Anyone have joint pain during Medifast plan?

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Hi Everyone. I have lost 70 lbs using Medifast but have not used these message boards before.

I had about a six week period where I went off Medifast - bad, I know, you don't need to tell me. During that time, for it's duration, I had pretty consistent sore muscles, almost like they were bruised, to the extent that when I'd pull off jeans or something, the muscles in my hips/backside would feel sore. Just someone poking me in the arm or something would be much more painful than usual.

I also had a situation where I had a one-day slipup, and I found the next morning my knee joints hurt quite badly.

As soon as I recommit and am back on Medifast 100%, these pains go away. I did not have these pains before Medifast, at least that I was aware of. I guess what I am saying is that carbs never impacted me in this way before. I am not significantly overweight any longer, so it is not that for the joints. I am also youngish, in my mid-twenties, so it is not aging issues I would hope!.

Is it possible that high-glycemic index foods have a negative impact on me, and I will need to eat low-glycemic even after I transition? Could it be gluten? I don't eat gluten-free Medifast products, but I am sure my gluten levels are lower than when I am off-plan. Is it possible some people just react badly to a higher-carbohydrate diet than others?.

I welcome any thoughts you have on if this may be related to what I am eating, or you think it is just coincidental. The muscle pain went on for so long while I was off-plan, and it went away almost immediately after recommitting, so I really do believe it is linked to something about the way I was eating.

I also am recommitted and getting the rest of the weight off and transitioning properly, so no need to tell me how bad it was I went off plan I am just trying to figure out if I will need to modify what I eat in transition and maintenance because of my seemingly bad reaction to high-carbs. Thank you!..

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I've been around for a while and I've never heard of anything like this. While it could be Medifast related, it might be something completely different. To be perfectly honest with you, most of the symptoms you describe are my symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I do know that being on Medifast and losing weight made a huge difference in my symptoms though. I strongly urge you to not just assume that it is diet related and get yourself checked out to make sure that there's not something else medically going on with you...

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I have been googling and trying to find anything relating muscle and/or joint paint for a few weeks now, and I have found the same thing - there does not seem to be much correlation between my problems and those diet traits I mentioned, or at least people aren't posting it online if there is!.

Fibro absolutely did pop into my head and that scares me to death. It is such a random disease it seems like that is diagnosed only by ruling other things out. And would the symptoms go away completely and so quickly if I was eating Medifast foods? But yes I agree, I did think of it.

I posted here as a last resort hoping someone would have had a similar experience, and I'm completely scared of what you said, that it isn't something others have experienced. I wouldn't even know what to tell my doctor since I'm fine when I'm eating on plan. It's the eating after I transition I'm scared of flaring up this pain.

Thank you for your response. It would be so upsetting, and I think kind of strange at my age, to find out I could have fibro after I've lost so much weight! I will continue to investigate and try to figure out what kind of doctor to consult if I need to...

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I completely understand and am happy you're doing the research. It still could be any number of things and Medifast is just a coincidence. But it might not be. The only way to find out for sure is to talk to your physician and get a professional opinion, which mine is definitely NOT. Fibro is scary, but it doesn't have to rule your life. I've had it for 17 years, raised a child, have a 7 YO granddaughter and work 10 hours a day.

This is probably a more likely candidate and could explain why the pains start and stop with MF. I get severe cramps and pains due to calcium deficiency. Only a Dr. will be able to tell you for sure. Please do not take chances with your health or make decisions based on what you read in the internet.

That's what they're there for...

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I react the same way. Before I started MF, I hurt all the time. I was just used to it. I started changing my eating habits before MF, cut out starches and eating higher protein. I ran out of food when I had an emergency out of town, ate ONE CUPCAKE and hurt for a week afterward. My arms and legs, the joints in my hands and feet.

Once I had it out of my system, I felt much better..

I, too, have fibromyalgia, though I denied it for a long time. One of the rheumatologists locally recommends a low glycemic diet. I think she's onto something!..

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Interesting. I've found my rheumatologist to be nothing but a pill pusher! hehe I do eat a pretty low glycemic diet in maintenance. Can't say my symptoms have ever gone completely away though, even on MF. Just reduced in intensity...

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That's sad! Dr. Carol Beals, at the Beals Institute in Lansing, is very good. There's often a ridiculous wait when you go to see her, but it's worth the time.




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I have never had these issues, but I know my health coach had joint pain and a family history of very bad arthritis and her doctor had told her that carbs inflame the joints. Once she started Medifast her joints got much better ....don't know if it's related or not, but that's the closest thing I've heard to it!..

