Anyone Having Trouble Getting Their Pb2 for Medifast??

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I ordered a month ago yesterday. Emailed last Monday to see what the progress was. Called today, the mailbox was full. I knew it would take a month but....

Anybody else?..

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I haven't heard a word about my order either...

Comment #1

Hi Pat,.

Sounds like you and, Nadine was it, are having one heck of a time. If I hear something, I'll send you a message...

Comment #2

I ordered mine really early and it took an entire month to get it. Communication from the company was really bad. I understand that they are swamped. I was hoping that they'd hire more help, get more phone lines and iron out their troubles. Hope you get your product soon. It really is good...

Comment #3

My first order took over a month. I placed a second order about 2 weeks ago (because I gave away 3 jars of the first!) and it was here within a couple of days... Maybe your first order got lost in the morass when they were dealing with all the attention from Hungry-Girl subscribers? Good luck to you as it is so worth it when it gets here...

Comment #4

I got my box of PB2 in less than a month. So I think it is a reliable if understaffed operation. It makes for divine cookies!..

Comment #5

I ordered a shipment of 8 and paid for 2nd day shipment. I received only 4 of them really quickly, but have not heard anything about when I will get the second box. They haven't returned any of my requests for information eitherit is really good stuff, so I just hope they can get themselves into a better position!!..

Comment #6

I ordered mine on the 20th, got an e-mail from them on the 22nd saying they would send it out on the 23rd. Got an e-mail on the 23rd saying they had sent if by FedEx and it would be delivered to my house within 3 days. I was worried after reading all your posts. I'll let you know when I get it...

Comment #7

I ordered it last week sometime, Monday or Tuesday and I just got it today. It got here really fast...

Comment #8

Well, that makes me mad! You ordered it last week and got it today! I'll call them again on Monday...

Comment #9

I wrote them twice and never received an answer. I got mine within 3 weeks but my account never showed them as even being shipped. I'm glad I got four jars since I won't ever order from them again. I love the product though...

Comment #10

New to Medifast and don't know what Pb2 is. could someone explain? Thanks!..

Comment #11

I ordered mine Feb 14th. I recieved a notice with tracking number for shipment. Tracking said it would be delivered on the 23rd. I got so excited even told my FedEx guy "Something will be here tomorrow, I won't be, be sure you leave it!" Well it didn't come, I checked the tracking again and all of a sudden it said they had just recieved the electronic info. I sent an email a day or two later (when the tracking info had not changed). No response but did finally recieve the shipment early March (I think).

All I can say is it is so worth the wait! I will order more next week probably. Yummy!..

Comment #12

I ordered mine about 3 weeks ago and it came with in a weeks time...

Comment #13

I ordered and received mine in less than 2 weeks. I am so pleased with the product, and have enjoyed being able to cook with it...

Comment #14

I posted this in another thread, but will do so here again.

I've had trouble with this company on my second order. Sent order to wrong response back to my 3 emails or 2 phone calls. Last time I called their phone number, the voicemail recording said voicemail box was full and no more messages could be taken.

I'm not sure if this company is getting swamped with orders or simply have poor customer service. So far no response from this company. I'm not happy at all. I finally had my second order removed from my credit card and it is now in dispute with this company.

My first order with the company took over a month to get to me!!.

I've never had trouble with a company like this before. Just wanted to let you guys and gals know that if you expect to get your shipment fast it may not happen and if it unfortnately goes to a wrong address, you most likely won't hear back from the company, based on my experience. I'm very dissappointed at this point as I LOVE the product! But based on my experience with them, I won't take a chance and order again...

Comment #15

I wonder if there is anywhere else it can be purchased from, like a retailer. Anyone know? I so hate bad customer service! I work with the public, hairstylist for 38 years, I know that sometimes you have to swallow hard to keep your cool. I will try to call again on Monday and I may start sending like 10 email a day until I get it. I want it and don't want to cancel it. Most company's don't deduct from your account until they ship, this company needs to learn that...

Comment #16

Pam, I recently ordered Frank's Hot Sauce (chili and lime) through Amazon because you cannot get it here. The shippers (Chili Fiesta Gourmet) sent an extra 5oz jar as they thought the shipping was too much. Some companies *want* your business ; >.

No, I think you can only get the PB2 from Bell Plantations right now. A small company like that would have a lot of trouble getting their product into supermarkets especially Whole Foods, Wegmans, etc. The big guys pay for space. Its really versatile stuff and you will be happy when you do get it...

Comment #17

Ok. I just placed another order. Another thread said to go the $.50 extra for Fed Ex. First off, the price of everything has gone up. Maybe they will get more help. Four jars of PB2 is $15.96 - regular shipping was $7, Fed Ex was $9 something and FedEx Express Saver&reg - $12.71.

Now we'll just see...

Comment #18

I pasted this into all the PB2 threads..

Guess what, I just received an email fro Fed Ex saying my shipment would be here on Friday from GA! Wanna bet it's the second one and I'm going to have to fight to get my first one? Anybody? I will say that I paid through PayPal so I think they will go to bat for you if you don't receive something. I'll let you know which invoice it comes with...

Comment #19

I ordered very late Friday night, like 11pm. I received a Fedex tracking email today, and checking the info, Fedex says it's en route to me now. I didn't pay for any extra shipping, I chose a $7 "best way" option, which apparently resulted in Fedex Home Delivery service being used. Fedex says I'll have it by the weekend; so far it seems like excellent order fulfillment on Bell Plantation's part.

I hope your orders get straightened out smoothly and quickly!..

Comment #20

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