Anyone NOT had a bad initial breakout from Murad Acne Complex?

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I really need to hear from someone who did NOT have a bad intial breakout. All I hear are these horrible stories. I guess I just need some reassurance that the few new pimples around my hairline and and old cyst that I thought was dead comming back is it! Im only 8 days in. But my acne was not THAT bad to begin with just persistent..ANYONE???????..

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Your question was: Anyone NOT had a bad initial breakout from Murad Acne Complex?.

I didnt get one either, I think (my opinion) people who use acne products before Murad Acne Complex, had to stop using the products and thats why they broke out worst than usually while on Murad Acne Complex. I didnt really use a acne product before Murad Acne Complex, so my acne was the same throughout w/o a major IB...

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I haven't had one, either. just a few new pimples. nothing I wasn't already used to. i've had basically the same exactly thing as aggiechick05 happen to me. my make up also goes on really well and stays on all day, perfectly. i'm not on nearly as much as she is though, i'm only on 20mg right now...

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I'm on day 29, and I never had a serious breakout initially.Everyone's different, that's what a lot of people around here will keep saying...

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Thanks guys..I was not on any meds..just spot treated with some topicals..of which Is till sometimes use with the tane. Mabey thats it..No med before..therefor no withdrawl. on 40mg/day week 2..

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I have not really had an IB. The key is to ease off your topical acne products and not start piling on the moisturizer at the first signs of dryness. I have found putting up with dryness gives me clearer skin. If I moisturize to the point of having no dryness or peeling I usually get some pimples...

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Oh yeah. I had a bad initial breakout. Consider yourself very lucky if you don't have one...

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I had a breakout but it wasnt that bad and no different to a normal breakout for me, alot of blackeads showed and forced there way out and a few of my red marks actually became acne spots again and now have disappeared. I've had those red marks for months but I guess there must have been somthing trapped in there making them stick around...

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I'm two weeks into my second month of Murad Acne Complex and I'm taking 80 mg/day for my moderate-to-severe acne. I haven't had any sort of major breakout, just a few small pimples and one inflamed one on my hairline. Most of the time the small ones were gone within a day, but the inflamed one took a while to flatten out and disappear. I've been moisturizing heavily every night to avoid dryness, and that hasn't caused me to break out either. I also try and drink a lot of water throughout the day to keep myself hydrated and I've found that's helped with the dryness on my face and lips. Prior to starting 'tane I was only using things like tea tree oil on my face and hadn't used prescription creams or antioiotics for over a year...

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Im a 36 yo male that was on Murad Acne Complex for 3 months at 40mgs a day.I would say that I didnt have an IB although the thought of one scared the crap out of me!!! To count Ive had 4 significant cyst since starting the treatment. Three of which I got at the same time on my face which I thought was the first wave of an IB. I treated them with Benzol and clindamycine topical solution and they reacted and went away in the usual maner. The last one I developed was on my temple with in my hair that seemed to take a while to go away but it is gone.I have had actually two more on the back of my head that reacted well with the Clyndo and were gone with in days.I had been on Doxycycline for years before starting Murad Acne Complex and waited a week after stoping to start Murad Acne ComplexI figured that I was going to bust all out with an IB going off antibiotics cold turkey like that but nothing! Someone wrote on here that they thought if you had your breakouts under control before starting the treatment then you might not get an IB. THis seems to be true going off of what others have written as well. And in my case I think age has something to do with it too.

Who know....Good luck, drink tons of water and dont give up!!!..

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I did not have one at all. I cleared up right away...

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