Anyone tried Medifast? How did it work? Did the food taste good or bad?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Anyone tried Medifast? How did it work? Did the food taste good or bad? Hoping for any answer. Another question I got... Hey everyone. First of all, this seems like an awesome board, and I've already spent quite a bit of time looking through threads. A little about me...

I'm 5'2" and I want to lose over 100+ pounds. I'm ready to take the plunge..

At this point, I'm only nervous about the Medifast plan and how it relates to hair loss. I've read that a lot of people going on this plan experience a lot of hair loss, and I have fine hair as it is, so... I'm wondering how you guys deal with that. I know that hair loss is a possible side effect when it comes to rapid weight loss in general, but I've heard quite a bit about it being a major side effect of Medifast..

What are some good ways to deal with his and (hopefully) prevent it altogether? I really, really don't want to have my hair fall out at all. :-(..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Hi, Dora... Thanks for the post. I actually did read that, and I was just wondering how many people here have been experiencing hair loss (or went through it) and what they did to deal with it? Or prevent it? I did a blog search as well and got a lot of hits with people who had to deal with hair loss during MF. So, I'm not sure if it's really a small percentage.... Judging by comments to the blog entries as well. Here are couple of examples:.

I'm sorry to harp on this, but I'm just really nervous about this potential aspect of MF...

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Start taking Super Biotin (5000 mcg) and Fish oil supplements now. This is what helped me stop losing hair and eventually have some decent regrowth..

Understand that this is not a symptom of using Medifast products, but rather any program that causes rapid weight loss. It's just part of losing a lot of weight in a very short time and has absolutely nothing to do with the products themselves...

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When I first did Medifast a few years ago, I lost about 45lbs. in 2 months. Around month 3 my hair started coming out like crazy - my hairdresser couldn't believe it! She'd seen it before in other clients that have lost weight quickly. You won't go bald - don't worry! But honestly, it's a small side effect that's worth the major weight loss. My hair filled back in pretty quickly after I stopped losing. Now with this round of MF, I've been taking 5000 Biotin hoping it won't be as bad, but I'm still expecting it.

Try not to stress about it - the excitment of weight loss will make it worth it!..

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Congrats on getting ready to start MF. I love Medifast but did have a lot of hair loss on it. I lost 47 pounds in about 5mo. I started losing hair in about the 3rd month and probably lost about half my hair's fullness. It's been over a year since I stopped Medifast (I just re-started to lose a few pounds I regained), and my hair has never returned to how it was before. I also took Biotin and fish oil supplements while on MF.

I love Medifast though and would do it all over again even with the hair loss. I did find that Nioxin shampoo might have helped a little?..

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I just finished my third month and haven't had any hair loss. I guess it could still happen but it doesn't seem to be a side effect for me...

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My hairdresser noticed the hair loss, but when I started taking biotin, it seemed to stop and now grows like crazy. It even helped with my nails..

I agree with De & Emma, it's a side of effect of "rapid weight loss", and it's well worth it. I wouldn't "not" start the program because you're afraid of the hair loss..

Hope that helps!.


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I have had hair loss too. In round one it started in month 4 and then got worse. It was never really horrible and didn't bother me that much because I have thick hair. It's starting to come out earlier this time but not as much as it was last time. Also agree that it's not the program. My MIL lost rapidly on another program and had hair loss...

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I've done nothing special during my time on Medifast, and have not experienced any abnormal hair loss. :-)..

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Hey! Congrats on starting MF, you are going to love this plan!.

I also have fine hair and for the first three months I thought I had dodged the whole "weight loss = hair loss bullet". Then around month four I started to lose hair like crazy and was freaking out. I took advice from other members on the boards and have been taking super biotin since and it has made a huge difference. My hair has grown much longer and I have all these new "baby" hairs growing in now where I had the most loss before. Start with the biotin now and you will catch it before it starts..

Good luck to you!..

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You may not lose any hair. But it is a side effect of weightloss and a restricted calorie diet. I say not to worry about it too much. Start taking super 5000mg biotin and either flaxseed oil or fish oil (omega 3 supplement).... these things will help. I have experienced alittle hair loss...

Just me noticing. Losing 100+ pounds seems like a good trade off for some hairs. Your journey is going to be amazing!..

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Is Biotin different than Super Biotin? I've only been taking the former - maybe I need to take the super?..

