn to have smaller portions with Nutrisystem sweets, and/or re-do old recipes to include more protein, fiber, and low-GI carbs...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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