Anyone suggestions for Nutrisystem dinners?

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Just wondering if anybody else finds that a lot of the dinners are way too saucy. Hated the turkey tetrazzini and a couple of the other rice dishes too. They're just swimming in not so tasty sauces. I've mixed other cooked veggies in etc., but still not too thrilled. Anyone have any dishes that they particularly like?..

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Your question was: Anyone suggestions for Nutrisystem dinners?.

IMO, the more sauce the better. I just mix in tons of veggies...

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I AGREE!!! Some of the sauces are not that great! I find the rice dishes MUSHY- as I love brown rice and harder texture. I can't stomach the tortelina sauce anymore, but I, as Leslie does, like meat lasagna, rotini & meatballs, and the ravioli w/ meat sauce. It seems they use a different sauce in these dishes. I also like the Alfredo sauce and add broccoli and cauliflower to it.

Since I am a teacher and have the time to cook heathy during the surmmer I've been "Flexing" some of my dinners and really appreciate eating "Fresh" food. I've just been meticulously following the guidelines and measuring and weighing everything very carefully!!!.

One thing I learned is PORTION control. Tonight I made a pasta salad with grape tomatoes, green beans, carrotts, pepper, onions and whole wheat pasta. Since I used my fat allottment on the olive oil for the dressing, I couldn't have any black olives (which before Nutrisystem I would use 1/2 a can and the other 1/2 I would eat as I was making the salad- never realizing how much fat was in black olives!!!).

I've only been on 6wks, but I can see where the food may get monotulous if I don't do some flexing. I think we really need to be creative with veggies add ins and spices..

Hang in there!!.


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Pink, I agree with you. I don't like most of the sauces and hate to ruin the taste of my veggies by covering them in the sauce. I like the rotini, the spaghetti is okay, and the swedish meatballs are okay. Otherwise I stick to the sloppy joes, beef patty, pizzas, and veggie fajita...

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Well, just recently I discovered spaghetti squash for the first time and I just love it. I make up a big bowl of it and add some parmesan cheese (very little just some for flavor) and spray some Pam Olive Oil and some ICBINB spray. I add a cup of it to various Nutrisystem entrees, since it's texture is like noodles it's so good warmed up/cooked with the entree or stirred in cold which helps give more of a crunch..

I add cholula and/or red pepper flakes to many of the saucy entrees too..

I am flexing more and more but some things are too much of a hassle to duplicate. I'll probably always get a few ravioli's, lasagne's and teriaki steak and noodles. (that last one mixes really well with a cup of spag squash!)..

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How do you cook the spaghetti squash. Someone told me to just set it in the microwave and cook it for 2 minutes, but the "spaghetti" was crunchy and very obviously squash - not pasta. Does it ever get so it tastes like pasta?..

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Yes, too much sauce on some and I don't like it either...

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I've never microwaved it although with this heat I may try to tomorrow. I'm kind of funny about microwaving, I do warm things up with it but haven't used it to cook veges..

I just clean it out and put it face down in a glass casserole dish with water and/or chicken broth. Bake 350 for I don't remember 15 or 20 minutes. I know I found it on I'll check out the recipe Midnight Mom just posted too..

I've used a big fork to scrape it out and it just comes out in strings. I wouldn't say it tastes like pasta, it just is a nice replacement with the right seasonings.

It's worth trying if you haven't yet or lately!!!!!!!!!!! It's one of my best discoveries this year so far!..

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Ive been eating all my veggies raw.. I guess it's the italian in me that uses the carb servings (usually Whole wheat toast) to soak up the sauce....

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Check out the technique in cooking SS using a microwave (not the recipe...just the cooking technique) is what I use. Cutting a Spaghetti Squash in half to bake is very tricky...the mic makes it soft after pricking it a bit and zapping it for awhile. I don't bother with the oven during the summer, (cept my Wolfgang Puck Bistro Oven ...makes great pizza~!).



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I've rinsed a couple of the entrees off, so that I don't eat the sauce, but eat the noodle/meat combo. It was surprisingly good...

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