Anyone tried Medifast or any other mail-order meal programs?

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First question I got is Anyone tried Medifast or any other mail-order meal programs? Hoping for any comment. Second question.. As I was placing an order today I noticed that though my order was $280-ish (after coupon), the shipping was $20-ish. Not the usual amount....

With a bit of tweaking I was able to get the "your order is over $275 and qualifies for 1/2 price shipping" message to appear but not until my post-coupon total was over $325..

Did Medifast change the minimum cutoff for half price shipping or is my account somehow broken?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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I placed an order the other day, and it didn't come up with half price shipping. I called customer service, and they said that their website was not working correctly for that function. She gave me a credit for half of the shipping. The site is supposed to be fixed soon...

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Okay, I made up a fake order. I was a bit over 275 and it gave me 1/2 price shipping. I think the new site has had a few issues. My ebates thing didn't work. Ebates is researching it...

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Yeah, it's quirky. I think the coupon code logic may be part of the problem. It seems OK at $275 total without coupon, but with the coupon applied the pre-coupon total needs to be $375 (resulting in a net total w/o shipping of $325). My wife's account had the same problem so it's not just an account setting..

Fortunately (?) I still have a long way to go on Medifast so I can absorb a larger than usual order...

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I am a member of 'be slim' under tsfl (take shape for life) which is another section of medifast. it is akin to mf's 'vip' ... I get free shipping with min order of $225. If anyone is interested in doing it that way...just fyi...

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PS, you also get 5% off BEFORE the min $225 so you do have to order about $238 to qualify, but still better than 1/2 price shipping for $275 or $325...

Comment #6

..but not better than normal + shipping - 50% shipping - $50 coupon - 5% Ebates...

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He wrote something and edited it out. What he wrote in is the reason why he edited his original comment..

That's my guess and I'm sticking to it!..

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I just ordered again and got the half price shipping at the $275 level. However, it didn't show up in my total anywhere until I got to the very last confirmation screen and then it said I qualified for it. Still worked, but it was definitely different than the way it worked before they changed up the site...

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I placed an order on Mar. 21 and after a 50.00 coupon it was 323.50 and I didn't get half price shipping. I called cust. service and was told they would put a credit on my account. I see the credit, but it wasn't applied to this order! I may call them back or wait and see what happens on my next order...

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Hmmm, I just had the same problem, order after $50 coupon was $286, full shipiing, all the way to the end. I called Customer Service, Forest said "you can't get both". When I asked when they changed that, they said about a month ago, when they changed their website. I said that really stinks..

Wonder if this post will remain, or be edited out?..

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Makes me mad.... the website says we should get 1/2 price shipping. I called Cust. Svc again, this time I got LeToya at x1013. Had to place the order over the phone, and LeToya got the 1/2 price shipping after my coupon..


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Any takers wanna buy me a MONTHS worth of Medifast FOOD LOL..

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I had the same problem, but they refunded me the half of the shipping when I called them..

According to the help section on their site:.


All orders are processed within 24 hours and shipped the next business day. Allow five to seven business days for standard shipping, or three to four business days for expedited shipping (additional charge). V.I.P. Membership orders of $225 or more (total after coupons and discounts) get FREE standard shipping anywhere in the U.S. Non-V.I.P. Membership orders of $275 or more (total after coupons and discounts) get half-price standard shipping anywhere in the U.S..

So I was prepared with that if they gave me guff (which they didn't). Until they change their site, that's their policy as far as I'm concerned...

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I signed up for the VIP program and I guess I don't get discounts or coupons? My order is $316. this month. I"d ,ove to make it alittle less expensive...any suggestions??..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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