Anyone on Nutrisystem with Fibromyalgia?

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Fibromyalgia Anyone? Support Group..


Welcome, Meet the others with Fibromyalgia and associated illnesses. We have been having great friendships, and enjoy any new people, so come on over!.

You never know, sometimes the simplest word can be of help and support..

Weight loss can be a difficult challenge for people with health problems, we understand, we are those people..

See ya,Gail..

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Your question was: Anyone on Nutrisystem with Fibromyalgia?.

Hi, Gail here. Thanks for replying. You have done well losing weight. That is awesome. This flare-up I am having is about three months so far. I traveled and had the stress of flying 14 hours both ways plus the ten days away.

I don't always have patience for this.

How active are you able to be. I am on antidepressants and topamax for the migraines. I get other headaches though. I take soma for the muscle spasms. Ultram is a very good medicine. I cannot take it because of interactions.

Take care Gail..

Comment #1

I had never heard of this disease until I met my boyfriend's mother (my soon to be mother in law). It is a very odd disease, and the poor thing always seems to be in pain...

She is part of TOPS (taking off pounds sensibly) and has managed to maintain her weight for years..

It is hard for her to excercise but she does manage to spend 15 mins a day on her "glider". It's kind of like an eliptical trainer, but no incline..

Sorry that I do not have anything increadibly insightful to add... I just saw the thread title and it's a word you don't hear very often, so just wanted to add my $0.02..

Comment #2

Hi! We can have a fibro thread started everyday..

I will start it each morning if you like..

I have had serious back problems for about 15 years. I had felt the tiredness and pain for a long time but the back pain, I later learned masked the other pain. I was diagnosed with fibro about 6 months ago. Was afraid I had rheumatoid arth due to the burning sensations in my elbows..

Anyway I told my Dr I didn't want the "crazy disease." Since then I have learned a lot. I think there are several on here with fibro..

I am on LexiPro which is also used as a fibro treatment. I looked into Lyrica but my Dr is not high on it and a side effect is weight gain..

Both my back Dr and fibro pain Dr recommended a recumbent stationary bike which I just got and started using last Thursday. So far so good..

The back issues make walking any distance a non issue..

I will start a thread in the morning...

Comment #3

I have FMS also, I was diagnosed 12 years ago. It has become a lot more out in the public since then. I have had many areas of flare ups over the years.... but this latest one is the most baffling, to me and the doctors.... It's late and I need to go to bed, I will look for the thread in the morning and will post more... very good idea this thread, I look forward to meeting all of you...

Comment #4

Hi Ladies, I was diagnosed with RA 9 years ago, and then 7 years ago with FMS. It's no fun and I have a really hard time just walking around the house some days. I have found that I just can't exercise hardly at all or I suffer for days after. I was hoping that with the weight loss would allow me to become more active but with 60lbs. gone it actually seems to have gotten worse. Oh well life goes on.


Comment #5

Hi Gail,.

There are quite a few of us here that suffer from FMS and usually something else as well..

I have FMS and MS also. Yeah, tons of fun But I do have to say that since being on Nutrisystem and learning to eat properly, I my life has changed. I will always have these conditions but a year ago I was not able to do much let alone exercise. I lost all my weight and reached my goal without doing any..

But, I am now able to exercise (not always, but often) and have many more "good" days then ever before. I quit taking all my meds (except the occasional pain meds), even quit taking my MS injections. (which my Neuro is still against) and I am sure you are aware of all the meds those Drs had me taking. I felt like a lab rat! I didn't know what was worse, the symptoms or the side effects from all the meds!.

While I still go through ups and downs...I have way more ups then I used to..

I believe whole heartedly that eating a balanced diet has done wonders for my conditions..

All my best to you and wishes for that nasty headache to disappear. The kind that feels like someone hit you upside your head with a baseball bat? Thank God I haven't had one of those in a long time. I feel for you..

Hang in there!..

Comment #6

Yep, I have it too; acquired it after my first open-heart surgery in 1996. A major traumatic event can definitely trigger a new onset. Had muscle spasms so severe that I had to roll out of bed onto the floor. Pain and stiffness worse in the mornings but going away gradually, and it's cyclical. I probably don't have a severe case (I do have heart failure...that's bad enough) and take meds in general that would help FMS too. I've had a recent flare-up though and those trigger points are calling attention to themselves...

Comment #7

I also have FMs. I was diagnosed on 5/5/05 by a ruematologist after years of suffering, and not knowing what was wrong with me. I thought I would lose my mind. I also have diabetes and diabetes neuropathy, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea my Dr says the last two could have been triggered by the fibro. exercise is totally out of the question right now. Walking is hard enough.

I wish I could work My mind seems like it is rebelling. If you don't use it you lose it really is true LOL. Welcome and I will be looking forward to seeing posts on thisI know This is not a fun thing to have and pray that losing some weight will help...

Comment #8

Greetings all! I also have FM as well as Post Tramatic Stress Disorder which heightens the response to pain. I 've been suffering upper torso cramps since I started Nutrisystem just last weekend. I've had some of these off and on, but never as bad as lately. Yesterday I had one that was so bad I almost vomitted. Anyone with a solution? Is there something lacking in the food program which I need?..

Comment #9


I do not have what you have but I am in a wheelchair since I was born with Muscular Dystrophy. I am not able to exercise at all but lost almost 91 lbs on NS.

Good luck!..

Comment #10

If you mean by pain in the torso, lower torso, I have that this week and I find one of those microwave heating pads or I suppose any heat would give you relief. I find heat to be the best reliever of FM pain..

Hope I have Helped..

Comment #11

Aww thank you so much! It isn't easy but I finally stuck to a plan and did not give up this time. Now that I am way below my goal I will NOT go backwards like in the past. I try to stay 100% as much as possible, no big cheats. It will be 3 yrs in Feb since joining Nutrisystem and I am so thankful I did..

Good luck to you!..

