Anyone experiencing hair loss during Medifast?

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Has anyone had an issue with their hair falling out? Mine is falling out at an alarming rate. I'm thinking something is missing from my diet.....any ideas?..

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There are several here with this issue, it happens to some people with rapid weight loss.. check the beauty forum I think..

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Go to the registered dietitians forum and type "hair loss" into the search this forum box on the right hand side. You'll get lots of information from the dietitians about this issue.

The hair loss has to do with rapid weight loss more than some thing missing in your diet. There are some supplements; fish oil and biotin that lots of people on these forums have mentioned taking...

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I've also lost quite a bit of hair...enough that my mother commented on my hair looking thinner when she saw me last week (and I've always had very thick hair!) I'm hoping it corrects itself eventually. I've always loved my thick hair!.

(Oops...time to update my ticker...that is so out of date!)..

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YES - it started for me about a week ago. I especially notice it in the shower - my hair is coming out at about 4x the normal rate. I'm also constantly noticing loose hairs on my clothing. I afraid it is starting to look a little thinner too, but I am hoping that's just my imagination. I have been taking Biotin and a multivitamin since I started Medifast in August hoping to prevent hair loss but I kind of figured it was going to happen.

Here is my very unscientific understanding of what causes it - your hair goes "dormant" in response to the weight loss and stops generating new hair. Once the weight loss stops the normal growth cycles return and your hair should go back to how it was. If it's really distressing it might be worth getting it checked out by your doctor - there could be other things going on but most likely it's the weight loss..

What I'd like to know is WHEN does it get better?? Longtime MFers? Maintainers? Help!..

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I lost a lot of hair after about 5 months on MF...that's when I noticed losing it in the shower. Rapid weight loss is the cause. I took Biotin the entire time but I don't know if it helped.....maybe I would've lost even MORE hair had I NOT used it...who knows? Anyhow, once I got into Maintenance & stopped losing weight, my hair started growing back in. But, at 1/2 inch per month, it's taken me 2 years to get my hair back to where it was pre-weight loss. According to my hairdresser, this is typical. I started using Redken Extreme conditioner during 5/1 *and still use it now* because it is a high-quality, hi-protein product that keeps the hair healthy.

I noticed the loss mostly on the ends of my hair....they became very wispy & cotton-candy like.

It all works out in the end girls. It's the price some of us pay for rapid weight loss. It also makes a great case for having a strong, solid Maintenance plan in place for when you finish Transition. What would be worse than losing a ton of hair & gaining the weight back??? That was a huge motivator to me to stay OP in Maintenance..



Comment #5

Was on vacation this past week and just noticed it when I used their white towels in the room. Mine is around the part area of my hair. I had loss years ago after my kids were born and it grew back. Now I guess I'll have to start over. I had read about this a couple months ago so it was expected. As long as it's going to grow back I'm okay with it, but maybe I will begin transition and maintenance very soon so I can get a headstart sooner than later...

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My doctor explained that hair and nails can be about 3 months behind. So, what is happening to your hair now is often a result of what you were doing 3 months ago. About 3 months after transition, the hair loss slowed and what I had started thickening back up. I started taking some "super vitamins" about week 4 of transition and using the Biotin hair products...

Comment #7

I had a lot of hair loss and also contribute it to rapid weight loss. Now in maintenance i'm no longer losing any other than normal shedding our hair does. I do use folicure shampoo and that seems to have helped also...

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This has been happening to me a lot lately too. It's ridiculous how much hair I am losing. Could the fact that my hair is really long be making it worse, do you think? Would cutting it make things any better? I have thick hair but I am only half way through my weight loss, so I still have months to go and I worry if I keep losing at this rate, I won't have any left!..

Comment #9

Thanks everyone.......Kelly, I don't think having long hair has anything to do with it. My hair is short and is falling out like crazy...........Hopefully I'll be at my goal soon and it'll start getting back to normal...

Comment #10

Count me in as a hair loser too! It started after I had lost 80lbs, and it has not really stopped. I feel like I notice, but so far others in my family say they can't. (I had a ton of hair to start). On the other hand my nails are growing out of control-go figure!..

Comment #11

I have heard it is from medifast diet. Probably form low fat, not so much Medifast. Hair needs fat..

Comment #12

Rapid weight loss from any program or for any reason can cause hair loss. It isn't something peculiar to the Medifast program. Shedding can also become worse from beng sick or being under great physical stress, etc. You're right, fat is important in the diet for hair, skin and nails as well as gall bladder...

Comment #13

I agree with the previous post. Fat is important. Back in my 20's, I lost a lot of weight on a very low fat diet and by working out 2 hours a day. I ended up with gallstones (and surgery!). My doctor attributed it to my lack of fat in the diet. Now I make sure I have some olive oil as my healthy fat every day.

Along with biotin. I started medifast with thinning hair. I'm afraid of losing even more...

Comment #14

Klmorris: go to Search This Forum on this forum at type in "hair loss". Then look for daisyv's post from 10-26-10 about what her doctor told her about hair loss. It is very informative and interesting...

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Hey. I know those who have gastric bypass experience hair loss because their body isn't receiving enough protein and vitamins. I know some folks who had surgery would take biotin. So... maybe the loss of nutrients? Maybe you can take a multivitamin...

Comment #16

Aw crap. This is kinda depressing, I must admit...

Comment #17

I was loosing a lot for awhile. I feel like mine has slowed for some reason. Its still coming out more than normal but prepahs not as bad? I take the following supplements:.

Super biotin 3 a day.

Multiple vit.

B complex.

Flax seed oil.

Ground flax.

B 12.

Vit D..

Comment #18

I have always had a problem with my hair falling out, so when I recently noticed this, I didn't think too much of it. But everything makes alot more sense knowing that I can blame it on MF. haha..

Comment #19

This is why I have the allowed ten almonds every day as a snack! I also am careful not to skimp on the healthy fat!..

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