Anyone can't stand the taste of Nutrisystem foods?

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My first 2 months on Nutrisystem I lost 16lbs. I followed the plan and even learned how to eat out and lose. For the past 6 weeks I have been completely unmotivated. I love too cook and just don't even want to open the Nutrisystem packages. I have never eaten processed or packaged food in my life and lately have been so wanting to cook my own meals. They are very healthy but I have not lost anymore weight and have gained 4 lbs.

I don't know why I don't want to eat the food anymore!! Anyone go through this?..

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Your question was: Anyone can't stand the taste of Nutrisystem foods?.

I know it is so hard. Today is my 5 month anniversary on NS. My weigh in day is tomorrow. My girls took away my scale because I was addicted to weighing myself every day. As of last week I have lost 44lbs. But a lot of that came off faster at the beginning and know it seems so slow.

I still have 50 pounds to lose. I have been on nutrisystems facebook page and everybody seems to be losing weight a lot faster. I exercise everyday. 30 minutes on the ellipitical. I have followed the program to the letter..

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I lost 105 pounds. I didn't lose anything for the first 2 weeks (had no water weight to lose). I averaged 1.18 pounds per week (if I was lucky). I've studied gourmet cooking in 7 countries of the Orient and France, as well as classes in the U.S., so I know and love good cooking.

But, you know what kept me motivated? The fact that I WANTED to be thin and healthy more than anything else. NOTHING else mattered, not the food, not the exercise, not the oceans of water, not the taste of the food, the type food, the amount of food...NOTHING. NOTHING but getting to my goal (actually 15 pounds under goal) and staying there with no regain. I had to learn HOW to eat in order to KNOW how to eat to maintain..

Motivation has to come from within, no matter how long it takes, no matter what compromises you have to make. WANT it...WANT it BAD!..

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Pam is right, you have to want it more than you want anything else. I'm motivated by my size 4 jeans! I am 13 lbs under goal and plan to stay there!.


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I was never a big "cook" by any means but when I did cook, I cooked for broke..

I still have the few old naughty recipes that I'll make here and there but must pace..

If you like to cook I suggest for recipes or the recipe ideas here on the recipe thread..

You need to reset what you like to cook to enjoying cooking healthy stuff but you have to eat most days with portion control. A hard but true fact..

Sauteed chicken and veggies over miracle noodles is one meal I do enjoy and have no guiilt about..

Focus on the goal that you want for your life and try to find the balance that works for you..

Good luck to ya and do NOT give up!!!.


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Buying my first size zero skirt was sweeter than any food I have ever eaten! (I am really another NS-created size 4, but also have lots of size 2s as well). Like Pam and Jen, I cannot imagine at this point that there is any food in existence as satisfying as my current wardrobe (for me it's the designer suits that really motivate me)...

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The meals are minor sauces to accompany your mountains of veggies. If you blather on about the food, you are missing the whole point. Go eat your veggies!!! Do it!..

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Exactly! This is the bottom line. You have to want to be thin more than anything. Get right back on track and stay 100%! Not 98%, not 99%. All that does is weaken your resolve and slow you down. It gets easier, especially as you start wearing smaller clothes and seeing a big difference in the mirror!..

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Thanks, this really helps, only those who have done it can relate!..

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I recently went through a tough 2 weeks...and now almost 2 weeks later, I had to do a complete re-check and overhaul to get myself back on track and blasting through the program. For whatever reason, after 9 months on the program my loss stopped and I started seeing +.2, +.2, I had no clue why one week I gained +.2 and the next week I lost nothing..

SO I took a hard look at everything I was doing. I was and still am 100% on plan. I don't have extra's or days off, or special dinners, or the glass of wine. Not important to me...nowhere as near important as getting to my GOAL...just like Pam said!.

I had to realise I was using a bit too much cool whip, not weighing my foods any more, NOT drinking all my water, and after an injury that stopped all exercise for almost 3 months...I was having the worst time getting motivated to exercise any more. So I re-evaluated and cleaned up all the places where I was starting to 'relax after 9 months. The exercise went into full force and doubled! I now do a minimum of 2 hours each day in one hour sections. No more Cool whip, except on occasion, and everything gets weighed!.

I dropped 1.2 pounds last week and so far this week I'm down 1.2 already and I still have a few days before weigh-in day..

SO...what does this have to do with you??? Maybe it's time to re-evaluate. Recommit. You are cooking good foods but how are your portions? You can flex a few days but you still have to follow the guidelines of the program....and you just have to increase your exercise. Switch up what you are doing, and add an extra 15 minutes of cardio in there. It's going to be tougher as you lose more, but remember WHY you wanted to lose it in the first point.

The food is just fuel, nothing more. Just get it down to fuel your body for exercise and keep you moving. Make sure you are using NO salt and continue to flood yourself with water and more water! I hope some of what I said helps a bit...

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Just do it! 100% full-on until you reach your goal! By then you will be so motivated at how great you look and feel, that transitioning your healthy eating habits into maintenance level calories will be a welcome change. Just remember that if you go back to the way you ate before, so will your weight ...

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