Comment #12

So you have done Nutrisystem for 3 Years! You are an inspiration to me. I am an emotional person. Right now I am misty and feel that maybe the three pounds I lost might be OK and I can do better this next month.

Thank you so much for sharing. My dear friend's wife has MS and a girl I know that interviewed me for a newspaper article has MS. I've entered their worlds, so I have some understanding of it.

You are to be very proud of yourself and an inspiration to others. Welcome to the Fibromyalgia Friends Group..

Comment #13

Hello everyone, Your response tomy posting my frustration with fribromyalgia and losing weight is overwhelming. I think we can all help each other and SUPPORT EACH OTHER..

THIS IS GREAT! I am Gail, as you know from the original post. I have had FM/NE for 17 years now. The new letters in the name of Fibro is because it is now classified as a neurological disorder also.

This has been an extremely frustrating weight loss time for me. I am in a flare up and find it difficult to exercise. I bought the stretchy bands the Nutrisystem sells and like them for my arms. This does not burn enough calories to lose weight though.

One of our girls gave her 0.02 cents and it was worth a million to me. I never knew about the kind of bike you spoke about. When I read back I will write to you. It must be easier on your body but good arobically..

We all have something to share, no matter how small. Maybe it is a frustration or a joy. Maybe a stress can be lessened by knowing you can share it with other who are willing to listen and possibly help..


Comment #14

Hey Girl, What is this trainer? Share it with us..

Sorry, Name is LuShh..

Comment #15

Hazel I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you look. You inspire me everytime I see you on the boards...

Fibro sufferers-Can anyone tell me if you have tried Sam-e for the fibro and has it helped with the pain?.

Michelle-Fibromyalgia sufferer for close to ten years...

Comment #16

Thank you so very much for saying that. I really appreciate everyone's kind words...

Comment #17

Yup been on Nutrisystem for almost 3 yrs but I haven't been using Nutrisystem foods 100% now for a while. I fill in with it and my own foods while following the guidelines of NS..

Just to clear things up I have Muscular Dystrophy-MD not MS but I do know many friends who have MS so I know a lot about it. MD your born with, and I stopped walking at the age of 4.

You CAN do this just stay strong!..

Comment #18

Actually I worked with a few children at Camp Nova a few years back with MD.

I worked in Special Ed for 10 years and the Epilepsy foundation for five. We counceled a camp for children for a week each summer..

Sorry I miss read your letters earlier.

From Gail..

Comment #19

At one time I had it so bad I could only walk with a cane. I could not stand anyone or anything touching me. My doctor was about ready to put me in a wheelchair when I say, "No, way". I decided to try water aerobics. I could not keep up with the class so the instructor told me to just let the water do the work. After about a month or so, I walked good without my cane and could even stand someone hugging me.

No, I don't do water aerobics, but would love to. Another thing I found out was to watch my date and lay off diet pop and all sugars. I do, however, drink some diet pop, but not near as much as I used to. I used to drink a case a day, but now I just drink one or two pops and a lot of water. Hope this helps.

Artificial sugar used to kill my body, but I cut back on that, too. Water is the best. Hope this helps you in some way..


Comment #20

Hi, Gail Here, My doctor is very adament about me not using any form of artificial sweetners. Toxic substances can build up in our muscles and worsen our pain.

Stevia is a sweetner that is recommended for us because it is natural, derived from the leaves of the Stevia plant. It is sweet and not a chemical, and non toxic.

Add it to some sun tea or ice coffee.

Good luck, Gail..

Comment #21

Well Goodnight all. I had an emergency visit to my ENT today because of a severe migraine, stiff neck and swelling at my collar bone. I thought it was my sinuses kicking up still. He is brilliant and found it to be my Fibromyalgia has inflamed my Aortic Sheath. I have always had pain in the side of my neck but not one Dr. told me what it was.

Now to get an antinflammitory that works and doesn't aggrevate my stomach..

I guess we take the good with the bad. At least I have an answer..

I look forward to hearing from you all tomorrow. You have inspired me to look into other options to help me be more active. I'm getting psyched just having you all as a support system..

Until tomorrow, sleep well and may the force be with you. Your FELLOW FIBRO FRIEND, Gail..

Comment #22

Hi Gail Here, So you were diagnosed a while back like I was. You said something about your latest flare-up being most baffeling. I've been dealing with FM for 17 yrs. and are a member of the Fibromyalgia Network. I am very knowledgeable about the illness.

If I can help you in any way please don't hesitate to ask.

Our thread is titled, FIBROMYALGIA ANYONE? We have about a dozen or more women on the list, it has been great..

Tomorrow morning I shall open up the thread. Hope to see you there. Everyone has been very supportive.


Comment #23

Hi Gail, Iluvmypups started a new thread this morning called:.

Fibromyalgia Support Thread 9/26/07.

So I thought that was gonna be the thread for today.... you should talk to her and decide about starting new threads so we're all on the same page...

Comment #24

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia since 2004. Excercise is hard some daysbut I try to keep moving (even if it no more than 15 minutes of low impact aerobics.) For me, stress is the biggest trigger for a flare up. When that happens, I am down for the count. It feels like a very bad case of the flu, from body aches to a fever. I don't wish this on anyone, but it is nice to have people to talk with who understand the widespread pain and know that it is not all in my head...

Comment #25

I am THRILLED to have an FMS post. I'm not sure how to find this thread again (it seems I just find these by accident and can never find them again). I have had nerve pain, shoulder, neck, elbow, wrist pain as well. But the neurpathy drove me crazy... all over burning all day and all night... and not being able to really sleep for several years..

Anyway, two months ago the doc said "maybe I have FMS" and so I'm on Lyrica and got serious about my eating habits and it's helped some. I am also starting the Guai protocol today after having myself "mapped". Its totally "out there" to me, and I feel like a hypochondriac but this last "flare" has been bad for months so I'll try anything. In most likelihood the thing that will help me the most is to nourish my body correctly.. at least that's my theory. I'm down 14-15 pounds (I'm calling it 15) but today my fibro fog made me say I was down 20.

