Any vegetarians out there on Medifast?

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I'm trying to find a buddy. I just finished 2 weeks on Medifast and am down 5.2 lbs. I'm worried about keeping up my motivation, so buddies will be very helpful..

I'm vegetarian and have 40 lbs to lose...

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I would love to stay in touch. I started in May with about 35 to lose as a vegetarian and I am at 17lbs lost as of today. Very excited and found the veg way very easy with MF. I know many say to limit cheeses but I have eaten cheeses every day as 100% of my lean and I have lost, lost, lost so I guess everyone is different. The trick is to get creative and don't get bored!!! Good luck, it's worth it! Janet..

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Hi everyone! I am a vegetarian, and 2 weeks into the program. The first weight I lost 6, this week was only 2. I've only eaten tofu for my lean, however- I think I may start adding more cheese. Let's share some ideas and recipes! Good luck!..

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I'm not new to MF, but I am a new vegetarian. In fact, I've made up my mind to go vegan as soon as I'm finished with MF...

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I am a vegeterian, but I eat fish, but not eggs. I am just starting the program tomorrow! I want to lose 30 lbs!..

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I'm a pescatarian and I started medifast 1 week ago today. I was a strict vegetarian for almost 2 years, but I felt like I needed a more reliable source of protein so I gradually introduced salmon and now with medifast tuna. (Reliable as in: Something easy I would actually bother making. ) So far for my lean portion I've been doing the eggs/1% cottage cheese route mainly. I have had 1 can of light flake tuna though, and I think tonight since I have time I'll be grilling salmon. The veg options seem really good with medifast, although you have to eat large portions of some - you should check out the dietitians help forum though because I bet there are a lot of completed questions there as to diff. meatless options!..

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I'm not a new MFer, but am very new to vegetarian-ism while on MF. I'm looking for sources to figure this all out. I'd love some advise and suggestions!.


Comment #6

Thank you all for responding. I'm just back from a 2 week vacation to the North west, which was amazing. I took my food with me and stayed on track week 1, but week 2 got hard with plenty of travel and I ate wisely. I have gained 2 lbs while away so not too much damage and all the walking seems to have done me good..

I get back on program Monday the 14th in all earnestness..

Couple of questions to everyone -.

1. When do you have to eat your first meal after you wake up? I need my coffee, so I go for that first and eat about an hour after I awake.

2. The burgers are rather unappetizing, so I like to eat the tofu and egg whites and mix them up a bit with recipes. Anyone have some interesting protein help?.

3. The Medifast list for protein with regard to cheese seems to be low fat Swiss, any reason for that?.

Insights and input awaited.

- Jyoti..

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I am a pescatarian.. but not a very good one. I was vegetarian but my HDL is so low that I need to introduce omega's...I was takign Flax seed oil but it wasn't doing the job. So I am trying to eat fis at least twice a week in addition to the Flax oil. I have to MAKE myself eat the fish though.. I have never been a huge fan of fish, so my choices are limited to about 3- 4 types ( halibut, Wahoo, Salmon, pouched Flavored Tuna ).

I have lost about 15 pounds since beginniing in June....I miss CHEESE so much!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #8

I am researching becoming a vegetarian and am currently reading a book called "Skinny *****" written by Rory freedman and Kim Barnouin. What an eye opener!! I had no idea what we put in our mouths thinking it is nutrition!.

Anyway I see ccelij asked for any resources and I good one noted in the book is It was a big help for me.

One question I have is do any vegetarians out there eat dairy or do you go for the veg options for that? And how are the veg options for dairy?..

Comment #9

Tracy you can have cheese~! Lots of it on MF.

I have the 6 oz of low fat cheese ( I get the 75% off Cabot cheese)for my L&G a lot.


Comment #10

I'm a vegetarian. Been on Medifast 1 week and want to lose 30. I would love to be buddies with other fellow vegetarians. We need to motivate each other to stay strong and keep our eyes on the prize! Good luck to you!..

Comment #11

Hi! I am also a new Medifast veggie. Today is my 2nd day on program! Any recipe swapping and motivation would be great!..

Comment #12

I know it may be late, I just started and am a vegetarian, would love to get in touch...

Comment #13

Hi darshana! I was late too! I am going to send you a private message, let's keep in touch!..

Comment #14

I'm late to the party as well..

Became a veg during Medifast transistion. I'm now in maintenance. My issue is finding "smart" veg variety. Some of the recipes I've seen are so laden in fats and calories. It's been a challenge. I eat mostly Bocas and Sunshine Burgers.

Not a fan of tofu, though. I've found some veg items at Trader Joe's. I'm liking my new lifestyle and it is helping me keep the weight off. I do need to venture out more, though. Would love to keep in touch too...