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I just checked my Biotin, and it's 8mg. Is that considered "super?"..

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Yep rapid weightloss will thin our hairs out LOL...but dont worry I lost so much hair that well I still have some and losing weight is great to sacrifice little hairloss here and there!..

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Mg or mcg? I don't think I've ever seem Biotin at 8 MG! Super biotin is 5000 mcg..

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You have to decide what's more important: losing hair temporarily while you lose weight fast, or lose weight slowly (if at all) and keep your hair as is..

I chose the former. It's a bummer sometimes, but I know it's temporary, and will come back when I'm in maintenance. Even more incentive for me to stay on plan...

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I personally haven't had any hair loss. I have a ton of hair though so I could go to lose a few..

Good luck!..

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Hair thins with fast weightloss,,,it isn't that it falls out more than usual, but that it simply doesn't grow from the follicles at the same rate, and the follicles "rest' longer between growth periods. This happens because your body senses fewer calories, and slows down hair growth since it is not necessary for survival..

A person normally loses 50 to 100 hairs per day, a hair has an average lifespan of 4 years, so these hairs are shedding at different times, then the follicle generally rests before starting a new hair. Your hair is NOT shedding more than usual, so much as simply not replenishing as it did before dieting. People do notice more shedding though in Spring and Fall..

Once your calorie levels are back up, hair growth should resume normally..

Take biotin, as others have recommended, research which foods for L/G that will give you a higher zinc level. This is also a good time to make sure you get red meat at least once a week. make sure you get all your healthy fats in. Hair needs them for strength and growth..

Most of all, don't stress,,,stress will mess with your hair as well as your loss..

Just relax,,,,it will all correct itself in time...

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My hair starting significantly thinning in month 4 or 5. I started taking super Biotin and changed to a conditioner only shampoo and it seems to have leveled off. It is not nearly as thick as it was (that might be a good thing) but I am confident it will be close to normal in a year or two..

In my opinion it is a small price to pay in order to wear size 6 pants..

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I understand your pain about hairloss. It is definitely something that I've been troubling with. It has been very unsettling and I have cried over it numerous times. I thought I had dodged the bullet as well until I hit the 3rd-4th month...that's when it began for me..

Before Medifast I used to take numerous supplements for hair, skin, nail health plus a regular multivitamin. I stopped those when I began MF. When this hair issue began I restarted all of my vitamins except for the multivitamin. I also tried to use a natural remedy to curb hair loss by doing a scalp massage/deep condition with olive oil infused with fresh grated garlic whenever I washed my hair. That helped a little but was too time consuming. I just started using Alter Ego Garlic Conditioning Mask.

I still get a lot of hair loss when I wash/detangle my hair...but from day to day it's not coming out in the comb the way it used to..

I felt like the hair loss would be a deal breaker for me but so far I haven't stopped MF. Although it's's also growing like a weed. I did have to trim off 2-3 inches of thinned ends and I do still feel like my hair is thinner than it was. But I'm hopeful that once I'm in maintanence it will come back. HTH. Good luck...

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Everyone, thanks so much for all of your feedback and comments. I'm still weighing (no pun intended) what to do, but I really, really, really appreciate the time that you guys took to respond. You guys have been very informative...

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It's 8 mg not mcg. Looking online, it looks like that comes out to about 8000mcg? So it looks like I was taking Super Biotin but still had *a lot* of hair loss...

Comment #22

Wow. I take 2 5000 mcg daily. It seems to help. Considering my thyroid issues, I need all the help I can get...

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It sounds like right around month 3-4 is when people notice hair loss, and that is when it happened for me. I was 3 months in and right around 50 lbs down, thought the hair would be fine, but then started noticing larger quantities coming out in the shower. I took Biotin from day 1 on Medifast and I don't think it helped. I now also take a B-complex vitamin and make sure to get my fat in (about 30-40 grams a day), because your hair needs dietary fat. The hair loss has slowed slightly but it is thinner than I would like it..

As others have mentioned, rapid weight loss by any means will put you at risk of hair loss - just google gastric bypass and hair loss..

Would I do it again even knowing about the hair loss? Heck. yes. I feel like a different person - I am more confident and MUCH happier. And I can move around easier and not worry about breaking chairs (or fitting in them at all). The hair loss sucks but I try not to get stressed about it..

Keep us posted on what you decide..

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