Or is it menopausal? Or just getting old..

It is the "crazy disease" and I hate that I have to tell people I have it just because they will think I'm crazy.....

Anyway MORE posts on this would be great!..

Comment #26

I want to be a part of your group. Will check to see where we will post. Where do you find Stevia, I have never seen it...

Comment #27

Hi Gail here. I hope everyone is well today...

Comment #28

My gastroenterologist has suggested to me to stop eating four hours before bedtime. He said I am not digesting well and that my food is staying in my stomach. I guess that muscle is not working correctly also. Hmmmm?.

I read in the Nutrisystem site that we can mix up our meals. So for the next few days I hope to have Dinner in the morning when I have the whole day to digest and breakfast at night, which is lighter and actually more like a snack. I have peaches with Activia peach yogurt on top, WOW is that good!!!.

I am glad to see the people who rated this thread have found it helpful. I has done wonders for me. It actually got me up this morning. I could not wait to contact you all. Thank you..

LETS MAKE TODAY HELPFUL HINT DAY, if you would like. I could use them.


Comment #29

Hi Moshe, I was in another thread and another woman had asked about Sam-e. It might do you good to start a thread about it. Pick a catagory that would be appropriate, like Off topic, and start a thread in big letters. SAM-E, FOR DEPRESSION, KNOW IT? I hope this suggestion helps you. Gail..

Comment #30

Hi Gail here, It was funny how she read the original posts, liked them and said she would start a fibro thread. To me it was already started. She means well. I wrote her and explained this group is purely for people with Fibromyalgia, where we can support each other with the difficulty and add strength to each others weight loss. Her thread includes friends and family. She may need this in her life in this form and the people that write to it may need to hear what they hear there.

Thanks for your concern, Gail..

Comment #31

I completly identify 100% with your line-up pattern of symptoms. In the first five years I had a low grade fever daily, accompanied by fatigue, weakness (holding a card hand was difficult) and depression. Now years later, STRESS kills me. Recently I had 6 weeks of concern about a nodule on my lung, along with other non-Fibro (avg.) health problems. Plus, daily garbage. Right now I cannot move my neck and was diagnosed with an inflammed aortic sheath !! It has my head down to my shoulders frozen. :-(.

All I am saying is you are definitely not alone in this group. But we are also about solutions. How to find the light in our weight loss plan. Hope you enjoy hanging here, WELCOME, your FELLOW FIBRO FRIEND, Gail..

Comment #32

Hi Sara, to find this group again, go to your My Page and in the center of the page is listed the threads that you have been in. Click on one. Otherwise, to find the thread when you arriveyou will see an arrow on the one you were in. We are in "General Support Topics".

Fogginess? I have noticed my short term memory on some days is shot. I sound like a real stoner when it comes to conversation. Long term memory is fine. Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine who also has Fibro, it went like this..

"And Umm, what was I saying? Um I forget, Well, As I was saying, What was I saying, hahahahahahahaha. You hafta laugh!.

Have a great Day Your FELLOW FIBRO FRIEND, Gail..

Comment #33

Hi Gail Here, Stevia is definitely found in your local Health food market or organic food section of your grocery store.

To find this thread again, go to your home page, click on Fibromyalgia Anyone? and you should arrive here. Otherwise go to the top of your page and click on community, go to Discussion Boards, Click on Nutrisystem General Support, and then on Fibromyalgia Anyone? An extra hint is that you will have an arrow to show which threads you are in by each one. Since you have been here there will be a curved arrow by this thread..

Welcome, Glad your here, Your FELLOW FIBRO FRIEND Gail..

Comment #34

Hi! I haven't been officially diagnosed w/ FMS. B/C when my doctor mentioned it. She said, it would be on medical record forever. We are self employed and have individual insurance. They would cancel me in a heartbeat. Reading through this thread, I still have all the symptoms.

They burn all the time..if it's not my legs, it's my head. For a while I thought, maybe I have a brain tumor. No one understands the "burn". I ache all day everyday, I have a headache all day everyday, I'm tired everyday, exercising wipes me out, walking to my car at Wal-Mart wipes me out, stress = more burn, more pain. Short term memory loss? Yea, my daughter gets so aggravated w/ me.

I know I asked her, but I can not remember what she said, sometimes, I ask her 3-4 times. I try to ask questions I need the answers for while I have my planner in hand, just to avoid the conflict, but that doesn't always happen. I know this sounds really stupid of me...but I forget that I probably have FMS. Probably b/c of the unofficial diagnosis. But, I really need to take this serious.

I notice someone stated this triggers the flare ups. Can you guys give me tips that help you? First - I need to get off the Splenda. Anything else I need to avoid?.

I can't get the official diagnosis, b/c of the insurance...

Comment #35

My heart goes out to you. First of all, Insurance cancelling someone for being ill, just doesn't sound correct.

That aside, It is not my place to diagnose anyone. What I can say is I can 100% identify with your symptoms....Have you recently, in the past year had a traumatic event? Have you had a virus such as Mono? Have you had a health profile panel done?(blood test including ebv and virus panel). These things will give you a more solid answer..

It is important to stay off of artificial sweetners, I drink lots of water a day, 2 quarts = 8 - 8 oz. glasses, which is the required Nutrisystem amount. Sugar in moderation.

Stress is the biggest culprit with many of us. We tighten when we stress, there is a muscle mind neurological response that makes for sore muscles..

I believe tense muscles also hold toxins. I hope someone reading this can add to the education of other by adding to this. The muscles hold what athletes expel when they workout. Starts with a C, I believe.

Rest is good, meditation is good, or a nice CD with headsets. Massage is good but, when toxins are released, don't be alarmed, at first you will feel ill..

More to come, Keep asking questions. A GREAT BOOK - THE FIBROMYALGIA ADVOCATE. Purple cover, Sarnyl (hope I have the correct spelling) is the author. This book has been my savior..