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I'm a preferred vegetarian from India. There are a lot of vegetarian options in the Indian diet that are not on the Medifast plan. My nutritionist friend has given me portion sizes for dal, channa, etc. which really help while on the plan specially when you also have to feed others in the family. A portion size is half cup cooked dal, raungi, rajma, etc. and has 15 gm of carbohydrates.

You can have in the lean-green meal. I usually have 1 cup as part of my meal and have lost 21#s in 6 weeks. Just go easy on oil added in the tadka or chhaunk. Let me know how it works for you..

Good luck,.


Comment #16

Hi Maaya,.

I'm in maintenance, I've never had Indian food before but lots of people have confrimed what you have stated. What would you suggest I try as a first timer to the cuisine? We have lots of Indian restaurants in my neighborhood and I've noticed lots of Indian food in the freezer case at Whole Foods. I really need more variety in my diet..

Congrats on releasing the 21 lbs!!.


Comment #17


The trick to experimenting with Indian food is easy in areas with lots of restaurants. Find one that's rated well and cooks with a good oil. Then go there for their lunch buffet to try out various dishes - many offer that option for lunch. Since you are in maintenance and have good discipline, you will probably not be tempted by everything there. I recommend tandoori chicken, dal, curried vegs. Avoid the creamy concoctions like chicken tikka masala - tastes great but loaded with cream! Most decent places will probably fix something for you if you ask them to hold back on cream.

Also, cooking lentils is easy. Googling dal or daal will take you to many Indian recipe links..

Have dropped 24 since July 1st..


Comment #18

I love love love Indian food..

Thanks for the tips..

Spent a month there in 1999 and only ate "american" 1 time.


Comment #19

The problem with Indian food though is the oils, ghee and cream in addition to the use of beans..

Which are great for a healthy diet but not for the Medifast diet..

Have to wait for all those goodies til maintenance...

Comment #20

Thanks for the tips! Can't wait to give it a try. 24 lbs is great!..

Comment #21

Great tips! I LOVE Indian food. I REALLY miss my Tikka Misala sauce! Does anyone else have any favorite things to order when you go out to dinner at any restuarants like Indian etc to stay ON PLAN. It's really hard when you don't eat much of the meat varieties!..

Comment #22

In an indian resteraunt on the weightloss phase about all you can eat is veggies cooked with no sauces and grilled chicken or seafood..

Some tandoori is dipped in yogurt before cooking and sadly that wouldnt' be on plan..


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I'm a newby and vegetarian. I would love to connect and get some tips on the Protein part. Specifically to the number of eggs one is suppose to eat. Nother other plan I looked at seemed to adapt to Vegetarians, so I am excited I found this one!!!..

Comment #24

I have 3 eggs as my Lean.

I have them sometimes several days a week..

The guidelines say once, but since we really aren't getting much for animal based protein I dont' think cholesterol is a huge problem for us..

In fact mine has gone from the 250s to 164 at my last appt.


Comment #25

Whew, that's a relief on the eggs. I can easily do 2 a few times per week, and they are filling if they are hardboiled.

I find the various flavors of Boca Burgers are great as well......

Comment #26

I'm really new just starting out tomorrow. Right now I'm trying to figure out where the veg stuff I have on hand fits into the whole program..

Excited to get started since I have about 30 lbs that I want off!..

Comment #27

Hi, specially losing 2007,.

You're right about tandoori food and yogurt - however, I have had it and it doesn't seem to have affected my weight loss so far. I did reduce the portion by an ounce to stay within the calorie limit. Also, dals can be made without butter and cream very easily. The amount of oil used to season/fry the dal is about 2-3 tbsps for about 4 - 5 quarts, so the amount in a cup is not that high - of course, that is just my opinion. It is safest to cook it yourself or ask the chef if at a restaurant. My fav., health conscious, chef makes a fabulous cucumber, tomato, roast chicken chaat with mint and cilantro chutney.

Vegetarian version could be made with allowed low fat cheese or tofu. We have to treat ourselves safely even on a diet.

Having tons of fun losing weight on this diet. I'm down another 2 to 26 pounds in less than 2 months! We went to a big party last night and I got a lot of compliments from many friends I hadn't seen since before MF..


Stay with it!..

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I'm a vegetarian - I eat eggs but only eggs from my 4 happy and healthy hens. I have lost 8 pounds in about 2 weeks. I'm excited! I gained a lot of weight on hormone replacement therapy and decided to just go cold tukey! The only problem I am having on medifast is that I keep eating too much of the lean portion. I think it's because I'm not using the protein bars since i'm trying to watch the carbs but I seem to feel like I'm not getting enough protein. Best source of protein for me with low carbs is the Bocca Burgers...

