Anyone lose interest in eating during Nutrisystem plan?

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I just looked at what I've eaten over the last few days. For example- I'm getting ready for bed and today I only had 557 calories. I didn't feel hungry at all today. It's been like this for days now. I've been losing at an amazing rate, nearly 4 pounds a week, but I'm starting to wonder just how healthy this is.

I don't know, I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through this. It's like food boredom or something? But I don't want to stop because it is working. Ugh. Sorry. Just wanted to vent...

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Your question was: Anyone lose interest in eating during Nutrisystem plan?.

Part of being on Nutrisystem is eating all we have to eat everyday, part of the healthy lifestyle thing, sure sometimes I feel like why bother, but I said this on another post I find that when I am like that it's usually something else that is bothering me not the food per sey, the food and excerse helps.. imo it's important to keep a structure in your diet so you dont end up going back to old patterns in your diet after you decide you are where you want to be, and gain it back.. these routine things help for a more constant way of being....

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Eatting severely low calories will cause your body to start to lose muscle and will cause your matabolism to spiral downward. You will loose at a much slower rate if any..

If you are bored with the foods change up your order, maybe try something you have never tried. Don't want to cook? Drink low sodium vegtable juice or V8 fusion...

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The important thing is to eat everything that is required on the plan (no more and no less), whether you are hungry or not. This way you are getting the perfect balance of calories vs. nutrients. Normal weight loss on Nutrisystem is up to 2 pounds a week..

If you are losing interest in eating, you might just be tired of the same foods everyday. Switch up your add-ins so you are constantly eating different things and make sure not to order too many of the same Nutrisystem items in a single order...

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Food is fuel, not entertainment.

Think about it this way, if you found putting gas in your car isn't exciting and you didn't feel like doing it, would you skip it? Of course not because you'd end up stranded and stuck somewhere unable to drive. Your body is the same way, it needs to be "fueled up" whether you enjoy the "fueling process" or not.

You know what you're supposed to eat, so do it. Like the other posters have said, all you're doing is hurting yourself, and sabotaging your weight loss efforts...

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Good grief, girl! What are you eating?? Or should I say what AREN'T you eating???.

557 calories isn't even an average for all four Nutrisystem entrees, not to mention any of the add-ins at all!.

Do you really want to lose weight or are you trying to wreck your health?? If you've invested in Nutrisystem (and I'm assuming you have in order to be here) I have to wonder why exactly you are not trying to follow the plan. I have had periods lately when I've gotten sick of eating (never thought THAT would happen...LOL), but as has been stated here, you have to think of food as fuel for your body. You don't expect your car to run without fuel, or without proper auto maintenance - keeping it tuned up, etc. Your body (your personal vehicle) has got to carry you through your daily activities and hopefully function well for you for a very long time.

While it's not unusual to have some weeks when you lose more than the recommended 1-2 pounds, if you're really losing about 4 pounds every week I don't think you're losing fat. When you drastically reduce your daily caloric intake your body MUST find ways to get the necessary calories in order to function - it will get them anywhere it can...and usually that means from what is already there and available - your muscles and your organs. (And NO, this is NOT HEALTHY at all!).

Try to follow your Nutrisystem plan TO THE LETTER...make every effort to get in ALL of your Nutrisystem entrees AND the add-ins. Otherwise you are depriving your body of all the nutrients it needs to function well and keep you healthy...

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The Nutrisystem plan is ~1100-1300 calories a day (for women with less than 100 lbs. to lose) for a reason. By not eating enough calories, you face the serious risks mentioned aboveyour heart is a muscle and of course one you don't want that breaking down! (I think insufficient protein, potassium and other nutrients while having only a few hundred calories a day is what killed some people on the liquid diets of the '70s.) You also risk messing up your metabolism, and an interesting article here on the boards called something like "obesity on 700 calories a day is a good discussion of that result. In addition, you are depriving yourself of essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to function.

Like others said, if you are bored with the food, check out other ways to prepare the foods. There are many ideas on the Food Tips and Recipes boards...

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So...shake up your menus...try some veggies you haven't tried before. Prepare them in a different way. It's easy to get in a rut...but aren't you MORE tired of clothes not fitting? Of not being able to do the things you'd like to do? Of not being healthy???.

There are lots of ways to work the plan...hang around the Recipes forum and do a search on some unusual eggplant or how about grilled romaine??? One of our members here suggested that...and I hear it's amazing!..

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