Keep in touch with all of us. Its a great group of women. Gail..

Comment #36

Hey Chubs,.

I have individual group insurance. If you don't know what this is, it's individual insurance, but you are placed in a group of other people. Not true group insurance. Group insurance - such as offered by an employer, they can not cancel you, there are laws protecting true group insurance. Individual insurance - you have to qualify for - there is pr-existing clauses and they have the right to cancel at any time. Being self employed, and our type of business is dealing w/ sub-contractors - we do not have/offer group insurance Therefore, we are on individual insurance.

High deductibles!.

The water thing is important - I am not faithful to that. I don't sleep well either. I have at least two nights a week where I sleep maybe 2 or 3 hours. So frustrating, if I do sleep, I'm usually woken up w/ the feeling that bugs are crawling all over my legs....ugh!.

Sugar - I've noticed if I eat a lot - the burn is worse. Joints (mostly hips) really ache...flu like symptoms. Hubby thinks I'm just a I try not to tell him, he gets frustrated.

I'll look into the book...I guess I'm really observing the symptoms b/f of the stress level in my life right now...I'm trying to get rid of it....

I hate that all you guys deal w/ this too. I do believe that mine must be mild compared to what you guys go through.

Thanks for responding.....


Comment #37

Oh yea, chub - no, no traumatic event or mono w/ in the last year. i've been dealing w/ this off and on for about 4 years...

Comment #38

I am so sorry your husband is not on board with you. You need to give him permission to not understand. For now. My husband mourned the loss of our old life of going out, partying, late movies, clubs, art openings, our friends who have bands playing. All of a sudden, his buddy was not enthusiastic at all about any of it. My reasons wore on my ears as much as his.

He did not want to take my suggestion of going out with his guy friends to these things, I was his best was hard.

What you say about your symptoms being mild compared to others is not true. My experience has been that it fluctuates. Early on it was very much like what you are experiencing. Later it would pick it's area and not be completely overwhelming. Mine started with the Epstein Barr Virus I got from the dentist. I now have complete antibodies and no longer have the constant low level fever.

My other Dr. put me on the correct antidepressants to finally regulate my brain chemistry, I have been depression free for over a year now. YAY!!! I can now work through the pain and walk to the Wal Mart and back. Go out with friends, even go on vacation and look forward to it..

This illness does not go away BUT it does change. It and you do get better in so many different ways.

Be good to yourself and have patience with your husband. They are floating in uncharted waters..

Go to the Fibromyalgia Network online. See what you think...

Comment #39

Are you taking a magnesium supplement? That gives me tremendous benefit. Potassium is important to monitor, too, but the safety range is fairly narrow, so don't take a supplement unless your doc says you need one...

Comment #40

These are all the symptons on the website you sent me....

Did you order the packet?.


Irritable bowel (e.g., diarrhea, constipation, etc.).

Sleep disorder (or sleep that is unrefreshing).

Chronic headaches (tension-type or migraines).

Jaw pain (including TMJ dysfunction).

Cognitive or memory impairment.

Post-exertional malaise and muscle pain.

Morning stiffness (waking up stiff and achy).

Menstrual cramping.

Numbness and tingling sensations.

Dizziness or lightheadedness.

Skin and chemical sensitivities.

I have each and everyone of these symptoms. But they are not every day or every month....sometimes worse, sometimes not.

The next step w/ the doc was the point test - she said that would definitely diagnose me...but as I said b/f, It'd be on my record....I couldn't do that. It's been at least 4 years since I had that discussion w/ my doctor.

The hubster - has a high tolerance for pain. Literally, he broke his wrist this past year and he went two weeks b/f going to the doctor. I had to make him go b/c he just didn't use it. So, he doesn't understand how someone has a low tolerance for pain. I've tried to explain, but he just doesn't get it. He's good to me though...he tried to be patient...and I try to be understanding.

Depression - comes and goes. I was on anti-depressents for 8 years. I finally got off of them and for the most part I deal w/ the depression when it flairs up. I just try to take it easy and know it will pass. I don't want this to sound like I feel sorry for myself, b/c I don't. I'm a very grateful and thankful person.

Like drink all my water, get off splenda - etc...

Comment #41

You sound like you really are a together woman. You know, nothing is on your record unless it is written in your record. You can be confidentially diagnosed for your own sake.

Breaking a wrist is so different than your whole body not being the same. My doctor told my husband one thing that stuck with him. She said " When Gail has a cold, it feels like the Flu, because of the Fibromyalgia, everything feels worse..

He knows he would want to decapitate himself if he had my headaches. Yesterday was an 8.5 on the 1-10 pain scale and I went out and did my errands. It is amazing how strong you become with this illness. I have learned to seperate my body pain from my true self. When I am doing something I love like painting, I forget my pain.

Some antidepressants help with pain. Ask your Dr.. Ultram is a very good medicine for your symptoms. It is non-narcodic, actually it is a pain-receptor blocker..

How are you doing with your NutriSystem. Gail..

Comment #42

AH Stacey, I'm in the same boat as you. I do, believe I'm probably a lot older. My worst symptom is the (what I call) lightning bolt pain, it hits, most of the time even takes my breath away and slowly subsides. My rheumotoidoligist does treat me for O.A., so I do get some relief from my constant aches and pains. I don't like to take anti depressants, so I try to keep myself calm. I have semi-retired now and most of my stress is gone. Very happy we can meet here and talk..

Comment #43

Stacey, these are nowhere near all the symtoms there are over 120 of them, I have listed 88, but I still consider my case mild. I fight It all the time...

Comment #44

I was diagnosed 7 years ago but have been lucky in the past 3 years not to have a major flare up. I loved being pregnant with my daughter because it was like I was "normal" again so I'm hoping that I am the same way with this pregnancy (I'm 3 months now). I'll look for the thread when I am able to get online...

