Anyone interested in stuffed mushrooms on Medifast?

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I'm always looking on here to get great new recipes so since I came up with one of my own tonight I figured I'd share..

I made these Stuffed Mushrooms for my family a few hours ago and I couldn't believe how incredible they were. Let me know what you guys think!.


6 medium size portabella mushroom caps.

1 package Jennie 0 (99% fat free) ground turkey.

2 tsp. sea salt.

5 Laughing Cow Light Wedges.

2 tablespoon Low Fat Cheddar (optional).


Turn oven on Medium Broil. Spray skillet (it helps if it's at least an inch tall on the side) with PAM Butter spray. Add turkey and 2 teaspoons of sea salt - brown over medium heat..

As turkey is browning, clean the mushroom caps by pulling off the stem and removing the gills under running water with a spoon. Once this is complete, place the mushrooms top side up on cookie sheet lined with tin foil. Then put the cookie sheet in the oven and cook for 5 minutes..

While the mushrooms are cooking you'll need to add the 5 Laughing Cow Lite Wedges to the turkey (make sure the turkey has been finely broken apart so there are no big chunks left)..

After the cheese has melted onto the turkey, get the mushrooms out of the oven, flip them over so the bottom is now facing up and spoon the turkey mixture evening among the caps. Next, take the 2 tablespoons of Low Fat Cheddar Cheese and sprinkle it on all 6 caps (this is optional)..

Now broil again for another 5 minutes or so. The cheddar will be slightly brown when done... But make sure you keep checking it to see that it doesn't burn!.

Serving size = 2 caps. I believe this will give you 1 portion of Leanest meat, 2 fat servings, and just about 3 veggie servings..

P.s. I think they're really filling...

I hope you all enjoy!.



I've been on Medifast for 2 months on 9/5 and I'm currently down 23 lbs...

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Your question was: Anyone interested in stuffed mushrooms on Medifast?.

I love stuffed mushrooms. I make mine with MSF sausage crumbles, fat free shredded cheese, scallions, and cream cheese. Laughing cow would prolly be better than cream cheese. I just mixed it all together and filled the mushrooms. You know I bet that would be good casserole style with zucchini...

Comment #1

I will definitely have to try this one.. thanks for posting!!.


Comment #2

Well, I made them, and they were perfect! My husband happily ate them, too. Thanks for the recipe!..

Comment #3

No problem! If I come up with anything else I'll definitely put it on here.. Sharing is caring )..

Comment #4

Isnt laughing cow cheese? Are we allowed to have that OP? I am new so still trying to get the gist of what is ok! These sound so good!..

Comment #5

Yes it is. They sell it in flat, round containers. Buy the light version. I think it's found on the condiment list. However, with this recipe good luck getting 7oz of ground turkey to fit on 2 mushroom caps. So you may want to change the meat/cheese ratio and/or weigh your mushrooms to even it out. Theres a veggie weight list floating around the boards somewhere...

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Made these last week and they were yummy. My husband likes portabella mushrooms. The turkey was a stretch...but he tried it and loved it! Thanks for the fab idea. -Lu..

Comment #7

I made these last night. Added some frozen spinach, italian herbs, fennel seeds and shallots. Can I say Yum-O?!! Even DH (who starts the plan next week) loved them. Of course he also covered it with spaghetti sauce that I made for the kids with the extra ground turkey! Only had 4 caps instead of 6. Thanks for sharing this recipe!.


Comment #8

I make these at LEAST once a week! sooooooooooooo YUMMY! Thanks for sharing!!!!..

Comment #9

I don't know if I like mushrooms but my DH is a huge fan...maybe I'll try these! they sound good!.

Thanks for the idea Jennifer...

Comment #10

I just made these for dinner, and I swear I think they are the most delicious thing to ever come out of my oven! I can't believe how easy and delicious these were, and since it was just me eating them, I have leftovers now for the week! I was planning on freezing the extra, but now I know that the two nights this week that are busy for me can still be delicious.

Thank you so much for this one! Another fantastic recipe that is great OP, and will still be great when I'm at goal!!..

Comment #11

I'm making these tonight. Can't wait, especially since I've eaten nothing but chicken breast and Tilapia fish over the past 9 days. It will be a nice change. Thanks so much for posting this recipe...

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Made these last night. I added some sweet basil and a little bit of chopped green onion while cooking the turkey. I used the Light Laughing Cow Cheese (french onion flavor). Delicious, filling, and a nice change from the usual chicken and fish...

Comment #13

I looked over my condiment list and fat list 3 times and no where did I see where it says you can use any cheese at all..

Please tell me where it is so I can feel comfortable trying these mushroom caps..


Comment #14

Low fat cream cheese is on the list. Also, low and reduced fat cheese are on the vegetarian lean options...

Comment #15

From the Nutrition Support forum:.

8< snip >8.

Hi there and welcome to the Medifast family! My name is Jessica; I am one of the Registered Dietitians of the Medifast Nutrition Support Team..

Laughing Cow Cheese:.

While not typically recommended, some individuals will choose to incorporate the Laughing Cow cheeses on their own..

The most appropriate way for this to be done is to count 1 wedge of the original LC as 1 fat serving or 2 wedges of the Laughing Cow light varieties as 1 fat serving..

One piece of the Mini Baybel, Light (Original) can be counted as 1 fat serving..

If using the LC Light Gourmet Cheese Bites, 10 pieces (approximately 47 grams) can be counted as 1 fat serving..

Given the level of protein these products provide (2 grams and 2.5 grams, respectively) an individual would not be able to meet an adequate level for this macronutrient (while maintaining an appropriate amount of calories, sodium, carbohydrate, etc) if choosing this for their full lean portion...

Comment #16

Wow, these sound really good! I think I am going to go and buy some mushrooms and make these! Thanks!..

Comment #17

Will definitely try this over the weekend...sounds AMAZING! THX Jennifer!!!.



Comment #18

I love stuffed mushrooms. I make mine with MSF sausage crumbles, fat free shredded cheese, scallions, and cream cheese. Laughing cow would prolly be better than cream cheese. I just mixed it all together and filled the mushrooms. You know I bet that would be good casserole style with zucchini...

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