Anyone had Rosacea while on Murad Resurgence?

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Hey guys, I'm just looking for anyone with similar experiences.I got Rosacea and acne about the same time. My acne was so bad that I decided to go on Murad Resurgence, despite it's possible negative effect on Rosacea.I started on a pretty moderate dose for my weight (105 lbs) - 40mg daily for a 6 month course. In early October, I was raised to 80mg on the weekends, but after two weeks, my Rosacea redness and flushing got worse.I have since gone down to 40mg daily again, and the redness and flushing is back to normal. However, I will often get some tiny, visible capillaries in my cheeks. This has only happened for the past week or two, so I'm now only taking 40mg 5x a week and working my dosage down in hopes of getting my Rosacea calmed down. This is slightly lower than the equivalent of 30mg daily.I don't break out in inflamed acne anymore, so I'm hoping to stay on this 30mg equivalent or even 20mg low dose for the rest of my course.

The normal Tane dosage for someone with Rosacea is usually 10-20mg, so I may finish the second half of my course in this range.I was just wondering - have any of you had Rosacea before/while using Murad Resurgence? What was your dose like?Thanks,Lauren..

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Your question was: Anyone had Rosacea while on Murad Resurgence?.

Hey, Stephen!Did you get blushing before Murad Resurgence, or is it an effect of the drug?All the best in your course. - Lauren..

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It always had slightly rosy skin, as I had oily skin, and use a clay/salicylic acid moisturiser to mask the oilyness for about 5 hours before coming back.But my skin has become more rosey now I'm on Murad Resurgence despite using a really moisturising emollient at night, and an SPF moisturiser during the day time.I will try the Vitamin E tablets tomorrow, and see how they go They are renowned for skin healing properties, and I'm sure doctors wouldnt of made a link between Murad Resurgence and vitamin E helping relieve side effects for no reason All the best to you too Lauren..

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I was reading your post about your Murad Resurgence dosage, this doesn't have anything really to do with the rosacea sorry but, I had some weird side effects with my Murad Resurgence too, I weigh 120 lbs. I was on 40 mgs per day but within 3 weeks my doctor lowered my dose to 40 mgs every other day; I was kind of freaking out because I was really emotional, having headaches, and my eyes turned really blood shot ( my mom and sis were laughing at me, thinking I was smoking weed again-and it made me cry, whereas, I would've normally laughed it off) and no, i've been a good girl for atleast 6 mos. nowmy homework requires memory so yeah i'm hoping with my next visit I can atleast try 40mgs every day again! I want to get through this fast, dangit! I have alot of allergies, and extremely sensitive skin. so with your rosacea, I totally understand...

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Ah yeah, my eyes are bloodshot quite often now, and eye drops just seem to make things worse. Low doses are effective, but they do require a longer course duration, so I hope you can raise your dose again and get your course over more quickly!..

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