Comment #45

This is just my 2 cents but Splenda has had no effect on my flare ups. In fact, I usually have trouble if I use artificial sweeteners OTHER than Splenda...

Comment #46

Hello to Shannon and thanks for all the good words NKing..

I forgot to mention two things. Stacey asked me if I recieved the Fibromyalgia Packet from the Fibromyalgia Network online. I did for one year. It only comes four times a year but it has alot of good information and extremely up to date information. Such as the new classification of Fibromyalgia as a Neurological disease also..

You have access to more online info from their site too, with your paid subscription..

The other, is that I find Co EnzymeQ10 to be undoubtedly very beneficial when it comes to my muscle pain. When I forget to take it for a few days, I am surely reminded by the dicomfort returning in the form of sharp pains and burning. My doctor has me taking 50 or 60 mg. See how this works for you..

Have a great day from your FELLOW FIBRO FRIEND Gail..

Comment #47

Stevia... isn't that a herb that is a good sweetner? My guess is a health food store...

Comment #48

Gail - Nutrisystem is great if I'd stick to it. We are very social...seems we're always meeting friends - family.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Resting today and the burning has subsided a lot. Just a small burn not a huge burn. I live w/ the burn 24/7, it only bothers me if it's a huge burn. Gail you said, we have to be strong, b/c we're always in pain, yea - I've thought about that. If my hubby had half the aches and pains I have w/ the low tolerance I have - I don't know how well he'd do.

Ya'll are great! This is the first time I've really ever discussed the FMS in such lenght to anyone, except for that time w/ the doc...

Comment #49

Bless your heart - lightening bolt pain? Do you get this a lot? I've had maybe 3 episodes like that in the past few years. Where does your hit you?..

Comment #50

Where did you list the 88? Can you re-list them? I'm curious to know what they are...

Comment #51

I am choked up with joy right now to read how you all are connecting. Weight loss is difficult enought, but with an illness like ours that inhibits some of us from doing what is needed to burn calories, it is even harder..

I see this thread working and it does my heart good!.

I decided to take out the CD that came with my delivery. It seems I can walk in my livingroom. I don't know if today it will happen, but I have it planned for tomorrow.

One foot in front of another is the best we can ask for sometimes. At least it is moving forward..

I will open 9 am tomorrow approx. with some thoughts and a new color...

Comment #52

YES, IT IS A PLANT WHOSE LEAVES ARE SWEET. Health food stores or your health food dept. in your local supermarket. It comes in powder or liquid form. I bought the packets, so when I go out to eat I can use it in my tea. I personally don't like it in coffee.

Your Fellow Fibro Friend Gail..

Comment #53

I just heard about this the other day from someone else. what is in Sam-E?..

Comment #54

There are still two threads going... is there some way to make them combine?.

I do water aerobics (not often enough) as well. I hate going but I end up enjoying the feeling of being light and playful in the water (and no one can really see me and what I'm doing). I can easily over do it because it's not hard for me (like walking) but then I end up in a big flare. My flares are like BURNS all over my body..

I have also started magnesium and it does seem to help a lot. I read somewhere why, but it has to do with the fluids in your body and the magnesium helps them get through the cell membranes. I was thinking about C0-10.. I have some and I just read about it helping last night..

My current regime is Lyrica, Ambien, Guai, Calcuim, Magnesium, MSM, glucosomine...occassionally vitamin D.. I think helps alot but it scares me.

I'm new to the guai thing and haven't decided if it's good or not. Anyone with experience on that protocol?.

My doc says fish oil and I sometimes take that too. Over the years I've bought SO MANY SUPPLIEMENTS, but I've stopped taking many of them... Just trying to swallow these pills down gets harder each day... I never had problem with that before.. I think my body is telling me to stop taking all this stuff... you wonder sometimes if all these supplements might not throw your metabolism off some other way. I mean, I am being really good about my diet right now, so shouldn't that be enough?.

Ok, I'm off to eat some veggies because I remember I haven't been quite so good about green stuff today..


Comment #55

GOOD MORNING LADIES. Hope you all wake up today with a brighter outlook..

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to switch up my meals, which is perfectly alright according to Nutrisystem protocol. I was going to eat breakfast at dinner. Instead, time allowing and the thought of a salad at breakfast not very appealing, I switched my lunch and dinner. I LOVED IT!.

I ate sweet potatoes at dinner with a salad. Later a bag of soy chips and this morning I was 0.5 lbs less. If I keep doing this I hope it will help me get off the 3 lb. weight loss block..

Today I hope to do the walking CD in my living room..

Last night one of you girls posted what supplements you were taking. I have this illness for 17 years and have been through the gammet as far as meds. There is so many varied combinations to use, there will be the right ones for you. I personally am not afraid to take medicine, it has improved my quality of life.

I had migraine and cluster headaches for years, at least 3 to 4 a week, when I read a womans testimony about Topamax. I now have been taking it for four years and have maybe had 4 minor migraines in the four years I'm on it. Those migraines were for reasons other than what Topamax treats for..

I chased depression for most of my life but it worsened with Fibromyalgia. Just recently, after years of antidepressant combinations and misdiagnosis, I now have a Dr. that has me on Wellbutrin and Effexor. I am back to 92% of the Gail I remember years ago. Then again, I'm older so 92% is where I might be anyway.

I will write to the woman who is on the other FM group, she is lovely...

Comment #56

I rested 90% of yesterday. And now today, I feel 90% better. Yay! We're going to look at a college today for the dd. Have a great day everyone. You probably won't see me until Saturday or Sunday. Be well!!!..

Comment #57

I saw this web site avertised on TV.

Comment #58

OMG Get the heck out of here. This is awesome!! Thanks for the heads up JLo..

Comment #59

Hey JLo I just looked at that site. I had been there before and thought it beneficial in a big way. How I used it was to send it to the family members that just didn't seem to get it or didn't want to get it..

