Anyone smoking and on Medifast?

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I have found a very good product (I'm not an affiliate or anything, just a customer) that I want to share with you all if you happen to be a smoker who wants to quit or know someone who does..

Deciding to get healthy in every way, my smoking was hanging over my head and now I've kicked that bad habit to the curb. I am now smokefree and never going back to that awful, expensive, and detrimental habit..

For about the price of a carton of cigs, you can be rid of the nasty cancer sticks once and for all.

If you'd like to know what to order or how to order, let me know and I'll walk you through it.

I was amazed how easy it was to quit with this product...

Comments (8)

Exactly how the heck does that work? Not a smoker but have a grown son that is. That almost looks like drug paraphenalia! LOL..

Comment #1

Yes! How does that work? I'm a non-smoker, but my cousin is a heavy one. I may pass along the info to him!.

This woman on my bus also has been raving about the new pill to stop smoking? Apparently she was a heavy chain smoker her whole life and this pill caused her to stop - and stopped the cravings too! I only wish they had these things around years ago before my grandma died from those things.



Comment #2

You fill the atomizer with a liquid and just drag on it and it has a vapor you blow out like real smoke but there's no odor. There is a video about it on youtube too. Just search cignot at and you can watch it...

Comment #3

Very interesting. I'll have to have my son look into it. Thanks for the info...

Comment #4

Hi Norilee:.

Wonderful news about your success in quitting smoking. Sending lots of kudos your way !I am a non-smoker but would like to know more about the product as my daughter smokes...

Comment #5

Just go here She'll want to order the automatic ecig. It's a more natural feel than the manual ecig (that one you push a button every time you inhale). It's not a natural feel. I suggest ordering the $35 kit, a car charger for $5, and a 20ml bottle of liquid for $9. Add shipping $5 and it's a little more expensive than 1 carton of real cigs at $54.00. It comes with an instruction booklet.

I wasn't looking for something else to smoke like cappucinoI'll leave that to Medifast and Starbucks to fill that needso I just got what's closest to what I used to smoke-Marlboro.

Feels good to say "I used to smoke" but I'm replacing that with "I'm a proud non-smoker". After smoking for 35 years, I am no longer a slave to cigarrettes...

Comment #6

How long did it take you to stop smoking? I'm no longer smoke buy my daughter does...

Comment #7

I'm not kidding when I tell you this: 1 Day...

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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