Comment #29


I am new to Medifast also. This is my second week and down 5lbs. I am also looking for a buddy to keep my motivation up and such. Before Medifast I wasnt much of a breakfast person and would normally skip it. I've had breakfast every morning now and normally eat a couple hours after being up. Mainly b/c I have such busy mornings I eat once I get to work...

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I'm brand new to MF, and am excited. I've tried a lot of other diet plans, but none that were customized to me as a vegetarian. Jenny Craig had options, but not enough. Diet to Go had a vegetarian menu, but I don't eat green peppers so there goes half of the menu. I'm always so busy with school and work that I need something easy to do that fits into my schedule. And on top of that, I don't cook...well hardly at all..

Any suggestions from some people that have been on Medifast for a while? I love eggs and Boca burgers so I think that should be ok. My issue is that I'm really picky about how fresh my veggies are. They have to be like fresh from the store and eaten that day.....

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I've been on Medifast for a couple months. Fresh veggies are great but it's hard to go to the store everyday for me so I keep organic frozen spinach, broccoli, peppers, etc. in the freezer. I just saute them in olive or canola oil with a little salt and lemon pepper till they are heated through. I t keeps me 'on plan' on busy days...

Comment #32

I am a veg (16 years) and start the program in mid July. I am down 26 lbs (go me!) but have about 60 to go. I like 1% or 2% cottage cheese. I use extra virgin olive oil as my fat and mix in some fresh or dried spearmintit's great! I am not a fan of the soy burgers but I love the breakfast sausages (you get 6!) and sausage patties. They are great hot on a salad and allow for a fat serving to top your salad, which I love.

Other veggies out therehow do you prepare your tofu? I used to eat it fried and have not figured out a good way to make it. Baking seems like it would workto give the outside some texturebut I must have the wrong temp or something b/c it does not work for me...

Comment #33

Hi, Great loss. I'm down about 27 since July 1 and weigh tomorrow.

The sausage patties are filling. I stir-fry tofu with the veggies and soyaki sauce from Trader Joe's. Just watch the condiments you add to stay on plan..

Good luck...

Comment #34

I have an awesome recipe I use for my lean and green. It's sort of a stir fry. I get a bag of frozen veggies... broccoli, asparagus, multi colored peppers, etc. Put it into a pot and heat it up until it's reasonably cooked thru. Then I throw in a bag of Morning Star Farms Chicken or Steak strips.

I also throw in some olive oil. Just before taking it off the stove, I ad some balsamic vinegar and a little KC Masterpiece Ginger Teriyaki sauce..

It's like a sweet sour yummy delight! (that's supposed to be licking my lips ).


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Comment #35

I'm a veg who started on Aug 29th and was down 13 lbs since my weigh in on Sept. 14th. I'm always trying to think of something new so I won't get bored and that stir fry sounds delish!..

Comment #36

This is my third time on MF... My first time was thru the Hopkins Weight Management Center. I lost 9 lbs my very first week!!!! The second time I started, I lost 8 lbs my first week. This is the 4th day of my 3rd time... so I'll keep you posted as to how much I lose this time. I'm peeing a lot, so something's working!.

Anyway- According to the JHWMC, they allow 2 protein bars a day!!! Don't worry about your carbs. You need to get a certain amount of calories, proteins, and carbs per day to lose weight properly. Just stay away from starches. I really don't know why Medifast recommends 1 protein bar, and the Hopkins program allows 2, but it works!!! It really really works. Plus - they're easy to grab and eat while you're on your way to work, with your morning coffee, tea, or water. They also recommend eating within one hour of rising to kick start your metabolism.

I lost 45 lbs the first time around. I went back to food too soon - and kicked myself every time I thought about it. I started again that November, only to look good at the office Holiday party. Once that was over, so was my incentive. I fell into a deep depression, and gained more than the 45 lbs back. I went from my medium scrubs, to large...

Ticks me off every time I think about it.

Been thru therapy and medications. Finished with both and more than ready to be successful this time. I'm looking forward to a 20 lb loss this month (30 days) which will be over Oct 14. I can't seem to get myself motivated to get to the gym... but it's coming. I didn't let my membership laps, so I just need the motivation.

I'm also doing the DanActive Light shots. They're only 30 cal, and I feel I need my daily yogurt culture servings..

Enjoy my recipe (previous post) and happy pound dropping!.



Comment #37

Doesn't anyone post on this page anymore??? Where are my fellow veggins?????..

Comment #38

I was wondering that myself - people are mia I suppose.

Good luck,.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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