My daughter for instance always had a quip like "well if only you just exercised, you know use it or lose it Mom" Now that she read it, she wrote me a letter of compassion and explained that it hurt her so much to have me have this illness that she did not want to see it. She is much more understanding now if I say "I'm done shopping, after 3 hours" The time before, she said, "EH, hang in there," and it turned into 5 hours. I had not allowed myself to shop with her for years after that until this site..

People-JLo has a valuable website above.

Thanks, Gail..

Comment #60

Hey Mary, I wrote to you all on the other thread, comon' down...

Comment #61

I'm wondering if there are any Nutrisystem foods that cause you fibro issues. For example, I've heard tomato and potato are not good for fibro... it's kinds of hard to stay away from them on Nutrisystem but I find myself being careful and not picking those all the time..

Lately I have been finding that foods that are "hot" sort of triggers an overall burn. Like even medium salsa. Even bell peppers which I love. Could be my imagination. I burn all the time all over so a slight increase isn't that significant... maybe it's just heartburn on top of the neuropathy..

Hows everyone doing on their 100%? I'm not eating everything I should be; just am not that hungry this week as I've been feeling low this week.

I am wondering if I should get on an antidepressant as well... just hate to add another variable into the mix. I would like to be able to isolate what works and what doesn't..

Hope everyone has a good day today... we'll take them one at a time!.


Comment #62

Hi Mary, On my morning message (green color) this morning, I wrote all my meds down. What also helps me is CoEnzymeQ10. 50mg. a day. When I forget it I hurt after a few days of forgetting..

What I think is the variable in the foods we eat and what is good and what is not is the ph of the food. We should avoid acidic ph and try for neutral ph levels in our food. Just do a search online and you can find a list. I can try to find it also and put up the link.

The other rule is shade vegetables like potatoes. I am not well informed as to the list of shade vegetables, nutrition wise, I believe eggplant is another, which confused me because I thought at first, that underground meant shade. ANYBODY KNOW WHAT SHADE VEGETABLES ARE? I hope I have helped.

Talk to you more later, I just came back from Costcoand lunch with a friend and thank goodness she is so generous with her heart. She came to help me with the heavy stuff, being my neck and shoulders are inflammed bad!.

One more question then I am going to chill. Celebrex, my Dr. prescribed it because it is supposed to be safe for my stomach and will help the inflammation in my neck. Isn't that the med that was getting the bad publicity a while back??.


Comment #63

Here is a site that explains what they are and a bit about each..


Comment #64

Alkaline and Acid forming food. This list is different than a list of food that IS Acid or IS Alkaline. This list is what you want to show you what the food is once your body processes it. For example an orange is considered an acidic fruit. When we eat it, our body processes, or uses it in a way that it becomes alkaline.

You will notice potatoes on the chart. Even though they are alkaline, they are night shade vegetable and are still to be avoided.

Try these and hopefully you will find relief, here is the link -.


Comment #65

Have a great day tomorrow. I will be at a craft show as long as my legs will carry me..

I tried the walking DVD today, it is cool but my hips were hurting just after the warm-up was over. Now I have a goal, to get past that and further each day if possible..

I feel I have been writing maybe too much. If so, let me know. Please keep this alive ladies. Otherwise it will fall back in the ranks and disappear.

Keep our thread alive Just check in and let us know how your are, OK?.

Take care, Gail..

Comment #66

Yes, I know about nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and green peppers).. Just wondering if it bothered any of you? There is alot of this in Nutrisystem food..

Celebrex! Worked great on my arthritis... (did nothing for the fibro burning) for 3 weeks, had a physical and my blood work showed super elevated liver enzymes. Doc took me off and the liver enzymes are better.. BE CAREFUL. I have been told on other fibro groups that Celebrex and Fibro dont mix well..

The was some bad press about another similar drug to Celebrex and a lot of guessing that Celebrex could cause the same problem (heart I think?)..

I started the Coenzyme Q10 today and will start SAM-E tomorrow. I read alot about each and they seem to have great possibilities. The SAM-E not only helps with depression but is supposed to be good for joint pain AND good for your liver. Seems like just what I need..

Anyone else have elevated Liver tests? Is this normal on Fibro?.

I went out to dinner tonight. SUSHI. I really over ate but I guess on sushi it isn't the worse thing you can do..

Hope everyone has one of those good days tomorrow and loses at least a pound!.


Comment #67

Oh my gosh, you have described "me". Went to rheumatologist yesterday and he is putting on Enbrel due to a form of RA I have, but several items I asked him about on my body, he says is Fibro. I am on Lyrica for neuropathy in my feet that drives me crazy! Also on methotrexate, arava, and low dose of prednisone. I want off this stuff! Plus menopausal.


Comment #68

I hear you on that one! It took a long time for my hubby to understand he gets it now that he has seen me practically drop from pain when I was trying to keep up to him when we went somewhere. My mother thinks it is all due to being fat she is very prejudice against fat people. she was always saying you eat to much ,stop eating, your lazy, why do you sit at that dam computer, that is why your fat, She was raised where you get up work,work work then you go to bed. she is now 77 and is starting to realize that some people can't do what she used to. I hope the more research and public awareness people will get the truth about Fibro...

Comment #69


I hope this link works. It is this month's newsletter which you recieve as a member of the FibromyalgiaNetwork online...

Comment #70

Hi Sandy, Glad you read the info from that site. I found that some of the info helped me approach my dr. with intelligent questions about meds.

Soma and Ultram together has been beneficial in helping muscle spasms and pain for me. What I like is I take them on a use as needed basis. Ultram alone works wonders and doesn't have an effect on my balance or make me high..

The new meds coming out are good to know about also. Lyrica trials were spoken about a while back in their newsletter.

Many of you women know about that one already. I would like to know more about how you feel it is working..

Thanks for writing, Gail..

