Anyone doing Medifast have IBS or Crohns disease?

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Anybody on the program currently being treated for any of these disorders, or anything similar? Last time I did MF, I didn't have any issues.......but now I have some digestive things going on and I want to make sure that it will not negatively affect me...

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Good Morning,.

I am living with Ulcerative Colitis and since starting this program three weeks ago I have not had ANY Flares. It seems that I am currently in remission ... I was worried at first because many of my triggers are raw vegetable biased but no issues at all...

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I have Crohn's. I have serious issues with MF. I didnt the first time around, but the 2nd and 3rd times I did. I just restarted today. Hopefully I can make it thru this time w/o all of the same issues that made me quit the last 2x. I did buy another type of shake that is nutritionally comparable to mix and match with if by chance I need to leave the house.

Of course I have 5 cases of them in my cabinet. All I have are bars and RTD shakes and a few left over misc packets here and there. I despise the powdered shakes and the other foods I end up trying to be creative with.This is my first time trying the crunch bars. They werent available the other times I did Mf. I'm excited about the pretzels but I'm going to wait until I'm sick of the food I have before incorporating something new.

I take remicade for the crohns which keeps me in remission completely provided I get it on time. I think my issues are due to allergies. My allergist told me most food allergies are from constant exposure. So i'm thinking that from all soy I took in the first time I was on Medifast my body is rejecting it. Unfortunately most of the whey protien items arent convenient from what l remember...

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I have Crohn's and had absolutely no issues on MF. I did have a flair this past Feb., but it could have been triggered by the tumor which resulted in emergency bowel obstruction surgery in March. Don't think I can blame it on MF!..

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Well it's the start of my 3rd day back and yesterday afternoon I already registered on a ketostick. I had 4 shakes yesterday and so far havent suffered any horribly adverse side effects. Hopefully I can continue with that trend..

Sorry to hear about the surgery Chris. Ive had a few fistula surgeries myself and they are anything but fun...

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I have Diverticulitis, Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia, so it was always hard to start any new foods or to exercise. But I have had no flare ups, none! A little more gas then I would like though. Trying to add exercise has been the only setback for me. But with each pound that falls off my frame the easier it will be...

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I have IBS and I have been on Medifast for 6 wks with NO flare ups - it has been amazing to feel this great!!..

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I have IBS too. Only been on plan a couple of days but I have already been shocked about how great my stomach/intestines feel! Usually vegetables/fiber send me over the edge... I'll be curious to see how things go over the long haul. Perhaps it is the consistent fiber throughout the day (or type of fiber) and/or taking a higher level of soy versus whey? Then again, I started probiotics a few weeks ago. Hmmm.... This is something I'll be monitoring pretty closely.

Hope everyone out there is doing well!.

SarahNY: Hope things get better! (any change in products this time from the last?? Noticed that most products have soy-based, but there are a few whey-based onesif you are whey sensitive, that could contribute, I'd imagine)...

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I have suffered with IBS.. for 16 yrs it was completely out of control. Where it really became a quality of life issue. I would starve myself all day long and save all my eating for night, because eating would start up all my symptoms immediatly. Would be running to the bathroom within minutes and having cramps, pain,diarreah. I started avoiding leaving my house and stopped going to events where I might have to wait for a bathroom.

Than have major binges when returning home and suffering the rest of the night. I guess it was a huge contributer to my weight gain. I tried many meds...nothing worked..

When I started Medifast I was so scared of how it would effect me. As a matter of fact my very first post to the boards was asking about this very thing.

I can honestly say I am 95% better!! Medifast foods do not upset my stomach. I enjoy not starving all day long. I love that I can eat and not worry about it. If I am going to have problems it is usually after my lean and green meal. I save that for the end of the day. But the effects are no where near as bad as with what I used to eat..

I have had a very easy time staying on plan because of this added benefit. I could use these products forever. I feel great. I have been more gassy, but I'll take it...

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Wow. Sounds like you've had in rough, bbsu23. I've noticed a significant improvement in my IBS since returning to the program......although I must agree with you about being gassy hahaha......I agree though, I'll take it. I don't remember being this way last time I was on MF, but back then I also wasn't having the intestinal issues I now have.

Alg123, I've never tried any of the whey based products.....don't think they had those 3 years ago when I first did MF. I stick with the basic liquid stuff, shakes, hot drinks (usually made cold), soups, etc. I haven't had any bars (including the new ones) since my re-start. And I actually don't miss them!..

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I have had Crohns for 23 years. Found due to a fistula and bowel and bladder resection in 86. I have been blessed not to have any major flares in all these years but did know where every bathroom in town I have to say.. starting Medifast has made my "life" almost "normal" It's amazing to be able to go out and not have to worry about eating and finding the closest bathroom. =)..

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I was diagnosed with crohn's this past month. My doctors told me that a low residue diet was really beneficial for crohn's sufferers so, yay Medifast! However, I'm curious about a carb specific diet when I reach maintenance. I don't believe I've ever seen much chatter about maintenance folks with crohn's doing a carb specific diet..

I'm curious about this because I do not want to take medication for crohn's. I feel like if I can control flare ups through healthy diet then why expose myself to some really hard core pharms? I have no absorption problems, all my vitamin and mineral levels are optimal, my inflammation marker is only slightly elevated, and my bowel habits are not typical of crohn's..

So, anyway....

What are you crohn's maintenance folks doing? Eating whatever and consuming pharms, eating carb specific diet and pharms, or just controlling your illness with a carb specific diet?..

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I've done a lot of thinking about my diet in general, when my flare-ups were, my lifestyle, etc. And then I think about how I felt on 5&1 - great. I started wondering if my problem all along has been a gluten sensitivity. Symptoms can be anemia (check), fatigue (check), and weight gain (double check pre-MF!). and MF? Pretty much gluten-free, although not certified..

I'm now experimenting with a gluten-free lifestyle. So far, I'm feeling great! Energy is back, and things are "moving along nicely." Could it be that this was the problem all along? I know I never was tested for it, in all my visits to a mirad of docs. And it really isn't all that hard to avoid gluten. I mean - I did 5&1 for 9 months. This is a breeze!..

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I remember when I went on Medifast last year my biggest concern was if the food would upset my colitis or not. I was on Medifast for 2-3 months, and during that time I did not have any flares. So in my experience it is pretty safe for digestive issues...

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I have IBS and I haven't had any problems while on MF. I feel better than I have in a long time...

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