Any way to make Nutrisystem Chocolate cake dessert better?

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One word - EWW!.

Sorry folks but I tried it tonight and thought it tasted funky. I took 2 bites and gave the rest to the dog..

Just finished day 3 today and so far the food hasn't been bad - but that cake, yeah, I won't be having any more of those...

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Your question was: Any way to make Nutrisystem Chocolate cake dessert better?.

My favorite too - warm it up for 9 seconds, crumble it on top of sliced strawberries with a dab of FF cool whip, yummmmmm..

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Please do not feed anything with chocolate to your dog. Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs. Also, not sure whether the sweeteners that Nutrisystem uses are the best for the pooch...

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I really can't imagine anyone would really think of feeding chocolate to their dogs. With the sweetner in it? It's practically arsenic for them...

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Not a good thing to do if you value your pooch!!!!!..

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Agreed....heat it up for a few seconds and slather some peaunut butter on it. Yum!..

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I love the chocolate cake....of course I like chocolate period! I will have to try the peanut butter part...cuz I love peanut butter too! Thanks for that tip. I don't think it's a good idea to feed the pup chocolate.....they can get very sick from that....especially with the sweetner in it......hope the pup is ok..

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I have to say, itself it has a weird chemical aftertaste...but MY OH MY...fix it up and it's heaven!.

I slice it in half like to layers and put Cool Whip Free in the center, top the other piece on top and slather cool whip over the top. It's a like a double iced SuzyQ from Hostess! You just need a little something to mask that after taste and it's wonderful!.

I eat about 4 per month..

OH and I have to say PLEASE listen the the other posters!! I don't have dogs but I do know CHOCOLATE IS TOXIC FOR DOGS!!!!!!!!!..

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All - for those of you who are flipping out about giving the dog chocolate, don't. I threw it away even though my husband wanted it. I am aware that dogs can have a reaction. The truth is it would take more than a bite's worth to affect the dog.See the below info about dogs and chocolate toxicity. Chocolate is so far down on the ingredient list the cake likely contains more than a trace of theobromine..

Believe me, she is 15 and eaten more things than any dog should in a lifetime. She stole a box of chocolates off the far reaches of the kitchen counter years ago - she is fine. She also stole a loaf of bread and ate the entire loaf, plastic bag and all. She has eaten hundreds of used paper towels in her lifetime - she somehow gets the pantry door and closet doors open and roots the trash to get to the paper towels. Sorry to get everyone all up in arms but I am not poisoning my dog - and I won't be getting any more of those cakes either. Oh, and she is a 90lb Chesapeake Bay Retriever..

Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs.

We've all heard it, "Don't give your dog chocolate it will kill him". We'll how true is it you're probably wondering. Do I have to rush him to an emergency vet if he ate one of my M&M's?.

The good news is that it takes, on average, a fairly large amount of theobromine 100-150 mg/kg to cause a toxic reaction. Although there are variables to consider like the individual sensitivity, animal size and chocolate concentration..

On average,.

Milk chocolate contains 44 mg of theobromine per oz..

Semisweet chocolate contains 150mg/oz..

Baker's chocolate 390mg/oz..

Using a dose of 100 mg/kg as the toxic dose it comes out roughly as:.

1 ounce per 1 pound of body weight for Milk chocolate.

1 ounce per 3 pounds of body weight for Semisweet chocolate.

1 ounce per 9 pounds of body weight for Baker's chocolate..

So, for example, 2 oz. of Baker's chocolate can cause great risk to an 15 lb. dog. Yet, 2 oz. of Milk chocolate usually will only cause digestive problems...

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Hey Welcome!.

Most of the cake desserts need a little fixing up. Cut up strawberries on the pound cake, cool whip or yogurt on the choco. cake etc... The good thing about Nutrisystem you can use your food to your advantage. I save 1/2 my FF vanilla yogurt snack for the desserts. After a while you start thinking about how to fix up the Nutrisystem foods.

Stick it out and you WILL loose. Good Luck!! PS: I knew you didn't really feed it to your dog. LOL.


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Thanks for the informative post about choc. toxicity for dogs. I knew this, having a 75 lab-mix of my own who has occasionally gotten into chocolate, but it's good of you to post it for people who aren't as aware. (I would be more worried about the sugar alcohols in the Nutrisystem desserts anyway, they can give a person gas, not what MY dog needs any more of! LOL...) I'd say the cakes in general aren't my favorites, but they do take on a different flavor if you add some cool whip, peanut butter, maybe fruit, etc...But hey, there are a lot of other great Nutrisystem desserts to choose from, right ? Enjoy the taste tests..

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