Comment #71

My whole family is prejudice against fat people and so are my inlaws. Then here comes Gail, bigger than all the 5'3 100 lb. women in the families. I'm 5.6 and got as heavy as 188 lbs. Looks and snide comments from the inlaws like "you weighed 119 once? When in kindergarten?".

Oh and my Mom, anything other than sitting at a table eating, she would comment "do you really need that?".

The Fibro made me frustrated, tired, depressed, inactive and overweight. Their comments were malicious.

Overweight is hard, self righteous people do and say these things to make their poor self image rise above how little they think of themselve.

I was told it is their problem..............It still hurts us..

Your fibro pal, Gail..

Comment #72

Gail, I can't take the does make me feel very off balance and almost sick! I have a friend who is addicted to the Ultram. She abuses them because she has back problems and they do make her feel so much better. She has been to rehab one time to get off of them...but started back up again full force! She has been diagnosed with cancer about a year ago, and now figures, what the heck. I feel for her. I'm still trying to find a med that will work for me. Take care, and have a wonderful weekend!..

Comment #73

Hi Susan, Tell me about Neuropathy, and about your Fibromyalgia. You can read about several of the girls on this Thread if you go back to the first page and read forward. We, one at a time seem to have told a small bit about our illness and ourselves..

Welcome, I'm Gail..

Comment #74

If there is anyone who feels they have not connected with this group and feels they have tried, try again..

Introduce yourself, tell us about your fibromyalgia and your Nutrisystem weight loss program. Let us know how you are doing with both.

Sincerely, Gail and the group..

Comment #75

OMG, I never thought that Ultram could be so dangerous. Thank you for letting people see the other side of the medication. It must be difficult for people who have the potential to be addicts and have Fibromyalgia or other illnesses like your friend, to take the meds that help which may have the potential to be addictive! Its the dbl. edge sword. I'm sorry your friend has already given up, so sad..

Which one are you in the photo? I'm the one without all the hair, haha. The big fella on my lap is my dog Marty. He is a Bearded Collie whose hair is clipped and still a bit wavy because it is short. He is two years old and the sweetest, bundle of hugs and kisses that I have ever had in the family. He is our fourth Beardie. Right now we have Lacey his somewhat sister along the blood line.

Ttyl, Gail..

Comment #76

The picture is of my daughters...I am not very computer when I got that picture up there I was happy. One day I will get a picture of myself on here. Yes, I do feel sorry for my friend..but she does feel good while she is on the what is really better? Who knows. She has to do what she feels is right I guess. If you just were to meet here, you would never know she has an addiction..she is a very nice is just the fact that I know and wish I could do more for her. I guess we all have our own little things going on..hmmmmm. And by the way...Marty is very handsome! Give him kisses for me!..

Comment #77

I took ultram once it made me wicked sick. I would not take anymore and called my Dr...

Comment #78

Hi Everyone, I had a great time at the Craft and Art fair today in Colts Neck, NJ. There were many good quality items there. I bought a hand made tree face made of clay, glazed and kiln fired. It's from the company Bob The Cat. It's open tomorrow if any of you are from the area. I got some walking in also while I was there.

They had all the usual Fair Food Booths and the smells were awesome. I kept strong knowing that my boxy body on legs will look charming if I don't indulge in a lucious sausage and pepper sandwich from a carnival stand. It would be a momentary pleasure for a few days setback. NEH, ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!.

Take care and Maybe someone can help me with info on how to keep my ticker up with my signature. Do you post it each time you write? Mine comes up with an x in a box. I'm good with computers but that isn't working for me. :-(.

TTYL, Gail..

Comment #79

Hi everyone, Gail here, I will be posting a morning message on the first page in the mornings from now on.

When I go to the other Fibromyalgia Thread, the girls seem lost. I wrote to them and one girl suggested a message at the beginning of the thread might help newcomers to the group to find it. I think it is a good idea.

If you are interested, my good morning to you all will be there..

I have to tell you here, after weeks of plateauing ( is that a word?) haha at about 173 to 174, I tried the things talked about, like switching lunch and dinner, using the walking CD, and eating earlier and guess what? I FINALLY LOST 1 MORE POUND!!!! YAY!! I FEEL 5 POUNDS LIGHTER JUST KNOWING, HAHA..

THANKS, FOR BEING HERE, without you all I would not have talked this through and come out with these ideas to try!!!.

Your Grateful friend, Gail..

Comment #80

I found you guys finally! I wished I could just link to this thread so I would't lose you again.....I have had Fibro for about 14 years....they diagnosed me when they didn't even know what it was....I ignored the doctors but finally had to quit work in 2001........I went from a vibrant young lady to an old old young lady over night....still trying to get into the senior citizens because that's my pace right now but they won't let me in. I have read lots of good information on this thread....

I had no idea there were so many people with this Fibro. I have never talked to another person who has had it. I am thinking of all you Fibro Sisters because I know what you go through!.

NIce to meet all of you..


Comment #81

Glad you stopped by.

You and I have about the same time with Fibro.

Now that you have entered this Thread you can reenter by going to either the Discussion boards or your My Page and clicking on the discussion you would like to go back to.

On the Discussion boards we are in NutriSystem General Support, then look for our title, your title group = Fibromyalgia Anyone? You will have a curved arrow before the number on the right, if you have entered the group already and you HAVE, YAY..

On your My Page, In the center of the page is listed the discussions you have visited, click on this one and BAM you'll be right back here, ta da..

If you have not gotten the personal mail I sent you, just know I read the other site an knew you would want to connect over here. Thanks for coming..

Your Fibro Friend, Gail, Yes, there are many of us...

Comment #82

Oh by the way, I have a similiar story, I had to stop working back in 2000 due to this illness and depression associated with it...

Comment #83

Hi Gail,.