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I've often considered going to the AZ Pain Center I hear advertised. But then, I tell myself I just don't have the time and what can they tell me that I don't already know (I know, I know - A LOT hehe). I just got so sick of seeing doctors that were only interested in controlling the syptoms. I do take the new drug Savella which has been amazing and I've had tremendous results with it. I just need to find somone like your Dr Beals that will take the time to talk to me and listen, which I have found extremely challenging here...

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I have experienced the same thing with other fast plans. I feel so much better and have less inflamation. Haven't been off plan since I started Medifast but it improves everything from my getting old joint pain to my chronic stuffy sinuses. I also have a couple of health problems that are typically linked to autoimmune problems, no diagnosis yet but it is probably just a matter of time. I know for me there is a huge connection between what I eat and how I feel and Medifast is feel good. I would love to find a doctor in the Raleigh area who has a better handle on this. All of mine (the best I have found after many tries) are pill pushers and kind of just say "come back when you feel worse than you feel now" without an obvious positive blood test for the right whatever they are looking for they just shrug and send me home to figure it out myself...

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Sugar causes inflammation. It aggravates my arthritis terribly. If I eat sugar my hands and knees ache for at least 24 hours...

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Yes this happens to me. It gets so sore that I feel it laying in bed. It feels exactly like sore muscles. I don't get joint pain. I also get sick (a cold) when I go off plan. It doesn't happen when I have a little bit of something off plan, it comes on when I fall headfirst into sugary carby stuff.

It's a pretty severe reaction, that's for sure. I don't have any autoimmune issues that I'm aware of...

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Before I restarted MF, I went gluten-free for a couple months. I noticed a marked difference in my joint pain/stiffness in the morning. Even when I've completed MF, I am totally done with gluten..


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Arthritic-like joint pain is one sign of gluten intolerance if you notice a difference based on diet...

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Around the time I hit 20 pounds gone, I started experiencing a lot of joint pain, primarily hips and knees. I've pretty much had it since...

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Okay, that's odd that it would hurt more when you take some weight off.

Totally random thought, but it's my experience so I'll share it. When I've been *really* abusing my body and ignoring what it's trying to tell me, it stops bothering to try and communicate. Like my knee and back pain - it stopped really registering. But then, when I started getting better, they both started speaking up more. I'm *positive* that for me, this was a matter of getting the pain down to a level I was willing to experience it, and a sign of progress in terms of listening to my body. As I've gone farther, I've gotten massage and PT and taken off more weight, and we've gone to less and less pain..

Which has nothing to do with the fibro/gluten discussion above, but perhaps might be relevant for Aerielle, I dunno...

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I ALWAYS hurt when I lose weight!! I think it's something to do with how your body redistributes weight and where the weight comes off...go see your Chiropractor! It might help...

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I have more pain now then when I was 289 pounds. I am see a chiro/physical therapist but it's SOOOOOOO frustrating to be in pain and 90 pounds down. Of course, I was a few years younger at my heaviest so that could have something to do with it. I found out on Friday that I have a bulging disk in my lower back which is causing pain and numbness in my leg-this has been developing probably for years so I'm pretty sure it started when I was bigger. I'm a musician so the other part of my pain is from abusing my body with my instrument. Sigh. Thankfully I have a great chiropractor/PT...

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Someone else suggested that it's what Amelie's talking about - my body adjusting to the redistribution of weight and my frame beginning to adjust to being smaller after big for so long. It honestly feels like the achy growing pains of being a teenager, more than it does actual pain. Been down that road, and I'm fairly certain it's not anything like fibro, which my MIL has...

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What an interesting thread......

Carbs, sugar, gluten, etc... all are related to the devil !!! no, really, eating clean always helps starve inflamation from the body. Medifast is some good clean eating !!!.

More pain since losing weight? add me to the list. I get a kick out of people who think that losing weight is THE answer... yes, it's part of the answer, but esp. for people who have been so obese for a long time, damage is already done to joints, less pain, maybe, hopefully, but will always have pain. losing weight is healthy of course but I think people are upset once they find out, hey, wait I still have pain. For me I think it was because I wasnt' sitting around all the time, moving more, doing more...etc...

But I will say, since doing MF, sugar, esp. does not agree with me... I get very sick. almost like weightloss surgery patients who eat sugar and they "dump" ... thats the term they use, vomiting, sever chills, stomach aches, pain everywhere like a really bad flu...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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