Thanks for the warm welcome! I had no idea there were so many people like me! WOW. The weight came on after I quit work...ballooned out to about 250 pounds and I was always tiny.....I am happy so far with the nutrisystem foods...just don't know how long I can afford it. How fast have you been losing on it? I can't afford any more than 4 months. But by then maybe I will be able to pick stuff out of the store and stick with it on my own. I have managed to lose down to 226 but that was because I went on Medifast fist........I felt I was starving myself so I started Nutrisystem. My hair started falling out and not enough calories on Medifast I don't think.

Thanks again for all the info and welcoming me! Have a great day!..

Comment #84

Stevia is great, I like Whey Low better. Tastes more like real sugar. It is pure , made for diabetics. Whey Low .com. I found out about it on Nutrisystem boards. I Bake with it also.

I also have the packets for tea or coffee. Mostly is use nothing in coffee. Whey low has 3 cal a pac. Much better than fake sugars..

I take Bio Astin for inflamation. My gums where imflamed and two days with Bio Astin I could where my night brace all night. Walk and streach. Yoga gently on your own with a tape? Just move a little. And soar in hot springs..


Comment #85

[color="Teal"]Glad to see ya, You have lost alot of weight!! Impressive.

See how much you spend on groceries and compare it to the cost of Nutrisystem if you were on the auto delivery program. After a short while we get a 15% discount..

If you have any issues you need to discuss, don't hesitate to write..

Your Fibro Friend Gail..

Comment #86

Hi Rae,.

Please tell us about Bio Astin. I was prescribed Celebrex but don't wish to take it because of past warnings about it. One of the girls remembered the heart warning years ago.

Is it natural? Is it a prescription?.

Good to hear from you, glad your here.

Your Fibro friend, Gail..

Comment #87

Hi Mary, The liver processes so many medications including alcohol. I had elevated liver enzymes years ago, but after going off the med I was using, they went back to normal. Elevated liver enzymes is not a side dish of Fibro. The meds we take can cause the enzymes to rise.

There are foods that are good for liver cleansing, such as beets. Pau du arco tea, and a few more that escape my mind at this time.

Do not worry, my enzymes have not been elevated since then and that was 14 years ago, you will be fine.

Sorry to say, take it easy on the sushi. Make sure the chef gets his fish daily from the mkt. and eat only sushi from smaller fish. Larger fish hold more mercury. It is ok if you don't do it often. Mix up your choices with a California roll or a Dragon roll, each of which don't have raw fish.

Anything in over abundance is never good.

Your ok, ttyl, Gail..

Comment #88


I slept in today. As we know, with Fibromyalgia, we are able to do things like, my going to the craft show, but for me, several days later it catches up to me and BAM, I find myself pushing a car uphill with a rope but lucky me, I slept in..

Many of you don't have the opportunity to do that, children, job and other obligations force you to sacrifice what you need for what you need to do..

Just know my sleeping is borrowed wellness. You are living life, even with the extra burden of Fibro in your day, you have a day.

Our Fibro will come and go. We will find solutions for the day or for some time. What we need to do is find acceptance. This frees us from the stress and angst of hating our illness. That is one less stress on our plate. Try it it works..

Sincerely, Gail..

Comment #89

Bioastin is a supplimentLook up bioastin on lineI get it at cybroteck. THe testimonials are great..


Comment #90


I know what you mean Gail. If I had any other responsibility besides getting myself out of bed and dressed for the day, I would be in trouble. I feel for the people who have this Fibromyalgia because it is very hard to deal with. I too have to pay for days just to do any thing fun like going to a craft show. I feel more tired since I have been on the Nutri System. I hope it will agree with me because I have so much weight to lose.

I can do water stretches but that's about it. Acceptance was a big one for me. My goal was to do a triathlon before I got Fibro#)&#Y$!!!!!!!!@@@@@ So your right Gail....acceptance is a hard one. Have a great day..


Comment #91

I needed to look at my illness in a positive way or it would eat me up alive, emotionally. I figure in life God has a plan for us. When something like this hits us, it is a sign to reinvent ourselves. In society today many of us go too fast, including myself back then. I needed to slow down and do what I was meant to do with my life. I felt since I had done my art work since under the age of 10, and had developed a nice way of working, this must be it.

I still cannot do it as a living, I don't have it in me to make it to shows, to set up, be present at the shows, and break down. It is hours of work, with photography and when I paint I take awhile to do one. Most of my paintings are commissions nowadays, no shows involved.

So the topic has been reinventing oneself, and acceptance that brings peace. Thanks Shest, yea, my oringinal dreams are gone, but life goes on.

It is a good life...

Comment #92

Dear Gail...That's wonderful to have such a talent. It would take alot to get to the shows and everything that goes with it. I do hope you enjoy it as you can do it though! I am still trying to reinvent.......


Comment #93

GOOD MORNING ALL. Today is October 2, Tuesday. I almost wrote Monday. Is time flying fast or am I foggy today? We shall see as the day goes on.

I can tell I am sensitive today. I called a friend to tell her I lost ANOTHER pound, and I got the bum's rush because she was in the dentist waiting room. I know she does that, but today it bothered me. If you can say, I can't talk I'm at the dentist, YOu can say, Hello, I can say, I lost another pound, we can say Yay, and she can say, gotta go, call you back after dentist.

I have a headache, I have errands, blah blah blah. My husband is on business, my adorable deserving dogs want to play, my neck hurts so throwing frisbees will aggrevate it blah blah blah, I'm sensitive today. Yesterday, no headache, I played with the dogs, cleaned the bathroom, did laundry, etc. etc. I guess, just now I realized as I wrote, I over did it yesterday. Geees,.

Well girls on the bright side, I lost another pound...

Comment #94

Hey Raeyye I looked up BioAstin and the website you suggested. Sounds like beneficial antioxidant to take. It boost your natural antinflammitory systems production. Among other benefits, it has high potency E and beta carotene, both antioxidents.

You know all this, I know, but I am writing this for those who do not know what Rae has been talking about..

I checked their local store listings and they have it in a health food store, two towns over from me. Saves me 4.95 shipping, and gets me out of the house.Thanks Rae..

Comment #95

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